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Garage Door Services

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Here at our offices we always make sure you get a high quality service delivered, that’s why we have the most qualified technicians in the market so

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Even if you possess the best garage door in the market you need to make sure you acquire a good quality opener for your door, since you don’t want t

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garage door installations


We know that getting a new door is a big step and requires a modest amount of money, that’s why we provide you the best installation service in the

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We are committed towards supplying the best service in the area

We always want to deliver the best and fastest service in the Washington area, with the highest quality materials in the market, because we are committed to our customers and their satisfaction, that’s why we only count with the best workmanship and trained experts to deliver all of our services.


    All of our qualified technicians will be there for you just a few minutes after you contact them, thanks to our extremely fast services, you can count on our technicians to solve all of the problems you might experience faster than you would think.


    All of our experts will deliver you a perfect service, since we only work with the best and newest tools in the market as well as the highest quality materials available, so that we can ensure you that all the products we offer are really trustworthy.


    Our team always makes sure that we only work with the best manufacturers and contractors in the market, this way we can make sure that we have a specialized company in the project so that all the materials, accessories and components come from a trustworthy manufacturing house and that they are what you really need.


    Here at Washington Garage Doors we work with the highest standards set during our installations and repair services, the quality of our services has granted us our reputation as the leading company in the area, our capacitated technicians makes all of the repairs look incredibly easy.

  • What Client Say's

    • After struggling for weeks with my garage door and the old technicians, a friend of mine told me about this company, I regret not calling before, they got here and finished the job insanely quick I couldn’t believe that my old garage door was working perfectly and looked amazing, there’s no other company like Garage Doors Washington.

      Daniel Smith
      - Daniel Smith
    • I couldn’t be happier with the work your amazing experts did in my home, I used to possess a really old and rusty garage door, I thought I would have to buy a new one, but when I contacted the experts they told me that getting a new door wasn’t needed and they quickly started working on it. They made it look like a brand new door. I’m amazed of their incredible speed and quality read more...
      - Bryan Harper
    • My garage door was useless so I decided to get a new one; I contacted your qualified experts and they showed me all kinds of options. When I finally chose one they quickly begun the installation, I thought it would take ages but they got the job done so quickly I couldn’t believe it. I’m really happy with the job they performed, 100% recommended.

      - Luke Levy

    Why Garage Door

    • Affordable Prices
      • We can beat any price of the competition in the Washington Region.

    • Professional Help
      • Our specialists are the only certified experts who can guarantee flawless installation and services.

    • Timely Response
      • Give us a call and our professionals will arrive in no time.

    Our Areas of Expertise

    Give us a call and our professionals will arrive in no time.

    • Substitution and repairing of old doors.
    • Installation of Garage Doors
    • Residential and Industrial Garage Door Repair
    • 24/7 Repair Service
    • Garage Door Extension Spring
    • Safety Sensors for Garage Doors
    • Carriage Garage Doors Installation

    Many times we have encountered clients looking for a new door, when the door they already possess could be repaired to function properly, and with all the offers of accessories and complements we possess we can make that old looking, rusty garage door work and look like brand new.


    We can easily install all kinds of garage doors incredibly fast thanks to our greatly qualified technicians that are all well capacitated to install the doors in small periods of time.


    We can quickly install all kinds of garage doors, suited for different residences and industries due to the large amount and variety of garage doors we possess, with all kinds of sizes, materials and weight.


    We offer an incredibly quick repair service, you can contact us at any hour and our qualified experts will attend your needs quickly, they will reach your location immediately and solve all of your problems.

    Garage Door Extension Spring

    If your springs ever need replacement or you are in need of a repair service for them, all of our experts are acquainted with all kinds of extension springs; they can easily repair them or begin the installation of a new one.

    safety sensors

    We can make your home a safer and better place by installing our safety sensors. If you ever leave in a hurry and forget to close your door our safety sensors will make sure it doesn’t stay open so that all your goods stored don’t get stolen and damaged.


    Our team of qualified experts is well trained in carriage garage door installation, so that way you don’t have to worry about anything during our services.


    We can handle all your garage door needs and problems.

    We provide top notch repair services and garage door repairs, and all kinds of accessories and complements for your doors available in our online gallery, so you can check all the offers we possess, and check the one that suits you the most; here at Washington Garage Door Service we seek only the best for our customers. We possess a large selection of garage doors for residences and industries that will adapt to any kind of requirement you might have. We have a big amount of styles, windows, materials, components and accessories in stock.

    We know it’s not easy to decide for a garage door, since it’s a big asset for your home, getting the right one can have a huge impact on the security, safety and accessibility of your home, that sturdy garage door can safeguard your family and all your stored goods.

    You can get to know all the different materials and styles we possess by taking a look at our gallery, we have a wide selection of garage door opener, springs, materials, remotes that will make your garage door unique. Here at Garage Doors Washington we will supply all of our high quality services and installation for you.

    You want to make sure you are making the right choice when you purchase our products, since they will be permanent parts of your home, you need to make sure that they are good enough to protect your family from external agents. Other companies are known to perform faulty installation, and are causing an increment in the number of break-ins since the thieves take advantage of it. We always put our client’s safety and well-being over the top.

    Garage Door Service Washington

    We have the best capacitated team of experts in the area, they excel at performing all kinds of repairs and substitution of parts and components. If you ever need help replacing broken openers, damaged springs, frayed cables just contact one of our experts, and they will give you a solution for your problem in the shortest time.

    Our technicians are really efficient and effective. They can handle all kinds of problems, from minor replacements to the whole substitution of the garage door mechanism, our experts can repair that faulty spring that has been causing you trouble the last few weeks, or that old remote you have always wanted to replace.

    Here at Washington Garage Door Repair we now have a 24/7 emergency express line. If you are ever in need of our services just contact our experts on the line and they will provide you with a solution, if you need us to repair or perform a service in your location, we will be there quickly and fix the problem that’s tormenting you.

    In our offices, our experts learn about all the procedures they could follow to solve any kind of problems. They are all very experienced and will fix any problem in a blink of an eye. We are well known for our fair and wide selection and prices that will adapt to all the possible financial situations. So if you ever need help with your garage door or remote control opener just give us a call and we will solve it.

    We have all kinds of remote control openers in stock. We are dealers of a large amount of brands, and all of them are of high quality. If you ever lose yours or you need a replacement just contact us and we will supply with a brand new opener. Our openers can work with different brands of garage door openers, making it easier for families with more than one garage door.

    All of our products are under a special warranty that covers every aspect of our complete services. From the delivering of the service to the maintenance of old and new doors. That´s something not many companies do, and that’s why we always offer the best and highest quality materials, styles, openers, springs and windows.

    We are sure that our services are the best in the market, that’s why we offer a guarantee for all of our services, if you ever experience problems after one of our services just call us back and we won’t leave till that problem disappears. The services we offer do not affect the warranty since we never alter the mechanism of the door.

    All of our products and services go under a strict supervision, because we always want to make sure you get a final product that you can be proud of. That’s why we work with the best manufacturing companies in the area, to give you the best experience during our services.

    We are proud as a company, of our wide customization options, since we work with different manufacturers that provide us unique materials to satisfy all of your needs, our team of designers can make that garage door you have always dreamed of a reality, you just have to ask for your own garage door if you aren’t convinced by our designs, we will deliver you a final product you will be proud of We always commit to our customers, since our services exist to satisfy all of their demands and needs.

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