Posted on September 5, 2015 - 9:55 am

You always want to make sure your car, your home, your stored goods and business are well protected. That’s why your garage door, as any other investment, needs proper maintenance so it can keep working properly and safeguard your structure. Give us a call at Washington Garage Door Repair, and we will take care of all your problems, you need to know the consequences of stopping the maintenance or not providing a good one, your door could start malfunctioning or it could get jammed, or the lock could stop working one day, we don’t want you to go under that stressful situation, and

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Posted on - 9:54 am

Here at Washington Garage Doors we are concerned about our clients so we want to provide them all the information regarding all of the newest technologies that could improve the efficiency of their Garage Doors. Insulation not only improves it, it also reduces significantly the electric consumption of your home. This way your garage door will help you save money on both winter and summer, since it’s a device that, when installed correctly, maintains an even temperature in your home regardless of exterior changes. We provide the best insulation materials in the market, but since no

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Posted on - 9:30 am

Here at Garage Doors Washington, we worry about your safety and security that’s why we decided to provide a 24/7 express emergency service so we can help you solve any kind of problems you might experience at any time, our line provides assistance of only the most prepared and talented technicians, that know how to handle any kind of problem or malfunction and all of the procedures. We don’t want you to go under the stressful situation of leaving for work in the morning using your car just to find out that you can’t leave because the garage door got jammed and it won’t open

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As we all know this: getting the garage door you have always dreamed of requires a big investment. This means you want to be sure that the door you get will last for many years, and the mechanism works smoothly from day one. That’s why you have to make sure you count with the best technicians available and highest quality materials. Well trained technicians will play a key role during the installation, they will ensure that the materials and parts are well placed. A beautiful garage door installed incorrectly will give you a lot of trouble and will make you think the quality is ba

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