Broken Springs


Are you tired of having to deal with faulty springs? Do you have to continuously call for support every time your garage door gets stuck? Well, here at Garage Doors Washington we have a great solution for all of those problems. Our qualified technicians can easily solve all kinds of problems from damaged to broken springs.

You should always make sure that a trustworthy and known company gives maintenance to your springs since a bad upkeep can significantly reduce the lifespan of the springs, there’s a proper way to upkeep the springs since they are the ones that keep the mechanism working properly, when a spring gets damaged or breaks then you should contact a trained expert immediately because a damaged spring can destroy the rest of the door mechanism. If a spring ever gets damaged or broken you have to service or replace both springs since they have the same lifespan, and they both have to function properly.Don’t get fooled by companies who offer long lifespan springs or long warranties since springs don’t last forever, what really makes the difference in their duration is the upkeep given to them. That’s why our qualified experts here at Washington Garage Door Repair are all acquainted with the maintenance services applied to springs and

they can easily spot a faulty spring, they are trained in all the procedures of repairing or substituting damaged or broken springs. You will never have to worry again about your springs not working properly.

Torsion Springs.

Torsion Springs are a great option for your garage door, since they offer great resistance and flexibility, but many manufacturers use cheap materials during their installation that greatly reduces their durability. Our experts are acquainted with all the torsion springs procedures of installation and maintenance. If you hear a piece of your door mechanism crack, right after you activate it or when you hear a weird noise during the opening or closing you must immediately contact a qualified technician to solve the problems before it becomes a major problem. You should know that performing any upkeep or replacement by yourself is a dangerous task, because the spring is the part of the mechanism that lifts its weight when you open it or close it and that can be a great threat for your safety and security if its incorrectly installed or manipulated.

Extension Spring

These ones are more reliable and resistant than torsion springs, and they are being installed by our technicians in smaller garage doors. They have a longer lifespan but they also require frequent maintenance to keep working properly. All of the trained experts we have at Washington Garage Door Service are well known for their efficient repairs and installation jobs. They can perform all kinds of spring installation, including extension springs. They can also recalibrate and adjust the springs simultaneously so they can open or close the door smoothly. We offer all kinds of services and products so you don’t have to worry about your springs any time soon.

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