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If you have problems right now with you garage door at your storage room or you home garage door, or maybe the door just starts to fail when it opens and closes, then we want you to know that we are sure that those problems are going to worsen. We don’t like to give you bad news but it is time to do something about it before things get even worse. Here at Washington Garage Door Service we have the most reasonable solutions for your issues, as we provide a great variety of solutions and alternatives, meaning that we will offer our complete support with anything concerning you garage door. We will get it back to prime condition in no time.

Garage Doors Washington offers only the best services, not only giving small repairs such as badly damaged remote controllers or springs that need replacing. We also provide full complete make overs and reconstructions to your garage gate from scratch.

We also provide full complete make overs and reconstructions to your garage gate from scratch. wichita-garage-door-service. If you’re concerned about components like the springs, specifically split or broken ones, you may already have problems or be facing the irritating scenario of having your fingers trapped just because you tried to fix the door yourself. The simple idea of trying to overhaul or fix them by yourself, can be a really dangerous one. A garage door spring can be a very dangerous item that can only be manipulated by qualified professionals that handle them with the highest precautions. We will be pleased to get our team of skilled professionals dropping by your home in a snap. Call us at Washington Garage Door Repair and we will be at your disposal to help you with everything you need.

A noisy garage door can create some problems when it upsets your neighbors with its whining sounds that come from the opener or bearings. Get in touch with us and as soon as you notice your door is no longer opening and closing smoothly. After we leave your premises you will realize how different it looks and sounds. A properly serviced garage door will keep other problems at bay as well. A door should always be tightly shut to avoid having undesired intruders. Rodents and burglars take advantage of doors that leave a space open for them to introduce their limbs.

Never let an uncertified individual tamper with your costly garage door. There are many people that would offer their services, but bear in mind that if they are manipulated without care and knowledge, your garage door or openers can suffer irreparable damage. Here at Washington Garage Door Service we guarantee that our technicians are 100% certified. They work hard to always be up to date, and know about the latest technologies and processes. Call your garage door expert at any of our locations in Washington today!

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