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Call our experts at Auburn Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you. click here

Install a new door

We ensure to keep in stock all the best things for you. Our hardware and technology go in hand to offer you the perfect garage door.

Garage Door Openers

Auburn Garage Doors has the greatest variety of garage door openers and also the best quality service that goes with it. Moore than simply provide the supplies, we are also leaders in installment across the country.

Repair your Damaged Door

We understand that accidents and emergencies arise when you least expect them, that’s why we have enabled a 24/7 emergency service to take care of those problems that require immediate attention.

Auburn Garage Doors

Auburn Garage door Service has at your total disposition a team of specialists that will be ready to attend you and solve your problems no matter the date or time, there’s no job to big or too small that they can’t take care of. Because we want to offer you the best, we offer you the opportunity to get to know around how much it would cost you to get your project on the move; with a brief call or an online consultation, our experts will be at your complete service; just tell us specifically what you want and how you want it, this way you’ll save yourself the trouble of having to leave your home to talk to a specialist or having to wait for a visit just to talk about plans. In a matter of minutes you could get a head start on your dream garage doors. Auburn Garage door Service makes sure our clients get the best every time they contact us. We value your time and privacy as much as the trust you have invested in us and our company; because of this, our experts know how to do their job fast and silent so to not only deliver you the best, but also make the process as pleasant as possible to you. When it comes to garage doors and garage door components, Auburn Garage door Service are the ones to call. From big to small, we have it all in quality services for you. If you have a door that needs a few tweaks in hardware or in system, if you need to replace your garage door, or just need a revision from an expert, call Auburn Garage door Service Worn cables are a task our technicians take care of on a daily basis; make your garage door work as well it did on day one with all our services. We appreciate the unique individuality of all our clients and attend the personal requests each one comes to us with; we like a good challenge as much as we like to take care of little problems; the thing we really like is to make you smile. Although the variety o services we provide are very ample, we stick to our purpose of satisfying you every time. When it comes to prices, no one else can offer you the low prices we can… you see, at Auburn Garage door Service we are also manufacturers, and we do it because we work the best. To make sure you get specifically what you requested for, Auburn Garage door Service offers you a 90 day free of extra charge warranty that backs up any service we provide you, giving you the chance of having our complete attention. We want to continue being your option number one, that’s why we give you quality in our products as well as on our services. Keeping your personal style stamped on your garage door is definitely one of our mayor concerns. No matter how you would define your style, Auburn Garage door Service has exactly the material you need give you the look you want. Going form majestic-looking wooden doors to modern clean-cut metal, we have a little bit of everything. Don’t get carried away with our abundant variety of styles, Auburn Garage door Service provides you also the safety measures required to keep your house or office building protected. Our experts know that no to locations require the same thing regarding insulation and closure; that’s why they recommend and also provide a revision service in which they will go to location you want to secure so we can give you what you need and not just what you want. We commit ourselves to your satisfaction every time we visit you.

This is us

We strive to make Auburn a better place. To make sure of it, we don’t fall behind in techniques for our services or technology. Our teams are always up to the latest trends and pioneering methods of installment and repair services offered around the world to make sure you get top notch quality every single time. This way we ensure that the services we are providing you are the best of the best.
  • Materials
  • Insulation
  • Openers


We only know how to give you the best; because of that, we only work with the most recognized providers form across the country so we can make sure to have something special for you in our stocks.


Thermal containment changes according to the place, that’s why we assure you to meet the standards required in every place.

Garage Openers

Granted, our Garage Door Openers are always top shelf and get the job done every time, but not every opener is perfect for everyone, that’s why we try to guide you along the way of choosing the best one for you. We also have a great stock of alternative power supply in case you face an eventuality regarding your door.


You pay for the things you really need, not for things we make up; we really value your money.


Time is gold. Our team strives to arrive at the accorded time.


Only the most experienced workers do the job for you.

Our Basic Services

At Auburn Garage door Service, your time means a lot to us, so we make sure the job we do for you is done well within the first visit we do to your home or business, that way you don’t have to worry about incompetent workmen that don’t solve your problems no matter how many times you call them. These are our basic domains:

Auburn Garage Door Installation

As our motto indicates; we install garage doors with ease; the years of experience in this industry help us ground our words with actions, if you have doubts, just call our team and find out about the options we have for you. Our experts work for you and also with you; they listen to your doubts and put your ideas in the planning your new doors.

Garage Door Repair Service

Our scheduled appointments work like a charm to make sure you don’t have to pay extra because of the poor maintenance done to your systems up until now. An expert will always make sure your doors are in optimum shape

Garage Door Repair Auburn

Many of the tasks you need us to take care of are not hard and don’t consume much of our time, to ensure you don’t waste any of your time we have provided an express repair service to help you take care of those annoying problems.

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If you fill the form below, you will have the opportunity of getting in contact with our technicians; if you’d like, after a brief consultation in which you would explain them what you need or want from us; they will be able to provide you an estimated budget with the enough credibility to help you get started on your garage door.

Garage Door Repair

Auburn Garage Door Repair understands the need of having the best team of workers at your disposition to take care of whatever problem arises; to your tranquility, we enabled a very capable team that will guarantee your satisfaction every time. They are fully committed to offer their clients the best, they understand that the good word of their customers really helps Auburn Garage Door Repair keep being your best option. To help you feel reassured with the services we, as a company provide; all of our hard workers’ services are backed with a 90 day warranty free of additional charges that allows you to protect your investment. We know that leaving your garage door half shut means more than just leaves in your garage, it also means leaving your home exposed to unwanted company, and we don’t play with the security of your family or yourself. Sometimes, the reason why your garage door doesn’t work to meet your expectations is due to very simple things that are repaired easily, for instance anything that has to do with old cables or rusty rails. No matter the case, technicians from Auburn Garage Door Repair can help you solve whatever eventuality you may come across with regarding your garage doors. Whenever it’s absolutely necessary to open the doors of your home to complete strangers, we make sure that you get the most responsible kind of technicians; you can trust our people to be efficient in what they do. Our team gets the job done on time, every time and delivering only the most quality work they are able to provide. Auburn Garage Door Repair staff is qualified to perform all kinds of services regarding your damaged door or new garage door replacement. Anything that makes your door squeal and squeak will surely be taken care of by our service team at Auburn Garage Door Repair. With the purpose of always being your number one option when it comes to garage door repairs, we provide the best in replacements and the services that with them as well; you name it, Auburn Garage Door Repair has it… by tons. Trust us to provide you everything you need if it’s about garage doors. Auburn Garage Door Repair keeps innovating in behalf of our clients, we don’t live stuck in the past where every garage door has to be exactly the same and there’s no more that two models to offer. An express repair system will take care of small problems that get in the way of enjoying your garage door to the fullest, and our 24hour emergency system handles the flaws you need to get fixed with immediacy. We have also destined various means of communication in order to always be at your reach, this way you can rapidly be on your way to obtain that garage door you need and have wanted for so long.

Meet with the Experts

Your satisfactions are ours too… if you are not happy with the service we have provided you; we make sure our job isn’t over until you are. Our experts strive to give you nothing less than the best quality they can possibly offer you, they are equipped with the best techniques to install, repair or check anything you own that has to do with garage doors. They endeavor to exceed your expectations every time their assistance is required; they have the most efficient tools to help them complete their tasks without breaking a sweat. Trust Auburn Garage Door Repair.

Broken Springs


Uh-oh… spring broke again? Don’t worry, just call Auburn Garage Door Repair to solve it for you with no hesitation. To repair broken garage door springs has turned into a specialty; our technicians are requested so often to service them that you won’t know what hit you, in record time they will be able to repair or replace your garage door springs. This component is particularly important for the well functioning of your garage door; the problem is that they have a finite life. Aspects such as the use and the materials springs are made of can affect deeply the time they will last you. Trust the experts to solve your door springs conundrum every time.

Even when you don’t know a thing about certain experts’ field, you can clearly distinguish what an amateur works like and how a pro does his job. Auburn Garage Door Repair allows you to experience the pleasure of having a team of specialists qualified to repair, replace and install very piece of your garage door with the greatest ease. We have many years of experience that allow us to know exactly how a door works and enable you to have the best.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are one of the most important parts of a garage door mechanism; these are in charge of the heavy lifting when it comes to accessing your garage. But they must be in top shape to handle that heavy door. If you have an expert get the m installed and replaced, these will make your garage doors open at the greatest ease.

Auburn Garage Door Repair provides all the replacement parts that have to do with your garage door, but under no circumstances advice you take care of the replacements yourself, it could make you end up with serious injuries. These must at all times be repaired or replaced by professionals strictly. In your part as an owner what you can do is pay attention to the signals your system gives you to let you know it’s time for a change. When you start hearing strange noises coming from your garage door mechanism, don’t hesitate to call our team, if you take too long to get it checked, it could end up damaging another part, incurring in a bigger repair service cost. Don’t fall for corporate tricks that ensure you life-long springs, no springs are eternal; no exceptions.

Extension Spring

If you need more space, less power extra durability, the best option for you is an extension spring. These are considerably smaller and equally provide the strength enough to support the weight of your heavy garage doors. They also have an extended lifespan of up to 3 years of regular use. Even though they last a longer time than normal garage door springs, they do have a breaking point as well, we recommend once and again to stay alert to the noises they make are the ones they should be making. These springs do have a special calibration need that can be provided by an expert technician only, but if you consider the advantages they bring to you and your family, you will definitely see it agreeable to pay a little more attention to these springs every once in a while.

Broken Remotes

You will surely be delighted with the level of excellence only Garage Door Repairs Auburn can offer you and your family when it comes to remote access technology. Action your garage door without even leaving the comfort of your car. Don’t worry about lifting heavy doors that can end up by causing you health problems, or at least making you leave a little later to work in the morning. Enter and exit your garage with the ease you dream of by purchasing one of the amazing remote controllers we have in stock just for you. The material, the size, or the right of your garage door is no problem for any of our controlling devices. The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage While browsing in our gallery, either online or in person, you may notice by just glancing that we have the greatest variety of controllers available for you. Garage Door Repairs Auburn offers you only the best in leading brands and exclusive designs. We know that not everyone is good at handling technology; that’ why our crew at Garage Door Repairs Auburn is at your complete disposal to help you and guide you to experience using your controller to the fullest. If you’re not sure of what model would work better for you, just ask our team and they will help you figure it out. Also, if you have already acquired a remote control from us, we have enabled a service that helps you get acquainted with all the features your control has to offer. We are available to help you learn how to configure your remote or even to teach you how to replace the battery supplies so that you can enjoy using a fully functional remote. Garage Door Repairs Auburn offers you prices no one else can; that’s because we work to offer you the biggest stock when it comes to quality and prices that go easy on the pocket. We want to make sure you are always protected, that’s why we have enabled a 24/7 emergency line with immediate attention. If you have more than one carport, there’s no need to acquire many remote controls; with Garage Door Repairs Auburn you get not only the biggest stock of replacements and spare parts, but you can also find a variety of universal remote controls that will surely adapt to the vast majority of garage door brands; it doesn’t even matter if your garage doors aren’t the same brand, there are no complicated uses or set ups, this way you can start enjoying the liberty of accessing your garage without a problem as fast as possible. Our remotes implement the highest technology available but remains user-friendly, this way, anyone in your family will be able to action it easily. Garage Door Repairs Auburn ensures you the best expert help and service on our technicians’ behalf, because we know that the answer isn’t always replacing your remote controller, we strive to make our technicians able to identify the problems you may present in order to offer you the best options when it comes to your remote; such as:
  • 24/7 emergency line.
  • We provide as many replacements as you require.
  • Only the best in brands and models.
  • Repair your damaged remote control.
  • Replace your current remote.
  • Our repairing services also include:
  • A full coverage warrantee backing our services.
  • The simplest way to control multiple carport doors.
  • A versatile design for easy access while driving.
  • A lithium long-lasting battery
Garage Door Repairs Auburn appreciates your preference, that’s the reason why we strive to give you the best at the best price. We mold ourselves to your budget and needs, giving the quality we look for.
  • New Openers
  • Garage Door Repair


We know what it is to deal with amateur technicians hat can’t fulfill their promises, that assure you to get something done and don’t even get close to the results you were expecting to see. When you start trusting Auburn Garage Door Repair this is no longer a problem; you have now the ability to experience first hand what it is to receive quality work by hands of experts. It’s not easy to leave your home exposed to intruders just because your garage doors aren’t working properly; by working along with the experts from Auburn Garage Door Repair, we make your experience as pleasant as possible. Your privacy really means something to us; our team is extremely well qualified to deal with the problems you are presenting in the quickest, most discreet way to allow you to enjoy your perfectly working doors as soon as possible. Without any doubts we can say that we have been offering you the best from the every beginning; we believe this is the reason you have made us your number one choice when it comes to garage doors; and we’re not planning to stop doing it now.


Sometimes people want to save money and decide to buy us their replacements and do the installments themselves; Auburn Garage Door Repair recommends no one tries to do so on their own, as easy as they appear to be; most of the repairing services your garage door require are to be performed by specialists who know exactly what to do and how to do it so your system doesn’t suffer by being accidentally tampered with. Some of these repairs can also be dangerous and incur in fatal injuries; we try to keep our clients safe from harm when they call Auburn Garage Door Repair to handle their problems. They provide you the best work, minimum effort every time they go to see about your troubles. One of the most common problems among garage door owners are dealing with broken springs; these are seriously meant to be fixed by professionals, many of them need to be calibrated with special effort as not to damage the rest of the system; our team is definitely the most reliable one in the market. Get your neighbors off your back by getting rid of that sound it has been making once and for all. Another problem you may face by having dysfunctional garage doors are rodents; these little pests make sure to make your home their own once they find a way in. Spare yourself the trouble of having to spend a fortune on pesticides and just fix that gap once and for all. Stop your worries once our team arrives, you can make sure that you will be free of problems as soon as they leave your home or office. Trust Auburn Garage Door Repair the safety of your home. Have you ever found yourself in the need to repeatedly call a company to make someone check the service they have provided, but never seem to find a real answer to your trouble? Those days are over. The minute you call the people from Auburn Garage Door Repair you know that your problems will be solved as soon as they leave, ensuring you won’t have to call over and over again. Our team has years of experience in what they do, this qualifies them to perform any task you need. They are not just qualified to do the job, they will also do it in the best way there is; we make sure that their techniques are flawless and they carefully follow up to the current leading ways to install, repair and service your garage doors. This extra level of innovation also allows you to get top notch jobs whenever you require them. Auburn Garage Door Repair is widely certified to do their job thanks to the good examples of happy customers we have had along the way; there’s nothing better than what we offer.New Garage Door Openers You no longer have to trust your heavy garage doors to mechanisms that don’t look safe enough just because ‘they were the only ones they had’, Garage Door Repairs Auburn offers you a great stock of openers to help you find the exact one you need every time. If you wish so and allow us to do it; Garage Door Repairs Auburn offers you the opportunity to get a revision check on behalf of our capable staff so they can take a look at the place you are looking to secure with us; whether it’s about your home or your business, we will have absolutely all you need to make your garage doors working at their fullest. They will take measurements and evaluate the place you want us to secure for you and that way we will know exactly hat to choose to make your garage doors work without effort. Make a simple phone call, visit or email us to be on your way of acquiring the garage door you have always wanted. Chain Drive Garage Door Openers By excellence, our chain drive garage door openers are everyone’s first choice. They are strong enough to lift the weight of you garage doors every time.

One thing is for sure, these openers aren’t precisely the most silent of its kind, but it will provide you the best in strength; which makes them ideal for your classy new garage doors; these are the heaviest ones we have to offer you and we know that this is the best for them. We also have emergency power suppliers we include.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

If you require an equally effective system, only more quiet; we believe that a belt drive opener will provide you the support as well as the peace and quiet. A plus that has been added to it is the possibility of commanding your garage doors by a small synchrony with your smartphone or tablet. If an emergency situation arises, we also provide additional power supply

Shaft Drive Openers

I what you have is a small garage with a lighter garage door, we recommend you use a shaft driven garage door opener These garage door openers are also perfect to help you save energy because of its incredible system. In order to keep being on the very top of your list, Garage Door Repairs Auburn ensures your happiness with our team of experts that will deal with any problem your garage doors are facing so you can be completely carefree. Our workers are updated when it comes to garage door installment, repairing, or servicing because we understand that we live in a constantly changing world. The experts from Garage Door Repairs Auburn are equipped with best of the market’s tools to make sure you get the best and their job can be done with the best ease. Our clients are our number one concern and their happiness alone is our biggest satisfaction, that’s why Garage Door Repairs Auburn has enabled various means by which you may contact us.

New Garage Doors

Here at Auburn Garage Door Repair we walk the extra mile for you; we commit to our client’s satisfaction, if you happen not to find anything suitable for you in our existent stock; we can gladly help you in the creation of a new garage door that really reflects your style. Auburn Garage Door Repair offers all its customers the chance of customizing their brand new garage door masterpiece. Take a look for yourself at all we have in stock for you; the best quality materials, colors and textures are provided from across the country just for the benefit of our distinguished clients. One thing is for sure, when you have so many things to choose from it is often overwhelming; that’s exactly where our crew steps in. They are trained to guide you along the process of combining the absolute best quality materials with the highest technology available so you can have the door you have always craved. Auburn Garage Door Repair makes sure you always get what you need.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Repair Auburn offers you the following:
: It allows you to choose from a great variety of colors and gives you that timeless classy look that will complete your home.
: If the major concern is security, our steel is the way to go. It has an extended durability that gives you all you need.
: It’s the steel upgrade. It has a low-cost repair along with the security and durability steel offers you.
Fiber glass
: It’s a material that enables you to enjoy your garage doors for longer.
Plastic garage doors
: Plastic has caught the attention of people in a rather short period of time and Auburn Garage Door Repair made sure to have it. Auburn Garage Door Repair team offers you the guidance needed in order to get what you need and want at a price you can pay.


Still thinking you don’t need any help? That it’s your door and you can make it how you like? Let us paint you a picture… Imagine you just got your beautiful new customized garage door; the entire neighborhood has been trying to get a glimpse at it and your family can’t wait to start using it. Although we told you better, you decided to choose all by yourself; when the moment of truth comes… it doesn’t open. Is that what you want? We don’t think so. Auburn Garage Door Repair knows how exciting it is to create something new, but it is of absolutely no benefit to you to have a complete masterpiece that is entirely useless, that’s the part where our team comes in very handy, They are outstanding at combining just the right amount of materials to give you the outcome you deserve: perfection in a door. Auburn Garage Door Repair makes sure that if something never changes in our service is the happy smile on the faces of our clients. Combine your elements to perfection with the crew from Auburn Garage Door Repair.
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