Garage Door Repair Burien

Call our experts at Burien Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

You can have a look of all of our products in the galleries located in each of our commercial venues. You can also visit our website.

New Opener Installation

The latest systems in the market are in our stores, so come by and choose what you prefer. We even have modern Wireless Access Systems controlled with remotes also given by us.

Garage Door Repair Burien

We offer a 24/7 service to accomplish any kind of work. You can call us at any moment and we´ll locate you as soon as you end the call. Easy business.


Verify that your garage door is repaired as it should by the best working team focused in this matter in Burien by calling our specialists at Burien Garage Doors. A free recommendation will be provided when the experts know about the problem. Our service provides installation, New Doors, repairs and more, always taking care of it fast. We advise you to preview our website or visit our commercial offices you can find any product in any size, color and category. Also, we´ll let you know more about our special systems based on the Industrial category. We assure your satisfaction with this purchase, you´ll realize that with our service you will get comfort and security. Burien Garage Doors has the biggest inventory in Burien, and the latest openers and rail systems you will find in the market, as well the best security options for your garage. Burien Garage Doors has the best professional for the job. Replacing door, systems, repairing cables and opener won´t be a problem at all. New remotes are also offered. Stop worrying of your garage doors´ maintenance; you can give us a simple call. Client is first. Burien Garage Doors workers have the purpose of making you satisfied and can offer you anything you require. We offer installation, manufacturing and also periodic maintenance with a programed schedule. All we want is to have a big smile in every single one of our customers. Burien Garage Doors adjusts to any budget proposed with the most affordable prices so you can make an intelligent choice among the wide selection of goods we have. Once you make shop of any product, door, service or parts, you will enjoy our full warranty, which brings No Charges. This service responds to any problem, damage, or dysfunctional matter, related to the product you bought. We only sell high-quality goods and giving the best tools and parts in the country so your garage door system works perfectly. Style, color size and materials are not a problem you should worry of because our big selection includes all styles including classy wooden ones. Weight and resistances is being cared by our diversity in materials, such as aluminum, steel and Wood. Heat is not a threat to our doors because some of them are heat resistant. If you are a person who doesn´t have a clear decision we will offer you professional´s advices with detailed information about closure and insulation needs, opener systems, available materials, costs and services so you make the right decision and end with the best door that can fit your needs. WHO WE ARE Burien Garage Doors professionals are compromised to give Burien´s community the best service and products to make it a better place and satisfy our customer’s needs.


We only work with the best material in the country. We are professionals at the installation of Wooden and Steel Doors, which give you a big protection because of their heaviness. Materials like aluminum and fiber are also available for producing doors; they are good as well but just a little bit lighter.


Using special Insulation materials we can provide resistance to heat. This is Called Thermal Insulation.


We have all kind of openers available in the market. We have for every kind of doors: form Heavy Wooden Doors to Light Aluminum ones. We also provide power suppliers so you can be prepared for unusual electricity issues.

Affordable Service

Our prices adjusts to different kind of client´s budget .
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Our Basic Services

Burien Garage Doors has a variety of services that are related to Garage Doors. Our workers are fast and know exactly what to do in each situation, and always having great results in the installation of the goods we offer. Here are our three main areas:<br

Burien Garage Door Installation

Our experts make a really great effort to install each of the products we offer, not only classy doors, also modern doors with thermal technology can be installed. We use any type of material. We offer a wide selection of openers, and each one of them works for a specific kind of doors according to their weight and size. Wireless Access Systems are also available and we have specials tool for its installation.

Garage Door Repair Service

Make a smart decision and call us before you end up with a mess. Not everyone knows how to do the maintenance of garage doors son they can damage the Door. Trust us; we know exactly what we are doing.

Garage Door Repair Burien

Using alternate repairmen is not always the best choice. When you have experts who know about this matter you should call them immediately. We offer a 24/7 service. We can have any job done so there is no problem we cannot fix or system we cannot repair. Even those outdated models can be restored. So basically we can fix everything related to garage doors.


Use our information below to contact us. Also you can enter our webpage. Have a look to our galleries and we´ll be waiting for your call.

Garage Door Repair

If you are having problems with the functionality of your garage door you should call talented workers like the ones Burien Garage Door has. This company provides the best service and especially really affordable prices. Our purpose is to solve our client´s problem and make it fast and with great results. We offer 90 days of repairs in case there Is come problem with your Door. BURIEN GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE gives the best advice so you can have the best functionality of your product. Burien Garage Door is aware that not all the doors aren’t working perfectly. Some of the most common reasons are: The doors go off the rails, rusty springs and outdated cabling. Anyway BURIEN GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE will take care of whatever it is in no time. Having a dysfunctional opening system is risky for the safety of your home. So don’t take the risk, we advise you to contact us quickly so the issue can be fixed and everything can be normal again. BURIEN GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE has many ways to repair your Doors. Our professionals can do any kind of work so fixing things like old springs is not a problem. Fixing Cables, rollers, track, broken hinges, sensors and any kind of keypads is a piece of cake for us. We offer this service to anyone who may need it; and everything for an affordable price. Burien Garage Door Express Repair Service is also conscious that not everything is fixable so we offer the best parts in the market and also the replacing service of them. Burien Garage Door Express Repair Service has all the tools and materials to fix and replace all the components inside the functionality of a garage door. We have variety of hinges and openers as well. Variety of parts such as engines and hinges can be found in our stores. Burien Garage Door Express Repair Service is a service you can certainly trust. We help you with your problem either advising you or repairing your product. With us you will save lots of money. Meet with the Experts BURIEN GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE is the best choice in Burien Location. You won’t find anyone else to do this job as fast and good as we do. Our results are the best because our workers are compromised with your satisfaction and our tools and material can’t be compared to others in the market.

Broken Springs


Are you having problems in your residence or workplace with the springs of your garage doors? Does this springs look old or rusty? If you recall this facts, Burien Garage Door Repair has a wide variety of services to our clients, we can solve all this kind of issues. Is just a game for Burien Garage Door Repair workers,to fix springs because Burien Garage Door Repair represents a well done job and security after all. BURIEN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is the best at repairng broken springs. We repair any kind damages, we are even able to make over the structur of your garage. We are the firsts in the line at the repairment of this springs. We are a synonym of excellence and responsibility. So you won;t have to worry about your broken springs anymore.

Torsion Springs

Lots of companies uses chep tools and material to execute this kind of work. The consequence is shown in your garages, things like stucking and wierd sounds are caused by these companies. Springs has a mechanism that lets the door go up and down, the thing is that they wont work forever. This meas that they have a limit of times to be opened and closed. If you overuse them, they will break and that can damage other parts of the garage door system. When you see that the door is not working as usual, making wierd loud sounds, stucking and going slower. Means that one of them is broken, even though both of them should be replaced because they have the same time of usage and may cost another piece life. Burien GARAGE DOORS REPAIR workers can install low cycle springs, which could last for thre years more or less. If you want more time of life you can also choose High cyle springs. If some company or someone tells you that there is a spring that will never break, it’s a Lie. Every springs in the market have a period of life, ones more than others, but at the end they should all be changed, because they carry a lot of tention for a long period of time and in some point the become useless. If you want to replace or repair them call us immediatly, because trying to change it by yourself can a be a pain in the neck.

Extension Spring

Having a broken or damaged torsion spring is really dangerous. If you hear wierd sound when opening the door, you should check them because it might be time to change themthey will just become a little bit bigger, but then they will break. They should both be replaced so you can re calibrate the door and it would work as a brand NEW GARAGE DOOR. Our team is the best one to repair springs in the Area of Burien. Just give us a simple call.

Broken Remotes

There are some garage doors that are automized with remothe controller which work with wireless technology. Remote controllers have many features; they act sending signals to the system so the the garage door can go up and down. Accessing to the garage is lot easier now. You don’t have to walk to a button because now you carry with it. GARAGE DOOR SERVICES BURIEN can solve any problem you may have with this systems or with the main remote. The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage In our online catalogue, we prove our clients a great variety of remotes brands and their models in the market. Burien Garage Door Repairs can help you to set up the remote form the inside, you can even program more than one controller. We can help you with almost everything related to this matter doing this kind of setups and programing many remotes and garage doors is not a problem for us. We can even take requests online and deliver the product to your location, in a quick period of time. If you have problems with the battery we will be more than happy to change it for a new one. We offer the best prices for this matter in the area of Burien. Besides, Garage Door Repairs Burien has a 24/7 service which is availble whenever you c=want, just with a simple call you can contact us. Burien Garage Door Repairs is the best choice arounf here. You have the latest systems and models of remote controllers that come with special features. One of this features is that you can sync almost as many door garages as you want in only one remote. Our remotes are perfect for those who has more thana single car, and the best part of it is that the battery is as little as a coin or smaller. With GARAGE DOOR SERVICES BURIEN you can assure you’ll have great result. We are people to trust. We have the solution for every problem and we have professionals that work with this kind of remotes. If they are broken, BURIEN GARAGE DOOR SERVICES has some alternatives for our clients:
  • 24/7 service
  • Provide you extra remotes
  • Provide a wide variety of remotes
  • Fix it
  • Replace for a new one
With our remote control reparation you can:
  • A 1-year warranty
  • Use 1 and up to 2 garage doors/gates
  • Attach your remote to your visor
  • Obtain a long-life battery
We adjust for our client’s budget so you don’t have to worry about spendig tons of money in a simple remote. At GARAGE DOOR SERVICE BURIEN you simply locate the finest quality industrial garage door openers, parts, and also installers. Burien recognizes that top quality residential garage door repair and Burien Garage Door Repair go hand in hand.

New Openers

New Garage Door Openers

If you want a strong and secure garage door that last for several years. GARAGE DOOR SERVICE BURIEN has the best options. We know you need a high quality opener that is able to lift heavy doors and still being fast opneing and closing. Burien Garage Door Repair if you are having a hard time with your doors just trust us and call us so we can solve your problem. Garage door Service Burien is talented at installing any kind of old to modern openers of any brand and size. Burien Garage Door Repair has a wide selection of openers that will probably fit your needs and likes. We can offer many different brands with distinctive mechanisms.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

This is the strongest opener you will find in the market, we can make sure it’s a great decision if you are havind troubles with the weight of your door. Lifting it won’t be a problem anymore. They are a little bit noise but it’s wirth it because it supports any kind of material and its performance is really good. Garage doors nowdays are too heavy for humans to lift it so openers and chain drive opener in especific are necessary.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

This one is really quite but still does the work and can carry really heavy doors. IT comes with extra batterys to prevent some unwanted situations. A new feature is that you can controll them by using an app in your own smartphone or tablet.

Shaft Drive Openers

It’s perfect for lifting a door in an important height. This also has a feature that is power saving systems that will let your save money. Another good thing about BURIEN GARAGE DOOR SERVICE is that we have a person for every job so you know it is done as it should be. We also have the latest tools and materials to assure a great result. Garage door Service Burien we will advise you so you can get the solution you need at the moment. You can contact us with a simple phone call or by our website. Also you can e-mail us. Our clients are always first so our goal is to assure their satisfaction. We have a wide selectionn of professionals that know everything about this matter and more. We are your number 1 choice. Call us.

Garage Door Repair


Are you having any problems with your garage door? Is it opening and closing as it should? We bet the problem is driving you mad, and you know what’s the worst part? It’s only about to get worse. Burien Garage Door Repair give you the chance to change your garage door thanks to our service. BURIEN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR offers only the best good in the market, including the tools we use to intall thing of this matter in your homes. Things like broken springs and misaligned rails are fixable by our experts. When this professionals do the work, you know it is done well. Call us at any time we offer a 24/7 service. BURIEN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has been at the forefront of commercial garage door opener and residential garage door repair since its start. Come see the team at our Burien showroom! Browse our new garage door brochures and ask for a free estimate!


Usually springs causes most of the problems in a garage door, because of the tention they have to carry with. The main idea of fixing them is to make you feel more relaxed, thinking of the money you don;t have to spend on new ones. How about we take care of that and get you a trained expert from BURIEN GARAGE DOOR Repair, they will anser your call as soon as it rings. Instead of having a hard time trying to fix them, you should leave it to us, because we are professionals and we know how to deal with this kind of problems. Once our workers end with the repair, ou are finally feeling comfortable, and what did it cost you? Nothing, just a few bucks in a simple call to our office. Avoid trusting in people that aren’t certified to do this work. Put your trust in our hands and we’ll use it to solve your problem. BURIEN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has a wide variety of experts for any kind of problem. Each of our workers have a different skill so the work is done perfectly, don’t waste your money in someone who doesn’t know about this topic.. Our experts can handle easily the repairing of broken remotes and the installing of complete commercial garage door. Our advise to our clients is that they shouldn’t do it by themselves because the results will not be as satisfactory as ours. Give us a call. Remember that not everyone is an expert at every little thing, but at BURIEN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR everybody is an expert in garage doors.

New Garage Doors

Burien Garage Door knows exactly what our clients need. We cannot be compared to other kind of garage door sellers because we other features that makes our services much better. One of these features is customization, which consist in the manufacturing of garage doors based on your needs and what you want. With our talented team (technicians, designers and manufactures), we can do anything for our customers. Our professionals are able to work with any kind of materials such as steel, wood, aluminum and Plastic. Even Fiberglass can be used for making garage door. BURIEN GARAGE DOOR is well known for doing what other companies can´t do. We have many skills including advising our customers so they can make the right decision when looking for a resistant material, style, color and size to successfully fit your needs and likes. Materials for your garage doors GARAGE DOOR SERVICE BURIEN offers the following materials: Wood, conserve that classy style you like and is really resistant and heavy. Steel, has a modern look and still very resistant. Very stylish for young entrepreneurs. Aluminum is the lightest material you can find, but still very good and safe. Fiber glass has the feature of “long life” Plastic garage doors are almost new in the market and are very popular in these days. It´s a great recommendation from Garage Door Burien workers. We will surely find exactly what you need so you can feel comfortable with your purchase. YOUR NEW LOOK Everybody cares about the look of their new garage door. It makes your home or workplace, uglier or more stylish. So that´s why we know how important is to our clients to make a smart decision. We try to advise almost all our clients so their choices are the best they can get. Our professionals are always looking for our customer´s happiness with the products offer, and we are always caring about their need. We only offer the best and we know the quality is important. Give us a call, our 24/7 service is always available so you can get what you want in our stores. We will guide you to the best purchase. You can also contact us by e-mail or by our website. Our experience with residential garage door repair gives us the edge when it comes to quality and garage door repair. Burien Garage Door Repair doesn’t have the reputation it does by not treating every customer like their only customer. Stop putting it off and contact BURIEN GARAGE DOOR REPAIR today for a free quote on residential or commercial garage door repair, a garage door opener or garage door repair.
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