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Call our experts at Carnation Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

Install a New Door

Exceed your expectations by taking a look at our ample stock of technology and style. We have both hardware and technology to combine into your dream door.

Garage Door Opener Installments

Carnation Garage Doors installs the best openers in the country. We count with a remarkable variety of garage door openers you can choose from, whichever goes along best with you and your needs; chain, belt and shaft driven openers are just the beginning

Repair your Damaged Garage Door

Thinking about you, Carnation Garage Doors has incorporated a 24/7 emergency repair system to our services, to continue offering you the best. Our repair system has a free-charge guarantee so if any of our services are giving you problems, just give us a call.


Carnation Garage Doors has at your disposition a team of experts that will be at your home in the least time possible, just contact us and let our specialists listen to your problem, this will allow us to offer you an estimated cost of what the repair would be; this way you save time running all the way over to an office or having to wait for someone to take a look at it. As easy as that, you’ll have the answer you were looking for. We give you nothing but the best and we make sure to deliver quality work every time, on time. We are the best option for you when it comes to garage doors; we take care of replacing or substituting your old garage doors or repairing your damaged one. To get familiar with our stock and prices, you can pay us a visit personally at any of our offices or check our online catalogue without having to leave home. Either way, you can be sure you will enjoy shopping from our variety of models and materials. We also offer an unbelievable range of remote controllers or clickers and rails for your garage doors. Carnation Garage Doors ensures you that your privacy will be respected, as our workers are fast and quiet. If what you want is a complete change, or you see it’s already time to replace an old system Carnation Garage Doors has all this and more. Frayed cables are an everyday problem our technicians fix. Make your door what it used to be in the beginning with the best quality possible. In Carnation Garage Doors, we listen. Every person has different needs, no two doors are alike, and that’s why our personnel are there to guide you along the way. There are tons of services we offer you; just take a look; the only thing that will never change is the quality standard, we strive to make you happy no matter the problem. Get your money’s worth with Carnation Garage Doors. Because we are manufacturers; we are able to give you prices that have no competition. To make sure you receive what you asked for, Carnation Garage Doors offers you a full guarantee without extra charge that covers you during or after any of our services are performed. That’s how we know that you will always be happy with your results. Efficacy and efficiency define us; this has made us the best option for you and your garage doors. You name it, we have it. Whatever your style is, we offer you the finest selection of materials to choose from. If you have a more classical look, go for our wood; but if your thing is a more minimalistic style, you should think about any of our metal options. In both cases, you will be getting only the best because we deal with providers famous for their designs. Don’t sacrifice safety for style, here at Carnation Garage Doors we always reach the minimum requirements of insulation and closure demanded for each location, make a call and our employees will be there briefly to exanimate what you would need regarding a garage door. That way we can ensure you that you will receive both safety and style at unbeatable price. We work in any place, at your home or your business, wherever you need luxury and protection, we will be there to offer you the best.


We have only the best of the best in the market, we deal with recognized designers from across the country to provide you everything you need for every style and personality. We guarantee you will find exactly what you want.

Affordable Service

Easy on the pocket: We won’t make you pay for unnecessary things just for the fun of it, we make sure you get only what you really need.
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We adapt to your insulation needs, no two doors are the same and the weather may demand a different thermal containment. Don’t worry, we have it covered.


All our openers are alike in the capability of lifting heavy garage doors, and we have all the garage opener models in the market to help you pick the one that suits you best. Because we know uncommon events may occur, we also have in existence a great range of alternative power suppliers. Just in case. Who we are We have committed to Carnation its surroundings to provide the best and make this a better place, in order to do so, we are aware that things can’t always stay the same. Our team is up-to-date with the latest technologies and installment and repairing techniques so we don’t ever fall behind. You can be sure that what Carnation Garage Doors has to offer, is absolutely the best of the best every time.

Our Basic Services

Carnation Garage Doors works with the highest levels of work ethics and professionalism; we understand your needs and care for them in the first visit, that way we make sure you don’t have to bother calling over and over again for the same persistent problem. Indeed you will save time and money. Here our basic domains:

Carnation Garage Door Installation

We can install garage doors like a piece of cake, no matter the size or type, you can trust us to always do our best for you. We communicate with our clients, if you have doubts or even new ideas, let our experts know and they will gladly help you incorporate them in the design. We make sure that what you receive is not just what you want, but what you need.

Carnation Garage Door Repair

In order to avoid you the trouble of wasting money on additional costs because of poor maintenance, we help you know what your doors precise to keep their optimum shape. We make scheduled appointments to make sure you extend the lifespan of your doors.

Garage Door Repair Carnation

Don’t waste extra time waiting even days for something to be repaired, use our express repair system that will help you fix those old rails and change those frayed cables in no time. Trust us to do our very best to serve you. GET STARTED NOW! Use the form below to get in touch with our technicians right away. If you decide so, after explaining our crew what you want, they can provide you of a estimated cost of your project to give you a head start. Ask them any doubts you have and they will gladly help you in anything you need.

Garage Door Repair

If you need only the most experienced people to work in your home to offer you the best quality door you have ever seen, then contact CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR. We have for your satisfaction the best team ever to lay hands on your garage doors, they will help you solve the problems you present, big or small; their task is to leave you with a smile on your face. So you can feel reassured that we think about our clients, we offer a 90 day free-charge warrantee backing any service preformed by our experts, this will help you obtain exactly what you want and also what you really need. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR understands what it means to have a malfunctioning garage door; your safety and the safety of your loved ones could be at steak if your garage doors are not responding as they should. Many times, the slowdowns or malfunctions are due to simple things, like broken, crooked or rusty rails, frayed cables or many others. There’s no need to panic, CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR will help you solve the problem in record time to ensure the security of your belongings and you and your family’s lives. There’s no point in relaying on inexperienced companies or technicians to do bad job on something so important; always trust the best; and that’s what we at CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR offer to each one of our clients. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR makes sure that when you open the doors of your home or business locale to a team of experts, they really know what they are doing. Our specialists are qualified to repair everything that has to do with your garage door and even its accessories. Rollers, broken springs, frayed cables or worn motors are no match for our crew that will be there for you when you need them, where you need them. Absolutely anything that is making your garage door malfunction, the people of CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is able to fix well and in the time you need it done. More than offer you all the possible options for your doors; we also have at your complete disposition an arsenal of replacement parts for every component of your garage door. Pulleys, hinges or chains, you name it, we have it. That also makes us leaders in Carnation. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR sets the bar high for the competition in Carnation, we make sure to have all you need and more in stock. From Express Services to 24 hour emergency lines, we have everything when it comes to speed. We also have the biggest stock of replacement parts for everything that has to do with your garage doors, big to small, we have it all. To help you get familiar with all we have in stock for you, we have various means of communication to offer you the best attention possible. Low prices, high quality service, speedy attention and customer satisfaction makes CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR your number one choice. Get to know the Experts Don’t settle for less when you can get the best quality and attention form our amazing working team. No matter the task, CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR should be at the top of your list. All of your requirements will be met by the most qualified team of experts equipped with the latest technology tools to ensure you have the best service preformed. Because our experts have experience in this field for years, they will help you combine design and efficiency into your garage doors, always keeping in mind that what you want will be present in it. We also provide unbeatable prices so our clients get the whole satisfaction package.


Got broken springs? Not to worry, this is a common problem among garage doors, poor installment and time of use makes springs prone to malfunctioning or breaking; too much or too little tension on them can cause inefficiencies on the design and functions that your garage door should accomplish. For your tranquility, CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is leader expert on replacing and repairing these problematic springs. We have in stock all the solutions to your problems with immediate availability. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR helps you enter and exit your garage without problems and with minimum effort, no longer having to worry about pinched fingers or slightly open garage doors. It’s easy to see when an expert does a good job even if you don’t understand their field of expertise; CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR offers their clients the opportunity to experience what real quality is. We are not new in this, our years of service to the community has made us leaders in the field, and the first option of our clients. We keep up to the latest trends and techniques that keep us in the first place. You are in good hands when you let the experts of CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR do their job.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are one the most important parts that make your garage doors function properly, these are in charge of the heavy lifting so your doors run smoothly and you can come in and out without a sweat. The problem is that they have a limited lifespan, depending on the use they are given, they can last around two or three years, this is mostly due to the materials employed in their making. Don’t ever try to fix these springs on your own; they require professional installment and replacement so that you don’t get an injury due to it. There is something you can do without worrying about getting hurt; listen to the noises your door makes when you action them, whatever noise out of the usual indicates you it is time to change your springs; another thing that can help you identify the time has come to change them is separation within the spring itself. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR advices all their clients to replace both springs at the time, or repair them, whichever the case may be. Because they work together it is advisable get them changed and tuned at same time by an expert. Don’t believe companies that sell eternal springs, all springs have a finite lifespan.

Extension Spring

Don’t ever try to fix these springs on your own; they require professional instalment and replacement so that you don’t get an injury due to it. There is something you can do without worrying about getting hurt; listen to the noises your door makes when you action them, whatever noise out of the usual indicates you it is time to change your springs; another thing that can help you identify the time has come to change them is separation within the spring itself. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR advices all their clients to replace both springs at the time, or repair them, whichever the case may be. Because they work together it is advisable get them changed and tuned at same time by an expert. Don’t believe companies that sell eternal springs, all springs have a finite lifespan.

Broken Remotes

Let Garage Door Repairs Carnation introduce you to the innovation of opening and closing your garage door from the distance with a simple clicker or remote control access technology without having to leave your car, just press a button and that’s it. No more lifting heavy door those days you wake up late or come back tired from work. It doesn’t matter what material your garage door is, or the size of it, these controllers will get the job done every time. Granted, these little wonders may once in a while become a problem, but luckily for you, Garage Door Repairs Carnation offers you all the option to fix or replace your malfunctioning control. The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage When you check our online catalogue or visit our offices to take a look at our grand selection, you may notice that you have more options than you could have imagined, GARAGE DOOR SERVICES CARNATION always has the best at your disposal with brands that are widely know around the country and the world. Since technology is not everyone’s forte, if you have already picked a model or already possess one and are not sure of using it to its full potential, you can count on us, GARAGE DOOR SERVICES CARNATION has enabled a service for our clients that will help you get to know all the features of your remote, also the correct way to replace the batteries or program it to your garage door. If you happen to lose your clicker, the batteries don’t work or it’s no longer fully operational, send a picture of it and the specifications and our team will assist you in finding a replacement or the spare part that you need, depending on the situation. No company will be able to beat our incredible low prices because in GARAGE DOOR SERVICES CARNATION we offer you the quality you want at the price you can afford. To make sure you have someone to back you when you have a problem, we have a 24/7 emergency service you can call and get immediate attention. With GARAGE DOOR SERVICES CARNATION you don’t have to acquire various remote controls if you have more than carport, we have at your complete disposal not only the greatest variety of replacements and spare parts, also universal remotes that will surely adapt to the majority of garage door brands you may possess, don’t worry about system set ups or complicated instructions, our remotes are high technology and easy to use as well, so it’s a breeze to activate your controlling device. GARAGE DOOR SERVICES CARNATION makes sure these remotes can be activated by anyone in your family, assuring you can enter and exit your garage with ease. Make sure you get the best service and expert help, GARAGE DOOR SERVICES CARNATION will offer you the best in technology and comfort for you and your family. We have all the answers to your garage door remote control problems. When our technicians do their job, you can make sure that you’ll have the best options to fix or replace your remote:
  • *24 hour emergency service.
  • *As many extra remotes as you need.
  • *Best brands and models.
  • *Repair your existent remote.
  • *Substitute your old controller.
Long with our repairing services we also provide:
  • *A one- year free-charge guarantee for all our services.
  • *The easiest way to control up to two different brand garage doors.
  • *Easy access design for your remote in your vehicle.
  • *A long-lasting battery life.
GARAGE DOOR SERVICES CARNATION makes sure you get what you need at the price you can acquire; we mold our services to your budget and special requirements. We ensure only the best for our clients.

New Garage Door Openers

CARNATION GARAGE DOOR SERVICE has all you need when it comes to reliable strength to make sure that your doors open and close with the ease they should. Ask for a revision of your home, office or whatever place you need to secure so our technicians can do the measurements and check what you would really need to ensure you get the best option possible. After they check your accommodations, they will give you the best possible solutions to your problems. What you can be sure of is that no matter the model you choose, they will all be sturdy enough to support the weight of any door. At CARNATION GARAGE DOOR SERVICE we strongly suggest you trust our team of experts that will guide you during the process of installing a new opening system, they really do know what they are doing, be open to suggestions on their behalf so you can end up with the best of the market but most importantly, what best suits you. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR SERVICE offers you a great variety of options because we know that garage door openers can not only be efficient but also complement the look of your new garage door. That’s the reason why there are so many models in stock, just give us a call and start making your garage dream door come true.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Garage door chain driven openers, are one of the leading models for your home, they have a long lifespan and trusty machinery Of course, these chain openers may be a noisier than others but we guarantee it is the best option for the heaviest doors. If what you have or want is that timeless traditional look only a wooden door can give you, your option number one should be a chain driven garage door opener, it also works great when you have a high technology security door. We also include extra power supply.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

If you prefer a more silent mechanism, we believe what you need is an opener driven by belt; this garage door opener is much more silent and is still a great option for heavy lifting so you get safety and quiet. An extra function it has is a remote control access that can be configured by your Smartphone or tablet. In case of emergency, we also include power supply.

Shaft Drive Openers

If you need the space more than you need the strength, a shaft driven opener is your thing. This system is ideal for small garages and will help you save energy too. If you are short of space and have a small garage door, don’t doubt to ask for a shaft driven opener. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR SERVICE is in the search of remaining the best option for their clients, to ensure this, we have made our technicians be pioneers and follow the latest technologies in order to offer you a top-shelf service. They are also equipped with the latest tools so that combined; they can offer you the quality you need to keep a smile on your face. In CARNATION GARAGE DOOR SERVICE we are committed to our clients, your satisfaction is our biggest reward; because of it, we have enable various means of communication so that you can find the ideal one for yourself and not sacrifice your comfort to get the best quality. You can give us a call, e-mail us or visit us in person to get familiar with the stock and find out all the services we have for you. Ask for a free budget estimate after you get in touch with our team, they will gladly answer any doubt you have.


Did you hit the garage door with the car last time you exited? Did your remote stop working as well since that time you accidentally let it fall? No worries. Maybe you have had the terrible experience of dealing with bad repair services, but not once you start trusting CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR. We comprehend how difficult it is when you have to leave the garage door half open leaving your home unprotected, that’s why we have a trustworthy expert team to help you with the security of your home. It’s hard to open the doors of your house to a stranger, that’s why we have a reliable team to get the job done fast, silent, and as simple as possible. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR gives you the opportunity to be in the best hands, don’t let other fool you with low quality workmanships that only make you spend time, trust our experts to take you to the next level of satisfaction. There is no wonder why we keep being your number one option. Right from the beginning we have offered only the best to our clients and haven’t stopped doing so. We also make sure you can get in touch with us by whatever means you prefer: e-mail, phone or personal visits.

Quality is Our Specialty

When it comes to garage doors, there’s literally nothing we can’t handle. There are very common requests from our clients for example replacing or repairing old damaged springs; CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR strongly recommends you don’t take care of this problem yourself for it can incur in severe injuries hat we try to protect our clients from, so, don’t even try it. Trust us to do this job since not only could you get hurt but sometimes springs require they be adjusted by more than one person to make sure that they work correctly an at the same time, this way you don’t harm the rest of the system. Lay back and relax as our experts get it taken care of. After you make that call, you’ll get angry neighbors off your back; remember that terrible noise your door has been making for the last couple of days? Haven’t you received complaints for your neighbors about it? Forget your problems wit them once we go and fix your malfunctioning system. There’s one more thing that bothers many of our clients when they have garage door problems and that’s rodents. Once these little critters find out there’s a way in, they hardly go out. Save money on those terrible pesticides and just fix the gap; we can assure you the pest will be gone after you do. Don’t waste your time with companies that don’t know what they are doing, always go to the experts and save yourself the time and money. Get your problem solved in the first visit and forever enjoy the peace of hiring CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR as your favorite door repair service. You can no doubts trust the capacity of our hard workers, they are very skilled and experienced in this area, they will provide you the service you need and deserve. Save yourself the bother of having to call once and again to fix the same problem over and over; our personnel is highly qualified to deliver you the expected results in the first visit. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR makes sure that their team of experts is always following the latest techniques so that what you get is the best quality you have ever seen. We don’t overlook details, once you call us you will be our only concern; by doing this we can make sure to give you the best service possible so we can have even our toughest, most demanding clients satisfied and smiling once our team leaves. We treat you with the most elevated standards of ethics, so we keep our work fast and silent to ensure your privacy to the fullest. Garage Door Repair Carnation, WA CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR really trust its workers, and can because of their excellent work, we are a worldwide certified company. We are also manufacturers, which allows us to give you the best deals ever.

New Garage Doors

CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR goes that extra mile for you. If you decide that none of the existing doors really suit your style, we offer you he once in a lifetime opportunity to fabricate your own customized garage door from scratch. Check our gallery online or in person and discover all that CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has available for you. Have a garage door that reflects you and completes the overall look of your house so that everything is in harmony. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR only works with the best so you have at your entire disposition a great variety of materials, colors and patterns to choose from. Likely, the experience of having so many options can be overwhelming, that’s why, to provide you the best service possible, we have gathered a team that knows exactly how to combine what you want with what you nee to ensure you have not only a one of a kind work of art adorning your home, but also exactly the efficiency you crave. Materials for your garage doors GARAGE DOOR SERVICE CARNATION allows you to decide among the following: *Wood: It’s a highly adaptable material you can choose for that traditional look that has passed the test of time. *Steel: When you need security more than luxury, steel is your best option, sure to guarantee you safety and durability. *Aluminum: As well as steel provides you an extra sense of security, but it is also easy to repair which makes it a great choice for anyone. *Fiber glass: Super durable and flexible, excellent material. *Plastic garage doors: marked a trend since last year and CARNATION GARAGE DOOR INSTALLATION made sure you could have it among your options at the best possible price. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR helps you pick the best out of all our selection so you get what you need and what you want every time.


It makes no sense to have a masterpiece in front of your house if when you try to use it; it doesn’t really work as you expected it to. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR shows you the options but also helps you take the best materials and technology to suit your particular needs. We know that there are no two doors alike when you are customizing, so we make sure to have all the information required to combine both beauty and functionality, same thing happens when you decide whether to replace or repair your existent door. Trust the experts when they guide you through the process of making your home stand out from the crowd. CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR makes sure that we don’t leave you unsatisfied; our work is not done until you say so. So let us welcome you to the ultimate level of satisfaction when it comes to garage doors and every part of it: CARNATION GARAGE DOOR  Repair. Contact us today and let us know what type of service you need from us, we’ll estimate the cost of it for free. Don’t worry about a thing; CARNATION GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has it all covered.

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