Garage Door Repair Des Moines

Call our experts at Des Moines Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

Come forth to our store, look at the umpteen selection range and choices of garage door and see your dream door come to life.

New Opener Installation

We provide the latest technology for garage door opener – be it chain driven, belt driven or shaft driven, or controlled through remote or wireless access.

Garage Door Repair Des Moines

Having problem with the garage door in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning? Do not wait. Our 24/7 garage door repair service is at your beck and call in the entire Des Moines area.

Des Moines Garage Doors

Thinking of expertise, timely and reasonable garage door repairs in Des Moines? Don’t think twice. Just pick up your phone and ring Des Moines Garage Doors to get your free quote. We are the most qualified and experienced in the area and we will have your door fixed in the shortest time possible. You value your security and privacy. So do we. And that is why Des Moines garage doors capacitates the largest variety of automatic reliable doors along with world class security and fashionable patterns. Alternatively, are you thinking of changing your door style or replacing your rail system? Then too you need to call Des Moines Garage Doors as we specialize in replacing existing doors, putting doors back on track, repairing springs and remotes and replacing frayed cables. At Des Moines Garage Doors we ensure you receive a complete package of services from meeting and valuation to producing and maintaining your garage doors. Satisfying even the most pressing requirements is our trademark. Our customers are crucial to us and so is their satisfaction. We are manufacturers in Des Moines Garage Doors and possess a wide array of long-lasting materials with affordable rates, suiting every property requirement and pocket. Our services are not free. They come with a full warranty promising a complete repair in the event of any problem post our installation of your garage door, and this IS free of charge. We give our best and as a result, work with the best. Our manufacturers are world renowned. If you prefer quality with style, you need to view our classic looking wooden doors, however if you would like weight with resistance, why not opt for our steel or aluminum doors that give the much needed flexibility. Doors with thermal resistance and insulation are also available with us. Please note that we comply with the recommended minimum insulation standards. Let our experts give you the details about this once they have inspected the venue where you require the garage door. Who we are Des Moines Garage Doors connoisseurs are well equipped in all kinds of garage door machineries. We own the much needed proficiency to perfect every job the first time itself. So do not wait to get adjusted to a new door or wait for the opener to be fine-tuned. Go ahead and start using your door.


Our trademark is that we deal with the latest material available, be it stylish and gorgeous wooden doors, light and strong steel doors, or lighter aluminum or fiber doors.


Our doors can be fitted with insulation materials to guarantee maximum thermal containment within your garage as we are familiar with thermal insulation.


Name the type of opener you need and be assured, we will have it; from sturdy chain driven openers to the quieter belt driven opener. Our openers can also be installed with power supplies facilitating you to open your garage door even when there is no power.

Affordable Service

Pay for and install only what you require.

Reliable Services

We value your time and we shall be there within the stipulated time.

Professional Services

Our specialists are thoroughly eligible for the job.

Our Basic Services

Des Moines Garage Doors proffers the top notch level of competence and work ethics while

Des Moines Garage Door Installation

Trust us to install garage door of e very shape and size. All you have to do is choose from our huge arena of materials, designs and systems, and leave the rest of the work of installation to us.

Garage Door Repair Service

Profit from our scheduled garage door repairs to keep your gates healthy ensuring they last longer. You not only save money with us but also have peace of mind as we keep a track of your periodic maintenance.

Garage Door Repair Des Moines

We repair doors, broken springs and openers in a prompt manner with our latest gadgets. We also bring replacement parts in case you require them.

Garage Door Repair

Contacting a reliable and affordable team of technicians to take care of your garage door is essential and who better for the job that Garage Door Repair Des Moines to solve all your issues. Our technicians are trained to solve any problem – be it simple or complex, and all our repair services come with a 90 day guarantee on labor. Des Moines Garage Door Repair deals in all sorts of replacement and bids free written estimating services. At Des Moines Garage Door Repair, we are aware of common malfunctioning and startup problems which may include doors going off track, breaking of hinges and springers or torn cables. But regardless of the complexity of problem, Garage Door Repair can help you. If your garage doors do not shut properly it is dangerous for your safety and possessions. Contact Des Moines Garage Door Repair before malfunctioning garage doors put you in harm’s way. We are professionals and pride ourselves at resolving any and every problem your garage door might encounter. Garage Door Repair Des Moines repairs everything from frayed or torn cables, broken hinges and springs to openers, opener sensors and keypads. Our clientele includes both domestic and commercial garage door. Moreover, Garage Door Repair Des Moines also helps you with jammed emergency release, broken torsion springs and cables, dead openers, broken panels and warping and worn out motors and gears. Des Moines Garage Door Repair has all the replacements you require – hinges, rollers, pulleys, chains, openers and springs amongst many more. We also provide you with spare parts and motors.Garage Door Repair Des Moines is your numerouno choice because we offer the best service at the most moderately priced charges. We strive for 100% quality and customer satisfaction with our services including 24/7 emergency service and preventive maintenance program – all these at the lowest prices in the area.

Meet with the Experts

Des Moines Garage Door Repair is your choice for all your repair and replacement problems providing you with the best service in the area while satisfying all your needs at modest rates. We are experts at acknowledging your specific requirements and resolve issues in record time, effectively and efficiently. Garage Door Repair Des Moines employees work with advanced tools and most updated technologies and are always eager to fix your garage door issues.

Broken Springs


Do not worry about hurting yourself and having pinched fingers due to broken springs in your garage door. Instead avail of the plethora of services offered by Des Moines Garage Door Repair. We specialise in fixing broken springs at Des Moines Garage Door Repair. If you are thinking of safe, eminent and well serviced garaged doors, you are thinking of Des Moines Garage Door Repair. Whether it is a minor repair work or overhauling your garage, Des Moines Garage Door Repair will do it for you with state of the art technique. Broken springs can cause further damage as broken rollers and twisted or rusted tracks, and so setting it right at the first instance is vital. Contact our experts and forget about the broken spring.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the most essential of all parts of your garage door because they life the entire weight of the door and so have a limited life and are bound to break or give way in two to three years depending on usage. So if your door makes noise while opening or closing, or stops on the way or the springs look separated, you need to replace your springs. Even if only one is broken, you need to replace both as they have the same life cycle, and the other will break very soon. But do not fret. We at Des Moines Garage Doors Repair let you choose between low cycle springs that lasts almost three years and high cycle springs that lasts for more years. However, a caution. Do not buy torsion springs lasting a lifetime because there exists no such thing. Every torsion spring has a cyclic life, with the cycle varying, but they will surely tend to break. Also, do not attempt to replace or fix springs all by yourself. It is dangerous and needs to be done only a qualified expert.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are generally fitted in smaller garage doors and last longer than torsion springs, but cause the same problems as the above. If you hear a snap or see them elongated, it is time to change the spring. Call our specialists at Des Moines Garage Door Repair and have the springs replaced at both sides of the door to enable the doors to open and shut at the same time. We are your people for providing the much required maintenance by specialists.

Broken Remotes

Today’s garage doors operate with the help of remotes which send signals to the motor inside the garage signaling it to open or close the door. These remotes are valuable because you need not get out of the car every time nor do you need to manually lift the heavy garage doors. Garage Door Repairs Des Moines not only give you high quality remote controlled garage doors but also highly qualified technicians to fix any problem. The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage Genie, Insteon, Direct Drive, SkyLink, and Chamberlain are just some of the many brands of remotes we deal in. Des Moines Garage Door Repairs can replace your lost remote and provide you with an extra remote. From programming multi-button digital remotes with internal set switches to programming digital remote transmitters with internal set switches, we can do it all. You can be assured of receiving the same remote that you lost if you just send us a picture. We will come to you even if all that you require is a battery. Customers come first for us. But do not even think of comparing our prices with others. Garage Door Repairs Des Moines experts are available 24/7 fixing your problems in shortest time: with the most affordable rates. Des Moines Garage Door Repairs is your choice for any kind of repair and replacement. We offer common remotes too compatible with various garage door, even if they are of separate brands. This especially helps families who have many cars providing each family member with easy and quick access. Our remotes function with a single coin cell battery and are easy to program and operate. They set up in blink of an eyelid and come in compact designs. Garage Door Repairs Des Moines will find solution to all your problems as we keep everything in mind when dealing with garage door remotes. Nonetheless, in the event they break, we at Des Moines Garage Door Repairs provide you with the following choices:
  • Get your remote fixed
  • Have a new remote in place of the old one
  • Get extra remotes
  • Own remotes of different brands and in varying models, colors and sizes
  • 24/7 emergency service
Our remote control enables you to:
  • Obtain a long-life lithium battery
  • Control 1 or 2 garage doors, even of differing brands
  • Fasten your remote to your visor
  • A limited warranty of 1-year
Since the moment Garage Door Repairs Des Moines says ‘Hello’ to you, take a deep breath and chill out. We have something for everyone’s needs and budget.

New Openers

New Garage Door Openers

Trust Garage door Service Des Moines to provide you with robust garage door that function effortlessly thanks to our world class opener. A garage door opener is a mechanical device that helps open and close garage door through the medium of a switch or remote, and we at Des Moines Garage Door Repair can provide the perfect opener. From installing and accessorizing your garage door to tuning, adjusting, repairing and replacing your garage door, Garage door Service Des Moines can do everything. You will be amazed by the choices of garage door openers Des Moines Garage Door Repair provides: screw, belt, chain, direct, DC chain or belt, column-mounted swing gate, residential underground swing gate and many more. So whatever your need, we have an opener for you.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Toughest and most resilient, chain drive garage door openers are enriched with providing a highly reliable performance lasting many years. They are noisy but are trustworthy to lift heaviest of garage doors and are wrapped in recommendable features. If you have a high security garage door, you definitely require a chain drive opener which is also empowered with battery backup if there ever is a power shortage.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

While these are quieter than the chain drive opener, they are just as sturdy and powerful, lifting heavy doors with ease. Not only are belt drive garage door openers wedded with battery backup, they can also be accessed directly from your smartphone.

Shaft Drive Opener

If your garage space is small, shaft driven openers are made for you. Reliable, quiet and saving space and power, they are the perfect openers for residential needs. Des Moines Garage Door Repair has only licensed and trained technicians who seek to do the perfect job competently and successfully. Garage door Service Des Moines has a solution to all your needs. Call or e-mail us, and urgency dependent, we shall come over immediately or schedule an appointment with you. Our customers are our priority and we propose nothing but the best for them. Des Moines Garage Door Repair is your destination for an assortment of services for your garage door.

Garage Door Repair


Call Des Moines Garage Door Repair if your garage door is driving you crazy due to technical difficulties. Des Moines Garage Door Repair offer modern technology for repairing both minor and major faults as well as restructuring your garage. Is it a broken spring or hinge, or bowed roller or twisted track? We are experts in our field and work towards making you forget your worries. Des Moines Garage Door Repair is at the vanguard of residential garage door repair and commercial garage door opener since its start. Visit the team at our Des Moines showroom! Surf our new garage door flyers and ask for a free estimate!


Fingers getting snagged while trying to fix broken springs is a thing of the past now with Des Moines Garage Door Repair whose trained experts get to you real quick fixing your spring with their up to date machines and technology so that what you get are not jabbed fingers but a beautiful as-good-as-new garage. Just a call anytime to Des Moines Garage Door Repair and never worry again about waking up your neighbours due to the squeaking of garage doors. Our end result is so perfect, you will wonder why you did not deal with Des Moines Garage Door Repair sooner. Everyone cannot know about everything but our specialists at Des Moines Garage Door Repair do know everything about garage doors. The patio handymen would not know everything about garage door nor would the contractor. But as trained qualified leaders in our field, Des Moines Garage Door Repair does know it all regarding repairs and replacement of garage doors. do not spend your precious family time trying to fix a garage door. That’s a job for trained men and let us at Des Moines Garage Door Repair do it for you. Leaders in commercial garage door opener installers in the Des Moines area, the Des Moines Garage Door Repair is recognised as a reputed firm by new garage doors manufacturers worldwide!

New Garage Doors

Des Moines Garage Door Repair provides customised work and though we deal with the same suppliers in the Des Moines area as others, only we render the quality work required to add life to your dream garage door. Our quality experts work with only the best and that is what we give you too – the best. What is it that you desire? Color matching or artistic welding? Des Moines Garage Door Repair can manage any look. We are the best because we put our customers’ aspiration and desires above us with you, as the consumer, deciding what you want and what looks good. This makes Des Moines Garage Door Repair stand out from the crowd. Materials for your garage doors Garage Door Repair Des Moines offers the following materials: Wood – beautiful, versatile making your garage doors eye-catching. As they are easy to stain they can be obtained in any color you desire. Steel – durable and strong, a foolproof method to keep unwelcomed individuals away. Aluminum – light and resistant to dents, these doors can be insulated. They are also more impervious to rust than steel doors. Fiber glass – durable and flexible. Plastic – lightest of all, they have become very popular in recent years. Des Moines Garage Door installation has the whole enchilada you wantand you shall get the door and system best suited to you. YOUR NEW LOOK We are sure you would despise it of your newly designed designer garage door does not function as it should, or worse, functioned only for a miniscule of time and then conked off. But no need to deepen your brows in thought. We promise 100% warranty and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We follow the principle of once a customer, always a customer. So it does not matter if you are calling us for the first time or after a gap of few or many years, at Des Moines Garage Door Repair, every customer is like our only customer. Contact Des Moines Garage Door Repair today for a free quote.
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