Garage Door Repair Everett

Call our experts at Everett Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

Install that dreamed garage door and improve the appeal and style of your house with it. Remember, the garage door of your house could completely change the way you see it.

New Opener Installation

If you need to install an opener system, we can install it for you. Need to replace your old openers and install a new one? We can also do that. You can choose from a huge variety of openers, different models and with different functions.

Garage Door Repair Everett

Of course, we offer a reparation system. The best part of it is that, with other services, we provide it at 24/7. Yes, whenever you need us, wherever you want us, we will solve your problems.


If you are looking for a professional that could help you out at any time, at any place in the Everett area, you can contact Everett Garage Doors, we can provide you with different types of services that go from replacing, reparation, service or installation. Our skilled technicians are the most qualified professionals able to do those services of installation and reparation that you can’t do by yourself. Visit our store or check our web page if you want to know more about our products, accessories, services and offers, we have a great variety for regular to commercial locations. We know that your security, privacy and comfort are things that you care about. And we do worry about making you feel secured in a environment where you can en joy privacy and comfort, that’s why we have the latest technologies to provide you with the best service when we talk about installation, reparation and service. Also, our experts are trained to do it as well, and they will advice you with what kind of garage door, opener and locks you need the most for your house or business location. If you need to change your garage door, springs or your opener system, we can do that for you. There’s no problem related to garage doors that we won’t be able to solve. Everett Garage Doors provides you with the best consultation service. We will provide you with recommendations and solutions for your doubts. If you have questions and you need some answers, you can count on us, we will answer any of your questions, and we will make sure to satisfy you with our service. Here at Everett Garage Doors, we have a huge amount of different materials that could be exactly what you need. You need something heavy and strong? We have it. If you are in the need of something lighter, but still resistant, we also have it. Just ask it and we will provide. We also have a warranty for all our services, products and accessories. We will repair any kind of mistake done by our experts, of course, free of charge, and as fast as possible. We have everything you might need from a garage door. We have everything. Style, durability and flexibility. We also have different kind of patterns and colors, and even doors with thermal resistance. If you need a wood, red garage door, with a personalized pattern, we can provide you with it. You need a steel, aluminum or plastic garage door? We have them. You only need to check our products and choose what you like and need. Always think before buying something. If you buy something without really knowing what you need, could come to a loose of money and time. Get information from us if you don’t know what to buy, and we will ensure your satisfaction.


We have different kind of doors, with different materials, and styles. We can provide you with an old, classic wood garage door, or something more actual. You can get something more versatile, like a plastic garage door. We have a lot of options for you.

Affordable Service

: The best prices of the market.

Reliable Services

Professional Services


We are able to provide you with a thermal insulator garage door. We know everything about thermal insulation, and we know how to provide you with a garage door that could insolate the heat inside your garage door just by using the correct materials.


We offer you openers for every need. If you need quietly openers, those that don’t produce any sound, we have them. We have openers for those resistant, heavy doors that need some extra power. Visit our page or store to check our models and types. Who we are Everett Garage Doors has a compromise with ever user of garage doors. Our compromise is to provide a good service. That’s why our professionals have the qualification to provide you with the best service related to garage doors. We are always thinking about our customers, and the satisfaction of our clients is something really important to us.

Our Basic Services

Here at Everett garage doors we have some basic services that we provide. Since we want you to know more about us, we will give you some information about them:

Everett Garage Door Installation

We are able to install any kind of garage door. We know that every persons has different needs, and that’s why we have to be ready to install any type of garage door, to guarantee your satisfaction.

Garage Door Repair Service

We also keep your garage door in a good state, since it can work for long years, it just needs some regular service, and it will be more durable.

Garage Door Repair Everett

Of course, we can also repair any kind of problem. We have the solution for almost every garage door, and we can put it to work again in no time.


Wait no longer. Contact us, browse our page and check our services and products. Enjoy a good garage door installation. Get your garage door maintained and replace those annoying broken springs whenever you want. Call us, and enjoy our 24/7 service. We will be delighted to help you.

Garage Door Repair

If you are in need of a garage door repairing service, or you the springs of your garage door just got broken. Or perhaps your remote control is malfunctioning, contact GARAGE DOOR REPAIR EVERETT, we will solve your problems in no time. There’s no problem that we cannot solve. From something simple to something more complicated, our experts of EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR are prepared to solve any kind of problem related to garage doors, and we guarantee you your satisfaction after the work. If you don’t want to suffer from the stress of trying to repair by yourself without really knowing what to do, just call us, we will get rid of the problem for you. EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR knows very well that a problem with a garage door might come without really expecting it. It can happen because of a twisted or broken spring, or maybe just something is malfunctioning. Of course, is more common that people don’t really know what is happening with their garage doors. In those cases, Garage Door Repair can give you a hand with that. Not being able to freely close your garage door might represent danger to you, your house and your possessions, but you should not let it get worse. It is very important to have the help of professionals in order to get your door repaired perfectly. Everett Garage Door Repair will repair any kind of door; it does not matter if they swing out, swing up, or roll up, we will do it. Garage Door Repair in Everett GARAGE DOOR SERVICE EVERETT has a huge amount of solutions for any kind of problem. Our specialists are experienced and can repair any garage door part; from broken springs, damaged cables, rollers, broken hinges, opener systems, sensors, and all sorts of keypads. Our services are offered to anyone; we solve your home garage door, and even commercial or industrial garage door problems.Garage Door Repair Everett can also help out you with different problems like: broken panels, broken torsion, dead openers, springs and cables, warping and worn out motors and gears, and jammed emergency release. Everett Garage Door Repair also has all the accessories and replacements you need. We have a great variety of hinges, springs, openers, rollers, pulleys, chains and more, everything for you; a huge range of spare parts, motors and materials are available for you. Garage Door Repair Everett has become your best choice because we offer you the best service in the Everett area. Our 24/7 service allows you to enjoy our help at any time of the day. We guarantee you your satisfaction because our experts will do a well done job as fast as possible. Meet with the Experts Remember, if you are in need and looking for a company that could repair or provide you with replacements, EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is your best choice for that, the option number one for solutions. We will make sure to solve your problems while providing you with the best service in Everett. We will ensure to satisfy all our customers’ needs and we will make sure to provide high- quality service at an affordable price. Since our professionals are experienced technicians, they know exactly what to do to fix your problems with garage doors. Garage Door Repair Everett has earned a well known reputation, thanks to our excellent service, our good products, our 24/7 emergency service, and our capacity to give you advices and answers to your questions.


Are you having problems with garage doors? Don’t know what to do with those twisted springs or broken cables? Don’t want to risk yourself to get hurt or injured just because you want to repair it by yourself? If you are getting really tired of the annoying problem, and you can’t stand it anymore, contact Everett Garage Door Repair, we will solve your problems with our great variety of services, and we will make sure to solve it as quickly as possible. At Everett Garage Door Repair there’s no problem that could be difficult for us. We ensure solutions for all kind of problems, and springs aren’t and exception. Springs are one of our specialties and they are something that we commonly repair or replace. EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR offers you a huge amount of different springs. Also, springs are something that usually get broken or twisted just with the passing of time. It is common to have problems with them when you talk about garage doors. When you are having problems with them, you can count on our experts, and they will do a job that will leave you free of worries for a long time, you won’t have to worry about those annoying twisted or broken springs anymore.

Torsion Springs

It is good to know that garage doors parts have a limited life time. It means that garage doors can be opened several times until a part gets damaged. Springs are like that. It is common that, when you get a garage door installed, the technician uses a cheap, low quality spring. They usually have a short life time, and its common to see them twisted or broken after some use. As our customer, we know that you deserve the best in garage doors springs. That’s why our experts will make sure to use a quality spring when they are replacing or installing your garage door. If you are feeling that your garage doors is acting weird, and you don’t know why, contact us. We will check it and depending of the situation, we will take actions. You don’t have to worry, since we have the solution for everything related to garage doors. If the problems are some damaged springs, we will replace them for you. Don’t try to open a garage door with damaged springs, it could lead to a worse situation and you garage door could break. Count on us and call us if you want to get rid of the problem without risking your garage door, and your pocket.

Extension Spring

These are different kind of spring, a bit longer and more durable than torsion springs, and they are usually installed for smaller garage doors, since they fix perfectly. Damaged extension and damaged torsion springs causes similar problems, so you have to take care. You can know when you have to replace them if you hear them snap when you open the door. They become elongated with the passing of time; they can get broken or twisted. It is really important to have them replaced when it’s needed since it can cause some problems with your garage door, and it’s better to be cautious. Call your experts at EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR right in the moment when you feel that your garage door springs are getting damaged or rusted.

Broken Remotes

Between those who use Garage doors, garage door openers are a thing that might come really handy when you are looking for an easy way to open your garage door. Many people use them, and there are different kind of garage door openers, depending on what you need. Garage door openers are a motorized system that opens your garage door without effort, using a remote control or a switch. GARAGE DOOR SERVICES EVERETT knows very well that some times, those switches or remote controls can have problems, and they need service or recalibration. Sometimes, you have to replace it for a new one. We can do it for you. The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage At EVERETT GARAGE DOOR SERVICES, We have a huge variety of models and products related to switches and remote controls. We know that variety is something important, and we worry about providing you what you want. We can also provide you with extra remote controls in the case you get yours broken, or lost. We can help you out with any kind of problem related to remote controls, from calibrating it, fixing it, replacing it , and even doing signal readjustment. Having problems with remote control can be something really annoying, and that’s why we try to provide you with the best quality and service. Garage Door Repairs Everett supplies a 24/7 emergency service, it is able to provide you with any kind of help and solutions, at anytime, anywhere. You only have to contact us and make sure to trust in our professionals, trained to solve your problems. We also guarantee you that our prices have no comparison in any kind of place. You can enjoy our products and services at an inexpensive price that will not hurt you and your pocket. GARAGE DOOR SERVICES EVERETT supplies a 24/7 emergency service, it is able to provide you with any kind of help and solutions, at anytime, anywhere. You only have to contact us and make sure to trust in our professionals, trained to solve your problems. We also guarantee you that our prices have no comparison in any kind of place. You can enjoy our products and services at an inexpensive price that will not hurt you and your pocket. If you need to repair or replace your remote control as soon as possible, Everett Garage Door Repairs is your best choice for the work. We have a big variety of universal remote controls that are compatible with a huge number of garage door openers. Our remote controls have a lot of functions. If your family haves a big amount of cars and openers, we have remote controls for that kind of cases. We have the remote control you are looking for. If it is possible, we can even fix your old remote control, and put it to work in no time. With GARAGE DOOR SERVICES EVERETT you won’t have to worry, we will find the solution you need and fix your remote control in a blink of an eye. Your opener will be functioning and you will be able to open that garage door thanks to us. We have several options that we can provide you with, and here are a few of those:
  • *Repair your remote control
  • *Change it for a new one.
  • *Provide you with extra controls if you are In need, or want to have them.
  • *Provide you with a huge selection of brands and types.
  • *24/7 emergency service that you can enjoy just by contacting us.
With our remote you will be able to:
  • *Use them with 1 or 2 garage doors/gates, (even if they belong to different models)
  • *Attach your remote to your car
  • *Obtain a long-life battery made of lithium
  • *A 1-year warranty.
Of course, we will make sure to find something that suits your needs. We do worry about your satisfaction, and that’s something we will be doing just for you.

New Garage Door Openers

An opener system is a motorized system used to open your garage door. But sometimes, openers don’t work as they should. They cause weird and annoying sounds, and they can even damage your garage door, springs, and it can be really frustrating. That does happen when you install a new opener without knowing what kind of opener you should have bought. EVERETT GARAGE DOOR SERVICE can help you out in that case. We have a huge variety of openers that might resolve your problems with garage door openers. If you don’t know which one you should get, no worries; just contact us and our experts will advice you and solve your doubts. Garage door Service Everett We can install the opener system, accessories, personalizing items, etc. Everett Garage Door Repair wants to make sure to provide you with exactly what you want, and that’s why we do worry about giving you advices about which kind of opener you should get. If you want something quietly, something strong, or something versatile, we will make sure to give you exactly what you need and desire.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

These are well known for being the strongest and most durable garage openers in the market, providing a really strong opening system, and extra durability. They are also known for being really noisy, but it is the price for an incredible strong opening system that could handle any heavy garage door. Most high security garage are usually way too heavy to be lifted by hand, and common openers have problem with them. If you have one of those garage door, you probably need a chain drive opener.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

A belt drive opener is your best choice for a regular garage door. If the garage door is not that heavy, we recommend you this kind of system, since it has a regular level of strength that can handle those garage doors, without making annoying sounds. A peaceful garage door opener.

Shaft Drive Openers

Your best option if you have a tiny garage. If you require more space in your garage, a shaft door opener will provide you with the space you need since it doesn’t take a lot of space to work. Something that we are proud about is that here, at EVERETT GARAGE DOOR SERVICE, we have licensed and well trained technicians. They are provided with the best equipment they might have, and of course, they are trained to do the job properly. Garage door Service Everett will provide you with the solutions you need, thanks to our skilled experts. Make sure to contact us via phone or mail, and we will arrive at your place and get rid of your problems. Our customers and their satisfaction are our most important priority, and we want to make sure that we will give them the best service possible. We want them to know that they can count on us at any time, and we want to trust in our services and products. Making they feel safe about our services is one of our goals. You don’t have to be shy if you need the best service in Everett area. Contact us and enjoy our services.


Here at EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, we know very well that problems with garage doors are quite common. Perhaps a broken spring or damage remote control, it can be something complicated or something simple, but you don’t really know what is the problem, and neither the solution. Something more problematic is when you have to do service to your garage door and not knowing where to start. Everett Garage Door Repair offers you the service that will solved every problem related to garage doors. From something simple to something bigger, we can change the damaged springs or, if you want, change the complete garage door. Our specialists offer a huge amount of services that will leave you free of problems, stress and frustration. Service for your garage door, replacement of springs, cables or openers, we can give you anything you need. Remember that your satisfaction is our priority and we worry about giving the perfect service. If you don’t know what to do with your garage door, contact us. We surely know what to do with it. EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has been a service that has provided satisfaction to a lot of people. We have a well known reputation on what we do. Of course, doing maintenance to a garage door is something really important, and people know that we are the best at doing it.


There are a lot of problems that could cause your garage door to malfunction. Doing service to your garage door is something important since it can make your garage door more durable and it can make it work smoothly. Having problems with your garage door might come to a bad situation, since it usually leads to a inside door. A thieve could enter and have access to your house and your possessions, just because you didn’t do maintenance to your garage door. Security is something that you should care about and your garage door can keep you, your family and your possessions, safe. You don’t have to worry about doing the service your garage door need just by yourself. You can get free of the stress by contacting us and receiving the help of one of our professionals. When your problems get solved, you can feel that sense of relief, and you just needed to call for EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR and they solved your problem in a blink of an eye. Don’t risk you and your self, don’t get injured just because you got hurt trying to solve the problem by your. Get rid of the problem with the help of an expert. Call for Everett Garage Door Repair. You have to take care. Remember, not everyone is a n expert with garage doors. Someone are just amateurs who doesn’t really know how to work in detail, and they don’t really care about doing a properly job. They use cheap materials and tools, and they probably will have some mistakes while working. That’s something common when you hire who’s not experienced or trained for the job. As professionals, we try to do a professional job when we help our customers. We want you to feel relieved and trust in our performance. We are experts that know how to solve every problem, and we use the latest equipment to do so. You can count on us for any kind of solution. Problems with garage doors, openers, remote controls, springs, locks, cables, we can solve everything. Your satisfaction is guarantied. EVERETT GARAGE DOOR has been one of the leading commercial garage door opener installers in Everett, but that’s not everything we have to say. It has actually begun to receive recognition for their work from a lot of manufacturers of new garage doors in a lot of places around the world! Making our reputation is something that we did just by providing satisfaction and an excellent service to our customers.

New Garage Doors

Everett Garage Door Repair takes great pride in our custom work. While many companies in the Everett area have access to the same suppliers of commercial garage door openers, residential garage door repair supplies, and remote control gates we do. Nobody has the design experience and the ability to bring your dream doors and gates to life. We work with some of the best designers and manufacturers to insure you get exactly what you want, and what will suit your needs. With our quality technicians, designers and manufacturing teams we can bring you almost anything. From steal, artistic welding, color matching, master woodworkers and window fittings, there really is no look we can’t manage. Our EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR hasn’t become the best in the business by doing what everyone else does. We go above and beyond by providing our customers with something they can be proud of. From the fit to the materials, style and color to the shape and hardware, you can decide your final look. This is what sets Everett Garage Door Repair apart from the rest. Materials for your garage doors GARAGE DOOR SERVICE EVERETT offers the following materials: *Wood, which is one of the most beautiful and versatile materials, makes garage doors very attractive. They can come in almost any color since they are very easy to stain. *Steel, which provides durability, is a great option as well. They are strong and will surely keep unwelcomed individuals away. *Aluminum is lighter than steel garage doors and, if made of quality aluminum, they are resistant to dents and can be insulated. They are also more resistant to rust than steel doors. *Fiber glass is well-known for its durability and flexibility. *Plastic garage doors, which have become very popular in recent years, are the lightest option on the market. Everett Garage Door installation has everything you need and provides you with the greatest options. They will make sure you get the door and system that best suit your needs and requirements. YOUR NEW LOOK Now we all know how much the look of the garage door or gate matters, but what about the other half of the design equation? What about the functionality? There’s no sense in designing the “Mona Lisa” of new garage doors for you if it won’t work. How stupid would we look if after everything was said and done nothing worked? Or even worse, what if it worked but just until the red of our taillights disappeared down the street? Not to worry! Between our 100% warranty and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if we’ve gone ten feet or been gone for 10 years, you are our customer and we will take care of you. EVERETT GARAGE DOOR REPAIR doesn’t have the reputation it does by not treating every customer like their only customer. We aren’t finished until you are happy. So stop putting it off and contact Everett Garage Door Repair today for a free quote on commercial or residential garage door repair, a garage door opener or garage door repair.
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