Garage Door Repair Federal way

Call our experts at Federal Way Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

You can have the garage door of your dreams. If you come to our store or contact us via internet or through our contact number, we will give you all the information you require. We will offer you all our materials and services.

New Opener Installation

At Federal Way Garage Doors, our specialists can install all sorts of garage doors and accessories. We deal with all sorts of garage door openers; shaft driven, chain driven, belt driven, etc. besides, we offer remotes and the most up-to-date wireless access control systems.

Garage Door Repair Federal Way

At Federal Way Garage Doors our technicians care so much about you. They provide around the clock garage door repair service every day of the week in the entire Federal Way area.


If you ever need expert, timely and economical solutions to your garage door problems, Federal Way Garage Doors is your best option. They offer repair, installation and maintenance services in the entire are. Our repairmen are certified and capacitated to deal with any problem. Besides, they are able to install complete new garage door systems. If you cannot visit our store, you can visit our website and see all our products and services. We offer different garage door models made of different materials, colors, patterns and styles. Besides, we offer different pieces of hardware and electronic parts. All our services are meant to satisfying all residential, industrial, agricultural or commercial needs. We assist anyone in the Federal Way area. Like you, Federal Way Garage Doors values security, privacy and comfort; we will do anything in order to provide you with what you need. We have cutting-edge automated garage door systems available for you and the best security solutions. Should you need to replace your door, garage door opener, rail system or the style, we can assist you. We are able to repair, replace or install springs, rollers, pulleys, cables, entire doors, openers, remotes, etc. We really think about everything in order to provide you with the best service. We offer a fine assistant program which provides you with consultation and evaluation. This program goes from manufacturing to regular servicing. As we want to satisfy all your needs, we do all we can. We are happy to assist you. Federal Way Garage Doors has great number of different materials. They are very durable and come at very affordable prices. All our work comes with 100% warranty on labor and equipment; you will have full and free repair should you experience any inconvenience. Federal Way Garage Doors works with well-known garage door makers in the country, which enables us to have the best doors on the market. Besides, we have at our disposal the best materials, so you must not worry about quality or style because we offer only the best. Our doors are made of wood, steel, aluminum and fiber glass. You can choose from any of these depending on the kind of door you would like to get. Federal Way Garage Doors also provides thermal resistance and insulated garage doors. We always consider insulation standards recommended for the majority of homes. Visit us and get in contact with our specialists, they have so much to say and you have so much to hear. You can have them go to your location and inspect your garage door; they will give you a complete evaluation and let you know what you need, providing you with detailed information.


We have different materials for you. We can install trendy and beautiful garage doors for you in different materials; wood, aluminum, steel, fiber glass and more.

Affordable Service

Federal Way Garage Doors has the most reasonable prices in the region; you will not find better fees.

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Federal Way Garage Doors understands how important it is to assure thermal control, which is why we have dedicated part of our lives to improve our knowledge on this field. Our doors can be fitted with our best insulation materials.


We offer all kinds of openers, opener sensors and power supplies. We can fix, install, service and replace your garage door opener in no time. WHO WE ARE Our specialists are capacitated and have lots of expertise, they are acquainted with garage door technologies and procedures. Our experience lets us do our job promptly and effectively.

Our Basic Services

Federal Way Garage Doors offers all kinds of garage door repairs. We aim our service to residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural venues. Our technicians ensure you do not experience the same or similar issues twice. We are specialized in three main domains:

Federal Way Garage Door Installation

Federal Way Garage Doors will stall any garage door you require. We do not care about the model or the size, or how ambitious your project is. We take into consideration all your needs and requirements. We have at our disposal a wide assortment of materials, security systems and styles. We provide garage door openers, remotes, access control systems, etc.

Garage Door Repair Service

It does not matter if your garage door was recently installed, if you do not provide it with proper and regular service, it will soon break down. We offer the best preventive maintenance program in the area.

Garage Door Repair Federal Way

One of the best things about Federal Way Garage Doors is that we have the best repair service in the area. We provide all our customers same day repair at all hours of the day. We will repair your access control system, your rollers, springs, opener, remotes, etc. we will fix all you need.


Federal Way Garage Doors is here to help you. Do not worry about your garage door, there is a solution and we will find it. Please, download and fill in the form by clicking the link below or call us at any of the contact numbers on the right hand side. Tell our specialists your problem or doubts, they will provide you with all the information you need. We will give you a free quote and set an appointment.

Garage Door Repair

It is vital to always hire a trustworthy and professional company in case you need to fix your garage door. You need a company that provides first-class service at affordable prices. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FEDERAL WAY is able to help you and give you the service you need. We assure customer’s satisfaction and the finest service in the Federal Way area. Our technicians will solve all your garage door issues efficiently. Our repair services are guaranteed; we offer a 90-day warranty on our labor. It does not matter how ambitious your project is, we will deal with it and give you the best results. You can come to us if you need repair, maintenance, installation or replacements. Garage Door Repair Federal Way is here to help. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FEDERAL Way has long years of practice and they have gained lots of experience. They know that Garage doors might fail due to different reasons; hinges, springs and rollers tend to break, cables get torn and doors usually go off track, and no matter what the problem is you must take care of it as soon as possible. Garage Door Repair Federal Way is your number one choice; they will assess the problem and give you all the possible options and the most practical solutions. We know broken garage doors are an invitation to burglars; we want you to be safe and keep your possessions away from danger. Contact professionals, contact Federal Way Garage Door Repair, they will repair any door regardless of the problem, style or model. If your garage door slides to the side, rolls up, swings up or out, our specialists will find a solution for you. We have a great number of solutions for you. Our technicians are capacitated to deal with any problem; they can fix and provide any part of your garage door, from the simplest piece of hardware to the most complex electronic parts; handle sets, extension spring cables, brackets, pulleys, bolt locks, openers, opener batteries, garage door controllers, parking sensors and much more. We want to help all citizens in the Federal Way area and fix their residential or commercial garage door issues. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is your one and only option. We offer the finest service in the entire region, we supply all sorts of replacements and our services include repair, servicing, installation and consultation. Additionally, we provide same day repair and installation and an excellent precautionary maintenance program, an around the clock emergency service every day of the week and the lowest prices. We guarantee excellence and your satisfaction. Meet with the Experts FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is here to give you solutions. If you need to repair or perform a complete garage door installation, meet with our experts; they will provide you with consultation and all the information you need. We will show you all the models, materials, patterns and accessories we have, or we can help you with your design. You will have the greatest garage door in your neighborhood in no time. Our technicians are trained and have plenty of experience to help you repair or install your garage door. Besides, they have all the equipment and technologies at their disposal. Call Garage Door Repair Federal Way and meet with the real experts.


Springs usually break due to overuse or lack of maintenance, other times they squeal due to lack of lubrication, however, regardless of the problem, you should never attempt to fix them yourself or come up with impractical solutions. You do not want to fight your way out through the carport or pinch your fingers trying to fix the springs. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR Repair has you covered. We have a great number of different services at your disposal. We work with home, commercial and industrial sites throughout the Federal Way area. We offer fast and quality work. Federal Way Garage Door Repair is able to repair, service or replace your springs at affordable prices. Garage Door Repair Federal Way means security, service and quality. Springs may fail because of broken or bowed rollers, rusted tracks or simply because they have not been given proper use. Federal Way Garage Door Repair supplies the finest and fastest spring repair service. We are able to install, fix, service or replace your springs to give you ultimate protection and complete garage door functionality. You do not have to worry about your springs anymore, Federal Way Garage Door Repair will find feasible solutions for you.

Torsion Springs

Your family deserves the best; you must provide your family with protection and stability and one way is to have the safest garage door system available. Federal Way Garage Door Repair can help you with that. You must install and service the best garage door parts and use the finest materials. You cannot let unprofessional builders use the cheapest devices on your garage doors that will sooner than later break down and force you to replace them. Federal Way Garage Door Repair offers you first-class services and accessories. We have the most excellent torsion springs available on the market. Torsion springs allow users to open your garage door and lift the whole weight for you. However, they have a cycle life, which means they last for a specific period of time and once this time has passed, they break. Their cycle life is generally from two to three years depending on how much used you have given them. How do you know your springs need changing or fixing? When they look separated from each other, when they start having problem opening your garage door, when the door looks uneven or when you hear they screech really loudly. Under any of these circumstances you should consider calling a professional garage door company. Maybe they only need lubrication or only one is broken, however, only a professional will be able to evaluate the problem and come up with the most practical solution. Federal Way Garage Door Repair is your best shot, we can deliver low cycle springs or high cycle springs. Low cycle springs can last close to three years if given proper use and maintenance. High cycle springs on the other hand will last for long years, which means you will not have to worry about broken springs for a long time. Now that you are an expert about springs, we urge you to not trust a company that wants to sell you springs that last forever, remember they all have a cycle life.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are a little longer than torsion springs; they are a bit more durable and are normally used for smaller garage doors. Like torsion springs, extension springs can cause serious problems when damaged and you must be really careful around them. It is easy to know when they need fixing or changing; they tend to snap when the door is opened, they break or become elongated over time. Although it is easy to tell when they are damaged, we suggest you do not try to fix or replace them. Call professionals; call FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, they will repair, service or replace and calibrate your extension springs in no time.

Broken Remotes

Garage Door Repairs Federal Way has provided the citizens of this city with the best Garage Door Remotes and the best GARAGE DOOR SERVICES for long years. We offer all kinds of solutions for your home, commercial or industrial premises. Having a remote control is highly beneficial since they send a signal to the opener inside and commands it to open the garage door. You can do this from inside your car, which means you do not have to get out of the car and lift a heavy door in order to gain access to your residence or commerce. Remotes have definitely made garage door access a lot less complicated. You have in-car access and no heavy lifting.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Garage Door Repairs Federal Way has a fantastic online catalogue. Visit our website and check our wide range of remote controls, you will find we have lots of different options; Chamberlain, SkyLink, Genie, Insteon, Defiant, Direct Drive and much more. Federal Way Garage Door Repairs provides remote programming and replacement in case your former remote is broken or lost or in case you require a spare remote control. Additionally, FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR SERVICES can help you program digital or multi-button digital remote transmitters with internal set switches. We are capacitated to deal with all remote-related problems and we provide all sorts of solutions. If you are unable to go to our store, you can send us a picture of your remote control and we will provide you with a replacement. If the battery is dead we will deliver a new battery to your location. We will help you in any way. Garage Door Repairs Federal Way not only provides their customers with the finest garage door repairs and feasible solutions, they require really inexpensive charges. They are a lot cheaper than other companies and the service is of greater quality. Garage Door Repairs Federal Way offers around the clock emergency service every day of the week. When you need to fix, change or get an extra remote control, GARAGE DOOR SERVICES FEDERAL WAY is your best choice; we provide a wide array of universal remotes which are compatible with lots of different garage door openers. You will be able to open two different doors or gates at the same time, even if they are different brands. Garage Door Repairs Federal Way remotes are a good option for families with many cars. Our remotes provide the members of your family with easy, secure and quick access. They are very easy to program and work with a simple coin cell battery. GARAGE DOOR SERVICES FEDERAL WAY is by far your best choice. They help you regain your piece of mind. We will find the solution you are seeking for. We can fix and replace your broken remote control, replace your broken remote for a new one, provide you with as many spare remotes as you need and offer around the clock emergency service. With our remote control service you can operate two different brand remotes at the same time, you can get a long-life lithium battery and a one-year warranty. The best thing is about Garage Door Repairs Federal Way is that we will make sure we find something that fits your needs and your budget.

New Garage Door Openers

People always want a garage door that closes and opens effortlessly and smoothly so they will need a strong garage door opener that is able to lift their door. Garage Door Repair Federal Way is here to help you; we offer the best solutions. Garage door openers are motorized machines that can open and close doors. They are controlled by either a switcher or by a remote control. GARAGE DOOR SERVICE FEDERAL WAY supplies all sorts of openers; you will be able to find the opener you need depending on your kind of garage door. Additionally, our company is able to help you with any problem you have; adjustment, tuning, repair or replacement. Federal Way Garage Door Repairs will find that garage door opener you need. We have different garage door drives; chain drive, belt drive, shaft drive and others. Our main priority is to provide you with all possible options and solutions to please you. Our chain drive garage door openers are the most powerful and most durable openers. They are used for heavy wooden or steel doors and ideal for security garage doors, especially those too heavy to lift by hand. Our chain drive openers come with lots of new features and battery backups, which are very handy when there is a power shortage.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Our belt driven garage door openers are very powerful and yet very quiet. They are able to lift pretty heavy doors quietly; you will not hear loud noises again in the middle of the night. These openers also come with battery backups, you will always be prepared. One of its features is that you can have control and access from your smartphone.

Shaft Drive Openers

Shaft drive garage door openers are great for garages where high lifting is needed; they provide durable, unfailing and silent solution to your house. Our openers help you save power and space. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR SERVICES has certified, licensed and capacitated technicians that will go the extra mile in order to do their job properly. Their work is effective and efficient because they have cutting-edge tools and make use of the latest technologies. Federal Way Garage Door Repairs will make sure they find the solution you truly need. Contact us via email or through our contact number and we will send one of our technicians immediately or set an appointment. We are committed to you, you are our first priority and we want to provide you with quality service. We have a wide variety of garage door opener services at your disposal in order to deal with every need; we perform complete installation, maintenance and fully garage door opener repair. Besides, we supply all kinds of different accessories and work with different brands. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR SERVICES is at your service.


Whenever you have problems with your home or store garage door or overhead door or you find it difficult to open or close your door you should call a professional team. Garage door issues tend to get worse over time; you must take care of them straight away. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR provides the people of Federal Way with a wide variety of services. We offer repair, installation, replacement and regular servicing on garage doors, springs, rollers, openers, remotes, cables, rails and more. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has been a leading company for a long time. They are specialized in residential, commercial and industrial garage door repairs. You can come to our store or visit our website if you want to see all we have to offer and ask for a free written estimate.


Federal Way Garage door Repair knows a great deal about springs, they know replacing or fixing springs by inexpert people might result in snagged, pinched or bruised fingers, they know it must be done by professionals only. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE door repair team will fix, maintain or replace and install your torsion or extension springs in no time; no injured fingers anymore. Call Federal Way Garage door Repair, they will take your call and send someone immediately to find a solution to your problem. You will now enjoy a totally different sight and feeling. No more creaking or squealing, no more snapping or ripping sounds. Springs are not our only specialty; we deal with all garage door related problems. We will fix any problem that may arise. We can fix doors off track, broken rollers or pulleys, frayed cables, dead openers, twisted doors, anything. If your garage door does not work properly, it is easier to break into it and you do not want to risk your wellbeing or your possessions; Federal Way Garage door Repair will help you regain your safety and stability. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR technicians are experts in garage doors. Their job and priority is to find solutions to your problems. They do not miss anything, not even the smaller details; they will find the problem and the most practical approach to deal with it. Our trained specialists now all there is to know about garage doors and garage door parts. They are capacitated to perform complete installations, repair and maintenance. Besides they provide you with all the replacements you need; brackets, cables, remotes, springs, openers, opener sensors, pieces of hardware, and much more. Federal Way Garage door Repair is your best option, call us. Garage Door Repair Federal Way, WAFEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has been, for many years, a leading residential, commercial and industrial garage door company and it has begun to gain recognition worldwide. It has become an important company due to its quality work and commitment. They assure good service and customer’s satisfaction.

New Garage Doors

Federal Way Garage Door Repair is proud of their custom work. Although different companies in Federal Way get their products from the same suppliers, we have far more experience and skills to help you with your designs. We will help you see your dreams come true. We have the finest designers and manufactures in the market; they will make sure they give you exactly what you are seeking to achieve. They will make sure all your needs and requirements are satisfied. We can offer you anything you need; new looks, the best materials, the latest designs, colors, patterns, hardware, and much more. We have become the greatest garage door company because we offer 100% original work and because we really care about our customers. Our Do-it-Yourself program is what you need. Our team gives you all the information you need, their advice and lets you make all the important decisions. Our flexibility and diverse services set us apart from the other companies. FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is your best option. Materials for your garage doors GARAGE DOOR SERVICE FEDERAL WAY offers a wide range of materials for you to choose from; our most common materials are: *Wood; one of our most attractive and adaptable materials, makes garage doors look handsome. Wood is very easy to stain and work, so we offer lots of different colors and patterns; we have lots of options for you. *Steel is a great option for you; it is very strong, which provides durability. It will keep intruders away from you and your possessions. *Aluminum is also a good option. It is lighter than steel, and if your garage door is made of high-quality aluminum, it will be resistant to dents, scratches and rust. *Fiber glass garage doors are also renowned for their flexibility and durability. *Plastic doors are very common nowadays; they are the lightest option. Garage Door Repair Federal Way has all you need; we provide lots of different options and solutions. We will ensure you have the finest garage door system to fit your necessities. YOUR NEW LOOK We know that looks matter, especially on your garage doors and gates. However, there are other important aspects that must be taken care of. Functionality is also important, even more important than looks. GARAGE DOOR SERVICE FEDERAL WAY is able to provide you fully operative and beautiful garage doors. We offer 100% warranty on labor and customer’s satisfaction. Our technicians are equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure first-class work; they will not leave until you are satisfied. Contact Garage Door Repair Federal Way and get a free quote on all our home and commercial garage door repairs. Our experience with residential garage door repair gives us the edge when it comes to quality and garage door repair. Federal Way Garage Door Repair doesn’t have the reputation it does by not treating every customer like their only customer. Stop putting it off and contact FEDERAL WAY GARAGE DOOR REPAIR today for a free quote on residential or commercial garage door repair, a garage door opener or garage door repair.
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