Garage Door Repair Fife

Call our experts at Fife Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

Your dreamed garage door may come to life! Visit our store and get all the information you need. We will talk you through our vast selection of models, styles, colors, materials and patterns.

New Opener Installation

Specialists at Fife Garage Doors are able to install any garage door and accessory. We work with the trendiest and most up-to-date garage door openers. We have all sorts of openers; chain drive, belt drive, shaft drive, and more. We also provide all kinds of remote and wireless access control systems.

Garage Door Repair Fife

Fife Garage Doors offer their 24/7 garage door repair service. It is available for everyone at any hour in the entire Fife area. Contact us if you have any doubt or issue with your door, opener, springs, rollers, rails or cables.


Should you require professional, prompt and inexpensive garage door solutions in the Fife area, you must call Fife Garage Door specialists. You will get free quotes for your brand new grage door repair, maintenance and installation. Our specialists are trained, qualified and certified and they will repair, maintain or set up entire, brand new garage door system in no time. Come to our store or visit our website to see all our products and garage door repairs, models, patterns, styles, materials and accessories such as rail systems, garage door openers, specialized systems, remotes and more. Our services are aimed at satisfying residential, commercial or industrial premises. As we know you value your security, your privacy and your comfort, we do all we can in order to make you feel safe and protected. Fife Garage Door has the most advanced automated garage door systems at your service. We also have the finest security solutions and trendy materials, styles, models and materials. Fife Garage Door offers you the most experienced professionals at your disposal. If you need to replace your door, your garage door opener, replace the rail system or even the door style, Fife Garage Door can help you with all that and more. We can change any door, repair broken springs, hinges and rollers, provide you with new remotes, replace torn cables and put your doors back on track; we can deal with any situation. Fife Garage Door offers a complete assistant program that provides you with consultation and assessment depending on your particular necessities. It goes from manufacturing to regular maintenance. We do all we can in order to obtain total customer’s satisfaction. In Fife Garage Doors, we have a wide array of long-lasting materials at affordable prices; it allows our customers to get all they need and all they wish. We offer full warranty over all our services and merchandise. This ensures you will enjoy complete repair after we have installed your doors; this will be, of course, free of charges. We have the fines materials for garage doors at your disposal. We work with the most recognized garage door makers in the country. You do not need to worry about quality or style, we offer the best. We have a vast number of wooden, steal or aluminum garage doors for you depending on what you are looking for; classic looks, patterns, flexibility, etc. We also have the most efficient garage door openers. Fife Garage Doors provides thermal resistance and insulation garage doors. We act in accordance with insulation standards which are recommended for most homes. Come and hear what our experts have to say about garage door installation or have them visit you and inspect your residence or commerce location to give you a full assessment. They will provide you with detailed information on all you need; insulation needs, materials, opener systems, preventive services, costs, etc. Who we are Fife Garage Door specialists are trained and have lots of experience and knowledge; they know about garage door technologies. Our expertise allows us to do our job efficiently, effectively and in a short period of time. We are committed to our community.


We deal with the most advanced materials in the market. We can set up stylish and handsome wooden garage doors, light and tough steel doors, aluminum and even fiber garage doors for people who are interested in more modern and lighter materials.

Affordable Service

We offer the most affordable prices in the entire area. You will only get what you need and pay the right price.

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Fife Garage Doors know all there is to know about thermal insulation. All our doors can fitted with our finest insulation materials in order to assure thermal containment.


We have all sorts of openers available for you. They range from the strong chain driven opener to the silent belt driven one. We can install power supplies in case there is no power. Our Basic Services Fife Garage Door provides you with all sorts of garage door repairs for your residence or business. Our specialists are professionals and they make sure you do not have the same problem again. We specialize in three main domains which are:

Fife Garage Door Installation

We will install any kind of garage door, no matter the size or model. We will follow all your requirements. We have a wide range of materials available for you as well as styles and security systems. We will install your garage door openers, access control systems, photocells and provide you with remote controls.

Garage Door Repair

It is important to not let your garage doors break. We offer regular garage door maintenance in order to keep your doors fully functional.

Garage Door Repair Fife

We offer you same day repair; you will never have to wait for days, weeks or months to get your garage door repaired. We repair springs, rollers, openers, off track doors, and more. Our automobiles are equipped with the necessary tools and spare parts in case we need to replace something.


You do not need to wait any longer. Please fill in the form below or contact us through the telephone number placed on your right hand side. Talk to our friendly experts, we will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts. Once we have all the details we will give you a free quote.

Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are very important so they need to be treated accordingly. You must hire reliable and professional people if you need to repair your garage door or any part of it. You need a company that provides good service and 100% customer’s satisfaction at reasonable prices. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FIFE will give you all that, we will solve all your garage door problems. We can deal with anything. Our service provides a 90 day guarantee on labor. It does not matter how complex the problem is, it will be solved and you will be satisfied. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FIFE offers all kinds of replacements and spare parts for your garage door. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FIFE understands that garage doors sometimes act up and they tend to malfunction. They know it might be due to different reasons; your door can go off track, your hinges, or your springs break or cables get torn. However, whatever the problem is, you need to fix it right away. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR will help you with all that. We know that if you are not able to open or close your garage door, it might be dangerous; your safety and possessions may be at risk. You cannot let this happen, you cannot afford letting your security be at risk. Get in contact with professionals and get your door fixed. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR can repair all sorts of doors; the kind that swing out, they kind that swing up and those which roll up and those that slide to the side. GARAGE DOOR SERVICE FIFE provides a wide range of repair options for you. Our technicians are able to repair any garage door and any part; the can repair those broken springs or hinges, your rollers, your torn cables, openers, opener sensors and keypads. We deliver our service to anyone, anywhere. Our service is aimed at solving your residential, commercial or industrial garage door issues. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FIFE service includes broken panels and springs, dead openers, jammed emergency release, motors and gears. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is also able to provide you with the replacements you require. We have all sorts of openers, springs, hinges, rollers, pulleys, chains, sensors and much more. We have everything you need: a wide variety of spare parts and motors. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FIFE is your number one option; we offer the best service in the area. We offer same day repair, 24/7 emergency service, a great preventive maintenance program and the lowest prices. We guarantee first-class service and customer’s satisfaction. Meet with the Experts If you need a company to repair or provide you with good service and replacements, remember to contact FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR; we are your number one choice. We will solve your problem immediately and we will give you the best service in the area. Our goal is to satisfy all our customers and provide them with what they need. We will satisfy all your needs and provide high-class service at rather affordable prices. We will repair your garage door in no time and deliver efficient and effective solutions. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR FIFE has become the company you trust. We have highly trained specialists and they are willing to solve your garage door with their highly advanced tools.


Do you have problems with your residential or commercial garage door? Or with your door springs? Is it difficult to get out of your carport? Sometimes the only way to get out of your garage is by struggling and risking pinching your fingers. This is a tiresome situation; you must not let it get worse. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR offers a wide variety of solutions that will bring it to an end. You will have your warehouse, garage or parking structure fully operative in no time. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is specialized in repairing all sorts of garage door parts, particularly, springs. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is synonym of security, quality and service. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR offers major and minor repair service. We can restructure the entire garage and provide you with a new face and. We can help you fix your rollers, your tracks and openers and we deliver the finest spring repair service. You may rest assured that our service is the best in the Fife area. We have gained our reputation by providing quality and customer’s satisfaction. You do not need to worry, we will repair your springs and provide you with any replacement you need.

Torsion Springs

Sometimes builders use the cheapest and worse materials or parts when setting up residential or commercial garage doors. Torsion springs, which allow you to open your garage door and lift the entire weight, have a cycle life, this means they are able to open and close your door a limited number of times. They tend to break when this limit is reached or over passed. Depending on the usage the time limit is usually two or three years. There are different signs that tell you the springs are acting up and need change. If you hear loud squeaking sounds or whenever your door starts to have problems opening or closing, looks twisted or it suddenly stops when it is going up or down, it is time you replaced your springs. Sometimes only one of the springs is broken so you need to change it, however, due to the cycle life we recommend you changed both springs because the other one will surely break shortly. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR will mount low or high cycle springs for you. Low cycle springs will last close to three years depending on the usage and high cycle springs will last for many years. Springs do not last a lifetime, so do not trust a company that tells you otherwise; all springs have a limited cycle life. If your springs are damaged do not try to open your garage door; it will damage your garage door opener and it will break it. We recommend you never try to change or repair the springs on your own, it is very dangerous and it should be done by certified and qualified professionals.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are a little longer and they have a longer cycle life. They are often used for smaller garage doors. Broken extension springs may be as problematic as torsion springs. If you hear your extension springs snap when you open the garage door, then you know it is time you replaced them or fixed them. We suggest you have them replaced and calibrated at the same time to make sure both sides open and close together. Call our specialists at FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR when your springs break. They are professionals and know how to replace, repair and service your garage door. They are available in the entire Fife area.

Broken Remotes

Garage door openers which are motorized devices can be controlled by either switches or remotes. Remote controls are very useful because they give you in-car access. They signal the motor inside the garage to open or close the door. Remotes have made garage access much easier; you do not need to leave your car and they free you from lifting doors which sometimes are very heavy. GARAGE DOOR SERVICES FIFE offers a wide variety of garage door solutions; they include remote options. Our technicians will assist you on anything you require.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Go to our website and check our online image gallery, you will see we have a great number of control brands at our disposal; Genie, Direct Drive, SkyLine, Insteon, Defiant and much more. FIFE GARAGE DOOR SERVICES delivers control remote programming; they can do it for you or they can teach you how to do it yourself. Also, they can replace your broken or lost remote control and give you a spare one. We will assist you and help you with anything you require. We can help you program your digital remote transmitters with internal set switches or your multi-button digital remotes with internal set switches. In case you want us to replace your remote, you can send us a picture of your lost or broken remote control and we will send you a new one. We can even help you with your remote batteries; if you need a battery, we will deliver it to you. We have all you need. We offer the best prices in the Fife area, we have quite reasonable fees. Additionally, GARAGE DOOR SERVICES FIFE offers their 24/7 emergency service, you can call us regardless of the hour and we will deliver. We will help you and repair your remote issues in a short period of time.

Fife Garage Door Repair

Whenever you need to fix, replace or get an extra remote control, call FIFE GARAGE DOOR SERVICES, we are your number one option. We offer a wide array of universal remotes. Our products are compatible with different garage door openers. They are able to open two different brand garage doors simultaneously. We offer remotes which are ideal for big families; families which have several cars. Our products provide all members of your family with easy, secure and quick access. Our remotes work with a plain coin cell battery. Besides, these remote controls are easy to program, they only take some minutes to set up and are very easy to work. They come in different designs, colors and models. With GARAGE DOOR SERVICES FIFE you do not need to worry, we will find a solution for you and provide you with a lot of options; we will fix your broken remote control, replace it for a new one, provide you with all the extra remote controls you wish, of different brands, models, colors and sizes and we will provide you with our 24/7 emergency service. With our remote reparation you can open 1 or 2 garage doors or gates, even if they come from different brand houses, you can attach your remote to your car visor, get a long-life lithium battery and a one-year limited warranty. The best thing about us is that we will find something that suits your requirements and more importantly, your budget. Call GARAGE DOOR SERVICES FIFE; we will repair your remote.

New Garage Door Openers

We know that you want a garage door that works smoothly, a garage door that opens and closes properly. Your garage door needs the best opener, one that is strong to lift the garage door. GARAGE DOOR SERVICE FIFE offers you the best garage door openers in the market. Openers, which are motorized devices, open and close garage doors and they can be operated by switches or remotes. FIFE GARAGE DOOR SERVICE can help you with all you need. If you have problems with your garage door, we will assist you. GARAGE DOOR SERVICE FIFE is able to install any garage door and we provide you with all sorts of accessories as well. We will adjust, tune, replace or fix your opener. FIFE GARAGE DOOR SERVICE will provide you with the garage door opener you need; we have a great number of different garage door drives; chain, belt drive, shaft drive, direct, residential underground swing gate, screw, and more. We want to offer you all the possible options and satisfy all your needs.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drive garage door openers are very strong; they are actually the strongest garage openers in the market, and they are durable as well; they provide unfailing performance. Even though they are noisy, they offer extra strength which is necessary for heavier doors. Besides, they come with great features. Most high security garage doors are too heavy, and they cannot be easily lifted by hand that is why you need a chain drive opener. They come with battery backups, perfect when there is power shortage.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive garage door openers can lift heavy doors as well, but they are not as noisy as chain drive openers. They can lift doors quietly and not disturb neighbors. They come with battery backups as well and their features include total access and control from your smart phones.

Shaft Drive Openers

Shaft drive garage door openers are perfect for small garage doors where high lifting is required. These openers offer a durable, unfailing and silent solution to your home. Save some space and power by getting a shaft drive opener installed. FIFE GARAGE DOOR SERVICE has licensed and trained technicians. They will do their job effectively and efficiently; they have cutting-edge equipment and lots of experience. GARAGE DOOR SERVICE FIFE promises they will deliver; they will find the solution you are looking for. Contact us and we will send one of our specialists or schedule an appointment. As our customer, you are our priority and we want to offer you the best service. Our service includes installation, repair, accessories and a wide range of brands. FIFE GARAGE DOOR SERVICE is your best choice.


If you are having problems with your home or commercial garage door; it is hard to open it or close it, then you need to call FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR. We offer different solutions and services for you; installation, maintenance, repair, replacements and much more. We offer major as well as minor services. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR can fix your opener or remote and we can go as far as installing a whole new garage door. We can deal with anything; broken links, broken springs, broken rollers, rusted or crooked tracks, anything you need. You do not need to worry, we can handle anything. Fife Garage Door Repair has always been at the vanguard. We are pioneers in garage door openers and residential services. You must come and see our store! Check our new garage door information sheet online and ask for whatever you need and request free estimate!


Broken springs are a nuisance and they can be dangerous; the idea of having to change, repair or adjust them on your own is disturbing. You must do something about it, you must get trained and certified professionals from FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR. They will answer your call and send someone immediately; our technicians will take care of your problem straight away. We can deal with anything; broken springs, screaming hinges, whining motors, misaligned doors and malfunctioning openers. Call FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR and save yourself some trouble. Your garage and your house or commerce will have a new look and they will be the safest and most attractive building around. Broken springs are a nuisance and they can be dangerous; the idea of having to change, repair or adjust them on your own is disturbing. You must do something about it, you must get trained and certified professionals from Fife Garage Door Repair. They will answer your call and send someone immediately; our technicians will take care of your problem straight away. We can deal with anything; broken springs, screaming hinges, whining motors, misaligned doors and malfunctioning openers. Call Fife Garage Door Repair and save yourself some trouble. Your garage and your house or commerce will have a new look and they will be the safest and most attractive building around. Garage Door Repair Fife, WAFife Garage Door Repair has been one of the foremost residential and commercial garage door installers in the Fife area, and it has recently started to gain recognition worldwide due to their excellent work. We have been making a name for ourselves thanks to high-quality service, hard work, customer’s satisfaction and experience. Our goal is to provide you with ultimate protection and safety.

New Garage Doors

FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is proud of their exceptional custom work. Even though, other companies in the Fife area have access to the same commercial and residential garage door suppliers, our company has more experience. We are able to provide you with your dreamed garage. We deal with the best manufactures and the best designers; we make sure you get exactly what you need and what you want, we will provide you with something that suits your needs. Our trained team of technicians and designers, we will bring you anything; steal, artistic welding, colors, woodworkers and window fittings. FIFE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has become the number one choice because we provide you with what you require and 100% original work. We will give you something you will be proud of your entire life. You can make all the important decisions and decide on the materials, styles, colors, shapes, models, hardware and brands. We offer you what no other company has, the freedom to design your own garage. Materials for your garage doors Garage Door Repair Fife a wide range of materials such as: *Wood, which is one of the most attractive and adaptable materials. It makes garage doors look beautiful. They come in lots of different colors and they are easy to stain. *Steel provides toughness and durability; it is a great option. Steel doors are strong enough to keep undesirable people away. *Aluminum, which is lighter than steel garage doors are a good option, if made of high-quality aluminum, they can be very resistant. They are resistant to rust as well, even more resistant than steel doors. *Fiber glass, which is also known for its durability and flexibility are available for you. *Plastic garage doors have become popular these days; they are the lightest option. FIFE GARAGE DOOR INSTALLATION has everything for you. They will provide you with the best options. They will do all they can in order to get the garage door that best suits your needs and wishes. YOUR NEW LOOK Looks matter, especially that of your garage door, but that is not all. You have to consider other important aspects of garage door installation like functionality. It does not matter if you have the most attractive garage door, if it does not work properly, then you have wasted your money. We guarantee 100$ functionality, 100% warranty and 100% customer’s satisfaction. FIFE GARAGE DOOR INSTALLATION has gained its reputation by giving every customers good service. Contact FIFE GARAGE DOOR SERVICE and get a free quote on residential or commercial garage door repair and installation. We are the best and only option in the entire Fife area.
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