Garage Door Repair Monroe

Call our experts at Monroe Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

Let us bring your ideal garage door or gate to reality. Stop by our store and learn more about our large selection of styles and materials for garage doors.

New Opener Installation

The specialists at Monroe Garage Doors can install the most up-to-date garage door opener for your privacy fence gate. We have shaft driven, chain driven and belt driven openers and we carry a wide selection of wireless access control and remote systems.

Garage Door Repair Monroe

We provide 24/7 garage door repair services for Monroe and the surrounding areas. If you have a problem with your garage door, opener, remote, wireless access control, the rails or any other problem, call us for a fast solution.

Monroe Garage Doors

If you want a skilled, timely and fair priced garage door repair in the Monroe area, call our specialists at Monroe Garage Doors and obtain a free quote for your new garage doors, installation, service or repairs. Our technicians are the foremost qualified and can install, repair or service a brand new garage door system in a very short time. Visit our store and check our website to seek out all the information regarding our garage door materials, models, styles, rail systems, remotes, garage door openers, and our specialized systems for industrial and commercial property. We understand your needs for price, security, luxury and privacy. We can make sure that you feel safe and secure from anything with our highly reliable and automated garage doors. Monroe Garage Doors has the most current automated garage door opener systems, and the simplest security solutions for your garage, with the latest modern materials and designs. Our company can place the most experienced technicians at your service. If you would like to vary your door styles, or need to replace your rail system, here at Monroe Garage Doors we can replace any existing door, repair or supply new remotes, replace frayed cables, repair the springs or place doors back on track. Monroe Garage Doors provide a full assessment program that goes from the consultations to determination of your specific requirements from periodic maintenance to manufacturing your garage doors. The trademark of our company, is our goal to satisfy even the most complicated requirements. Monroe Garage Doors is a manufacturer and has a wide range of durable materials with affordable prices which allows you to make an informed decision according to your financial and property requirements. We offer a full warranty of our products and services to assure that your completed repair is free of any issue that you previously may have had before the installation of your new doors. Of course, any problems will be repaired without cost to you. We provide the best quality materials for garage doors and only work with the most well-known garage door manufacturers in the U.S. Don’t fret about quality and style. We have a large selection of wooden doors that give that classic look and the patterns that people want. If weight and resistance is a problem, our aluminum or steel doors will allow you flexibility and are light enough for efficient small garage door openers. We also offer doors that are thermal resistant and insulated. We meet the minimum insulation standards which are recommended for most homes. Talk with our specialists in garage door installation. They will inspect your business or residential needs and give you a complete detailed assessment of your insulation and closure requirements, what opener system, materials and installation costs are available for your project and explain our preventive services for you. When buying your next garage door, make an informed decision and save money. Who we are Monroe Garage Door specialists are well acquainted with all types of garage door technologies. We have the years of experience needed to make sure the job is completed correctly the very first time. You don’t have to worry or become numb to the screech and wail or for repairs that need to be done more than once. It is our community, too. We want Monroe to be a safer better place to live, play and work.


We use only the latest materials available within today’s market. We will install beautiful, elegant wooden doors, lighter and more resistant steel doors, aluminum or fiberglass doors for those who require lighter, modern materials.


We are fully knowledgeable about thermal insulation. Our can guarantee the maximum thermal energy containment within your garage when we fit your doors with insulation materials.


We carry a complete selection of garage door openers from quiet belt driven openers to chain driven openers that provide added strength. All of our openers are quiet and strong and can lift the heaviest of garage doors. We are also able to install power supplies so that even when there is a power outage, you will still be able to open the door.

Affordable Service

We make sure you only install what you need and pay the right price.

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We know your time is very important. We will be there on time and solve your problem on the first try.

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Our experts are totally qualified for the job.

Our Basic Services

Monroe Garage Doors provides every possible service you could ask for. Our technicians maintain the highest standards for quality, service and professional work ethics to assure you that you will not have to contact us twice to get the job done quickly. Below are our three main types of service. Monroe Garage Door Installation We will install any type or size garage door meeting all specifications and your needs. Contact us about our systems, materials and styles. We install garage door openers that will adjust to your requirements and have a large selection of access control systems, such as: photocells and remote controls.

Garage Door Repair Service

Don’t wait for your garage door to become damaged. We offer the best by providing scheduled maintenance garage door repair to keep your gates and garage doors working perfectly for years to come. We want to help you save time and money while removing all worry.

Garage Door Repair Monroe

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services so you will never wait for long to have your garage door repaired. We repair broken springs, door that are off track and openers. We come prepared with tools and even replacement parts in case they are necessary.

Garage Door Repair

If you need any fixing done on your garage door then it’s absolutely paramount that you get in touch with a company that will give you expert help at affordable rates. At Garage Door Repair Monroe we’re able to resolve all the problems you might be having. We give you a three month guarantee on labor. Regardless of the complexity of your situation you are sure to be left with a smile on your face when done. Monroe Garage Door Repair will even give you a free written estimation of the services needed. Monroe Garage Door Repair know that there are a variety of causes to garage door’s not working the way they should. It’s not uncommon to find it’s because of the springs or hinges being broken, cables torn or doors going off track. Your garage door helps protect your home and give you that extra level of privacy. So it makes sense to get any issues with your door sorted out swiftly. You shouldn’t live through the risk of your door not closing properly. It is very important to contact professional repairmen in order to get your door repaired. Monroe Garage Door Repair will repair any door; it does not matter if they swing out, swing up, roll up, or slide to the side. It’s paramount that something that keeps your home secure, like your garage door, be fixed by a qualified expert. Our professionals at Monroe Garage Door Repair will fix any door of any shape and size no matter how it’s specific design is, whether it swings, or it slides. Security in the house At Garage Door Repair Monroe we provide a vast number of solutions for repair work. Our experts are able to help you with problems such as; frayed cables, broken hinges, opener sensors, all kinds of keypads, torn cables and broken rollers. Whether you need our services for industrial or commercial garage door problems, we are able to give you our professional help. Garage Door Repair Monroe also does repair work of the following: broken torsion springs, jammed emergency release, warping motors, worn out gears, broken and broken cables. Monroe Garage Door Repair will also provide you with an replacements you need in a variety of areas in regards to your garage door. We have parts in, pulleys, chains, rollers, openers to name a few and many more motors and spare parts for you. Garage Door Repair Monroe is the number one go to place for a professional handling of fixing your garage door problems in the whole of Monroe. We have a maintenance program that’s aimed at preventing future problems in your garage door. With our 24/7 emergency and prices that can’t be beaten we give you service that’s nothing short of 100%. Meet with the Experts Monroe Garage Door Repair is your go to service provider when it comes to garage door repairs and part replacements. With a team of experts to provide you with the best job around we will give you service that is nothing short of the best in Monroe. With affordable prices and a high degree of professionalism there’s nowhere else to go but us to get your specific garage door problems effectively repaired in such in a very short period of time. The experts at Garage Door Repair Monroe are the people to trust when it comes to providing solutions to your garage door problems. With their advanced expertise and knowledge of the latest tools and technologies, there’s no problem they can’t help you with.


You do not need to struggle and risk pinched fingers to get out of the garage any longer. For all your problems with your residential garage or overhead commercial door springs we at Monroe Garage Door Repair provide a variety of services. We will quickly fix all your problems and you can have your perfect garage, warehouse or underground parking structure. Monroe Garage Door Repair specializes in broken spring repairs and hence Monroe Garage Door Repair has become the most secure, quality, and well serviced garage door providers. Whether it is a minor repair or restructuring your entire garage Monroe Garage Door Repair provides the best in class solutions. We provide repairs in broken springs, that lead to bowed or broken rollers, and twisted, rusted or misaligned tracks. Our specialized technicians provide quality work and you are guaranteed freedom from spring repair or replacement worries.

Torsion Springs

The torsion springs that allows you to open your gate, and actually lift the whole weight. Torsion springs have a cycle life and normally break when they surpass their limit. Builders often use cheap materials and parts which normally has life of two or three years depending on individual usage. If you feel feeling your door has problems opening, it looks crooked, it stops when is going up, the springs look separated, or you hear loud bangs when opening the door, you need to replace your springs. It is advisable that you replace both the springs, even if only one is broken, because they have the same cycle life and the other one is expected to break soon too. Monroe Garage Doors Repair helps you install low cycle springs which have a cycle life close to three years. You can also choose to install our high cycle springs that ensure that you will not have to bother for many years of regular use. We suggest you never to go for a company that claim lifelong lasting springs as springs have a cycle life. We advise you never to open a garage door when springs are damaged as this will strain your garage door opener, and can cause it to break. Most important, never try to replace or fix the springs by yourself. It is a very dangerous task that should only be done by certified technicians.

Extension Spring

Extension Springs are a bit longer and more durable than torsion springs, and are usually installed for smaller garage doors. Damaged extension springs can cause problems that are similar to a broken torsion spring. If you hear them snap while opening the door then it time to replace. They become elongated with time or just break. It is important to have them replaced and calibrated at the same time so both sides open and close at the same time. You need to call our technicians at Monroe Garage Door Repair whenever you think that there is a broken spring. Our technicians specialize in repairing and giving maintenance to your garage doors in the whole Monroe area.

Broken Remotes

Garage door openers are motor operated devices controlled using switches or remote controls. Remote controls can send signals to the motor to operate the garage door. Remote doors are truly useful and have made opening and closing garage doors a lot simpler as you have in-car access and you also do not need to lift those heavy doors. Garage Door Repairs Monroe provides you with a variety of remote controlled door options. Our technicians will help you throughout the setup.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

You can refer our online catalog for the variety of remote control brands like SkyLink, Genie, Chamberlain, Direct Drive, defiant, Insteon,etc. Monroe Garage Door Repairs provides you their control remote programming. We provide everything you need, such as: programming digital remote transmitters with internal set switches or programming multiple button digital remotes with internal set switches. We can even replace your lost remote control, all you need is to provide us a picture of your lost remote control. We can also provide you extra remote and batteries. We at Garage Door Repairs Monroe provide the most affordable services. We also provide 24/7 emergency service. You can call us anytime and we will fix your remote control problems as soon as possible. If you need to repair, replace or add a remote control, Monroe Garage Door Repairs is the best option. We provide variety of universal remotes which are compatible with multiple brand garage doors and can work on multiple doors simultaneously. Our remote controls are easy to program and operate. They provide your family members with an easy, safe and fast access. Our remote controls work on a simple coin cell and come in compact designs. At Garage Door Repairs Monroe we assure that you will be provided an array of options to suit your needs and budget. We provide everything related to garage door remote controls. If you remote control is broken we provide you with below services:
    Fix your broken remote control
  • Replace it for a new one
  • Provide you with as many extra remotes as you wish
  • Provide you with different brands, models, colors and sizes
  • 24/7 emergency service
With our remote control reparation you can:
  • Operate 1 or 2 garage doors/gates, (even if they belong to different brands)
  • Attach your remote to your visor
  • Obtain a long-life lithium battery
  • A 1-year limited warranty
Contact Garage Door Repairs Monroe and relax. We will fix your broken remote.

New Garage Door Openers

Monroe Garage Door Repair openers offer a huge choice in performance, sizes, features, and durability – more so than any other opener Monroe Garage Door Repair company. All of our models offer the top of the line for safety and security, available in a wide variety of horsepower to manage the smallest gate to the largest overhead industrial doors. We here at Garage Door Repair Monroe live locally and understand what the seasons here mean. All of our products can withstand the weather and harshest of conditions. You can expect years of extended use and all of our products are made to make life easier so you can expect to see some eye opening innovations. These aren’t the screaming, clunky, ugly door openers we all grew up with. The quality and affordability of these products are only overshadowed by the warranty. The piece of mind that comes from 100% product warranties can’t be measured, and Monroe Garage Door Repair insures our work is of the highest possible standard to maintain the validity of that warranty.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drives are what you need for the heaviest of garage doors. We at Garage Door Repair Monroe use these as our favored type for security. The solid wood and steel doors that you really don’t want to move by hand. A chain drive provides the maximum power and torque to get these doors off the ground. It is so strong we use them in several of our commercial applications like warehouses and your large scale security parking doors. Several of our models are equipped with battery backups and will continue to work even when the power is out. That’s right, we really do think of everything! Not much can beat the reliable steady performance and lifting power of our heavy duty chain drives. Garage Door Repair Monroe techs can tell you if this is the right fit for your needs, give them a call today.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Get in your garage every time, even when the power is out. Our various belt driven doors are whisper quiet and are ideal for the small house where noise is an issue. Don’t get us wrong though, quiet doesn’t mean weak. Garage Door Repair Monroe stands behind the quality and power of our belt driven garage door openers. We are sure that these aren’t just quiet but are the ultimate in quiet/power hybrid openers. Many of our newest models allow you to open and close the door from your smart phone, computer or tablet. Imagine being able to let the UPS delivery guy drop your package off in your carport while you are at work, simply by using your phone or internet connection. No more missed Amazon deliveries! Monroe Garage Door Repair is not only a leader in quality and customer satisfaction, but we are leaders in the technological side as well. Garage Door Repair Monroe techs can tell you if a belt driven door would suit your needs, give them a call today.

Shaft Drive Openers

We have found at Garage Door Repair Monroe storage and space is one of the biggest concerns for people in the Monroe are. Really, who can blame them? Property prices are getting higher and storage space becoming more and more precious. We’ve found at Garage Door Repair Monroe that you can maximize the space in your garage with our wall-mounted space-saving jack shaft opener. This is another one of our beauties that has the power saving feature for blackouts and other electrical interruptions, and is one of our personal favorites. Call Garage Door Repair Monroe and find out if a shaft Drive opener is the space saving fit you need.


Are you having problems with your overhead warehouse or residential garage door? Are you having to bother with it when opening and closing? I bet the matter is driving you nuts, and the reality is that it may be a simple fix. It will only get bigger over time. Monroe Garage Door Repair has a large assortment of services that can have you inside your garage or warehouse in a very short time. The biggest issue we see is due to maintenance and servicing. Monroe Garage Door Repair supplies the latest techniques for repairs and doesn’t stop with just the minor repairs like broken springs and remotes replacement and repair; but, will also restructure the full face of the garage and complete all types of commercial garage door opener installations. Offering repairs of broken links due to bent or broken rollers and misaligned, twisted and rusted tracks allows us to handle any need. When the work is done by a specialist, you know it was completed correctly. You will never have to worry anymore about getting through your door. Monroe Garage Door Repair leads the front of the residential and commercial garage door repairs and openers since we were established. Come visit our technicians here in the Monroe showroom. Look through our new garage door brochures, get answers to all of your questions and a free estimate quote.


When it comes to the springs, broken springs especially, many of you recognize with apprehension the possibility of getting your fingers caught. The idea of attempting to fix or adjust them yourself sends a shudder down your spine and reminders of pinched fingers, bruising and swearing from other attempts which causes a knot to form in your stomach as you think about the repair and information needed to complete the task. Why not hire a trained professional from Monroe Garage Door Repair is the decision that you need for faster than you might imagine with correct problem solving so fast that you won’t believe he was ever really there. You walk into the garage and instead of creaking, torn fingers from springs, you see new equipment setup perfectly so that you only need to touch it to find that it is real. Your garage door groans will not wake neighbors with whining motor and screaming hinges. The door now is straight and not leaning off center and there is no longer a gap that allows rodents and pests into your home when the door is closed. You breathe a sigh of relieve and are glad you made the effort to call Monroe Garage Door Repair. In addition, you will not have to pay an exterminator to get rid of the pests for additional savings. You wonder why you didn’t make the decision to call Monroe Garage Door Repair about your residential and commercial garage door repair much sooner. The truth of the matter is that no one can do everything, but Monroe Garage Door Repair is knowledgeable about repairing and installing garage doors. It is easy for a simple handyman to miss the small details. Even contractors may not know all of the building codes needed, but Monroe Garage Door Repair does. It is our job and our trained professionals understand all that is required about garage door repair, repairs and replacements. Our technicians know how to fix broken remotes to complete commercial garage door installations. Save time and the hassle of doing it yourself. Don’t give the job to a friend “over beers”. Hire the best, get it done right the first time. Monroe Garage Door Repair is here to assist you. Monroe Garage Door Repair is the leader when it comes to commercial garage door opener installers in Monroe and surrounding areas and we have gained recognition for the work of our technicians worldwide from new garage door manufacturers. We focus on building our reputation with customer satisfaction and quality one garage door opener job at a time.

New Garage Doors

Monroe Garage Door Repair takes great satisfaction with this personalized work. While a good many businesses within the Seattle region have accessibility to the exact same suppliers of business oriented garage door openers, residential garage door repair products, and hand-held control entrances we do. No one has the design expertise and in a position to bring your desired entrance doors and gates to life. We work together with some of the finest creative designers and manufacturers to ensure you will get precisely what you look for, and what will meet your requirements. Using our excellent qualified professional, designers and production teams we are able to provide you with almost anything. From steal, creative welding, color coordinating, expert wood-workers and window fittings, there really isn’t appearance we can’t manage. Our Monroe Garage Door Repair hasn’t ended up being the very best in the industry by performing what the competition does. We exceed expectations by offering our clients something they can be proud of. From the fit to your materials, design, style and color to the appearance and components, you’ll be able to determine your final look. This is precisely what sets Monroe Garage Door Repair apart from the rest.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Repair Monroe offers the following materials: Wood, which is probably the most incredible and extremely versatile components, can make garage entrance doors really attractive. They are available in virtually any color because they are very easy to stain. Steel, which offers resilience, is an excellent selection as well. These are sturdy and definitely will continue to keep unwelcome persons out. Aluminum is lighter in weight than steel garage doors and, if manufactured from top quality aluminum, they can be protected from dents and is insulated. Fortunately they are a lot more resistant against rust than metal doors. Fiber glass is well-known for its resilience and overall flexibility. Plastic garage doors, that have grown to be extremely popular in recent years, are classified as the lightest choice available on the market. Monroe Garage Door Repair installation has everything that you need and will provide you with the very best options. They will supply you with the door and system that best meet your requirements and needs. YOUR NEW LOOK Now everyone knows just how much the appearance of the garage door or gateway matters, but what about the other fifty percent of the style and design scenario? Have you considered the performance? There is no sense in developing the “Mona Lisa” of new storage area doors for you personally if this will never work. How ridiculous would we appear if immediately after everything was completed nothing worked well? Or even a whole lot worse, what happens if it worked perfectly but merely until the red in our taillights vanished down the street? Never fear! Between our 100% manufacturer’s warranty and our 100% total satisfaction guarantee, if we’ve gone twenty feet or been gone for Several years, you are our client therefore we will look after you. Monroe Garage Door Repair does not have the track record it does by not dealing with every client like their only customer. We are definitely not completed unless you are satisfied. So quit putting it off and call Monroe Garage Door Repair today to get a cost-free estimate on residential or commercial garage door repair, a garage door garage door opener hardware or garage door repair.
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