Garage Door Repair Pacific

Call our experts at Pacific Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

Open your eyes to the greatest, most select variety in hardware and technology. Meet your expectations and make your garage door the talk of the town.

New Opener Installation

Pacific Garage Doors is leader in garage door opener installments. We have all kinds of openers available for your home or business; whether by chain, belt or shaft, only the best of the market is here at your disposition. We also have the greatest range of wireless remote systems.

Garage Door Repair Pacific

For your comfort, we provide a 24 hour repair service in Pacific that counts with total backing to ensure you an effective response in case any of the services preformed by our technicians are giving you problems. Just make a call and we will be on our way to solve it.


If what you require is a team of workers capable of taking a look and servicing your garage doors I n your area, you should no doubts call Pacific Garage Doors, tell our specialists the problems your door presents and they will provide you a free estimated cost of its repair. We offer the whole package, if you need someone to check your garage door, offer you the best repairing or installment service in record time; we are definitely your option number one. You can visit our branches personally or browse from the comfort of your home through our user-friendly website and discover the incredible range of styles and models available as well as garage door remote controls and rail systems. We also offer a special service aimed to industries or commercial establishments. You are important to us and we know the importance of safety for you and your loved ones, we provide a secure, comfortable and private work environment so you can feel in great hands with not only the best mechanized garage doors but also in responsible hands. Pacific garage doors has the largest inventory as well as the latest models and best quality. In the mood for a change or it’s time to replace those old rails? Pacific garage doors is what you are looking for. We replace, change, service or install anything involved with your garage door; Worn cables will thing of the past. Make your door as good as new with the best and highest technology available for you and your home. In Pacific Garage Doors, we mold ourselves to you. Because everyone has different needs and demands, we listen to your ideas and make them reality. Take a look at the wide range of services we have to offer you. Satisfaction guaranteed with our high quality standards. Nothing too big or too small we can’t take care of for you. Make the best economical decision with us at Pacific garage doors. As manufacturers, we make sure to offer you the best durable material at the best price with the best style. Once we install your new dream garage door or fix your damaged door, feel protected with our free-charge full warranty, covering any malfunction or damaged caused to it during or after installment or maintenance. We are market leaders because of quality and efficiency. If your concern is the look of it, we have something for every style. For that timeless traditional look that compliments every type of home, we have wooden doors that are to die for, but if what you want is modern like materials that are light enough for a small but sturdy garage door, any of our metal options are the way to go. To ensure you nothing but the best, we only deal with the best providers from around the country. Our experts will help you find out what are your particular needs regarding a garage door. With just a call, our team will be at your home or business to take a close look at what would fit you best when it comes to closure and insulation, this enables you to make a smart purchase in every sense, providing you the best service and budget. When the specialists visit you, they guarantee to reach not only your style expectations, but also the minimum standard requirements for every location. This will help you have the whole package: Safety and luxury at the best price. WHO WE ARE In the search of making Pacific a better place, we have made the commitment to keep up to the latest technologies and models in the market. We make sure that in Pacific Garage Doors we have our team follow up with the leading installment and repairing techniques so you never sacrifice the quality of the service received.


We only work with the best available to provide you a quality service that adjusts to your style all the way from classic to modern using a wide variety of materials going from woods to metals to give you exactly what you wanted.


Thermal containment is as important as a fancy exterior; this is the reason why we are now world leaders in insulation, offering you the highest adaptability. OPENERS Regarding openers, we have it all covered; belts, chains and shafts are all alike in full capacity to lift even the biggest garage door. Even in the case of uncommon events involving electricity, we also provide a range of power supply alternatives that can easily adapt to your type of door and particular needs. Reasonably Priced We ensure you get exactly what you want and pay only for what you need, always at leading price.

Our Basic Services

In order to offer you only the best, Pacific Garage Doors workers, have the firmest principles of professionalism and empathy, you won’t need to constantly communicate with us for one same problem, we make sure to have an effective and speedy answer to your call, making your experience overall more pleasant. These are our three main fields:

Pacific Garage Door Installation

We are capable of installing any type or size of garage door and we’re open to questions or doubts about our supplies or different ideas for your home. We evaluate the conditions of your home or business to offer you the best option according to your requirements, we don’t limit our functions to doors; we also provide the installment of many accessories to your new garage door.

Garage Door Repair Service

To help you avoid additional costs due to poor maintenance, we schedule your recommended upcoming maintenance dates to keep your doors in top shape. For us, our customers have priority over all, we work to help you.

Garage Door Repair Pacific

Because we want to give you the best service, we have at your disposition an express repair service that covers absolutely every aspect of your garage door, worn cables and rusty rails are no problem for our technicians that always do their best job.


No need to lose any more of your valuable time. The form shown below will help you get in contact with us, our team is available to clarify your doubts and provide you a clear budget for your project as soon as they are familiar with all your needs and standards. We will happily help you solve any problem you may have.

Garage Door Repair

If what you want is leading experts for repairing your garage door or replacing a damaged part, what you need is PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, we offer you a reliable team that will cover your special needs and demands when it comes to your garage doors. For your relief, we offer a 90 day guarantee backing any kind of repair service made by our staff, showing how important it is for us that you receive the best quality service possible and also having competent personnel to attend your needs. Pacific Garage Door Repair also provides you a free service of estimated charges related to replacements and repairs. At PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, we fix all the problems that cause a door to break down, among the most usual reasons why this happens are rusty or crooked rails that make door go off track, worn cables or a damaged axis that causes substantial slowdowns, no matter the reason why your door does not respond the way it should, Pacific Garage Door Repair will repair it as fast as possible. Because we know the importance of having a good garage door, and the danger that implies having a garage door that will not close properly, we help you safeguard your belongings and most importantly your life and that of your loved ones. Don’t take chances going to inexperienced companies seeking help they cannot provide; we have the best trained staff to solve your problem. In PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR our experts are extremely well qualified to fix any problems involving the functions of garage doors; there is nothing they can’t handle. All the way from cables to motors, from springs to rollers, our technicians do their very best following the highest standards of quality and safety required for homes or offices following the latest techniques. Garage Door Repair Pacific, is available and ready to help wherever you are. There are lots of factors related to the malfunction of a garage door and we are all set to attend any emergency related to them. More than just offer the best service for your garage door, Pacific Garage Door Repair has a handy wide variety of replacements for all the components of your door, pulleys, chains and hinges are just a small part of all the things we have at your disposal. Here at Pacific, we have tried our best to Pacific Garage Door Repair has all the replacements for components of the subject. We have a large list of hinges, openers, chains, springs, rollers, pulleys and more, everything for you; a wide variety of spare parts and motors are also available in our store. Garage Door Repair Pacific has become your number one choice since we offer the best high-quality service in Pacific. Same day repair service, a preventive maintenance program, a 24/7 emergency service and the lowest prices in the region are being offered right now by our company. We guarantee quality work and customer satisfaction. Meet with the Experts Don’t forget, when looking for a company to repair or supply you with replacements, Pacific Garage Door Repair is the one. The solution to your situation will be accompanied with the best service in the Pacific area. All of your requirements will be fulfilled with reasonable prices. We know just exactly what you want and what your garage door needs, so we will repair quickly, effectively and efficiently. GARAGE DOOR REPAIR PACIFIC has gained your trust in the last few years with their highly trained experts, who are excited to find you options to your garage door circumstances. They use only high-quality equipment to get their job done.


Springs are a common problem when it comes to garage doors, springs many times break if they are poorly installed, too much tension can cause them to break or lose strength, too little tension can make them malfunction, luckily, PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is expert in repairing and replacing those springs that cause so many problems. With an incredible stock of services available for you, Pacific Garage Door Repair will help you leave your garage with ease; no longer worrying about getting your fingers pinched or leaving your garage open. With Pacific Garage Door Repair, keeping your garage door in top shape is no longer a problem or a tedious work. When an expert does a job, it’s easy to see it; and that’s what we offer our clients in PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR. The years of experience in the field has made us leaders in spring replacement and repairing, but our services aren’t limited to that. We always innovate and keep up to the latest techniques so you get the best quality in our work. You will not have to worry leaving your garage doors in our hands, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs have the function of lifting the door so that you may enter and exit a garage. Because of the heavy work it has, these springs are prone to breaking or cracking after a limited number of times you action it. Depending on the use it is given, this part can last around two or three years. This is due to the quality of the materials that are used in the making of them. Only qualified professionals should do the job of replacing a broken spring, but there are signs to be aware of that let you know when it is time to replace or fix them, for example, the noise they make when lifting the door, or the separation of the springs within each other. Even when only one may be broken, Pacific Garage Door Repair advises always to replace or repair both since they have the same usage and must be working at the same time, this will help you with the well functioning of your door. Pacific Garage Door Repair offers you the best quality possible regarding springs. These may last up to three years assuring you won’t have to worry about replacements for a long time. All springs have finite life.

Extension Spring

If you have a smaller garage door, the best option for you is an extension spring; they are larger and have a longer lifespan. Either way, they break and end up giving problems as well as a normal spring. In the same case, as well as a normal spring it is advisable to change them as soon as problems start to appear so that these may not affect any larger parts of the functions of your garage door. These springs become stretched out with the passing of time and you may hear a snap as well as you would with a normal torsion spring. To avoid any other damages, the extension springs must be replaced and calibrated simultaneously so that the garage door may open and close with ease. PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR recommends always calling for professional help in doing this job.

Broken Remotes

Here at GARAGE DOOR SERVICES PACIFIC, opening or closing garage door is even simpler than before with our remote access technology that enables you to enter or exit your garage without even leaving your car, with the press of a button you’ll be on your way. Your days of lifting heavy doors are over! A discreet remote controls the opening and closing of your garage door no matter the size or weight. Granted, sometimes these little technology marvels can give trouble, thankfully, we count with the best qualified technicians to check, service or replace your remote depending on your own needs.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

When browsing through our website, you will be able to see the grand selection we have to offer. Nothing but the best will be set for you, our leading brands are world widely known and there are many to choose from. Say you already posses one of these wonders; here at Garage Door Repairs Pacific, we strive to give you any assistance you may need when it comes to programming your new digital or multi-button remote. Because we want to offer you a quality service and still be in your reach, we have enabled a new aspect of our company; if you happen to lose your remote, or the batteries are missing, or you just need some assistance with it, our hard working team will be available for you within a call. Send us a picture of your lost remote or the specifications of your battery and we’ll be there in no time with your new replacement or spare part if what you require is some repairing. No matter the job, we can handle it. There is no company that can beat our low prices because we manage to offer you quality at the best price. For your comfort, Garage Door Repairs Pacific also has at your disposal a 24 hour emergency line working seven days a week. With a call, tell us your problem and we will be right there to solve it. What if you have many cars? Will you need many remotes? Not with us. Because we are leaders in the market either in replacing or repairing your remote, we also offer an ample variety of universal remotes that guarantee you can open even different brand doors at the same time. You don’t need to worry about complicated systems or set-ups, our remote controls are high-tech but also user-friendly. What this means is that you don’t need to waste a lot of time with complicated instructions that only make you confused in order to activate your controlling device. PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR SERVICES assures anyone in your family will be able to access your garage with ease by using these small devices. Feel relaxed and comfortable in our hands, PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR SERVICES has everything under control. We have at your disposal the answer to all your garage door remote troubles. Our experts are highly qualified to offer you the best service ever and for your peace, we also have many options as to what to do with your damaged remote control:
  • Our emergency line serves you all day, every day.
  • We equip you with the number of extra remotes you wish.
  • All leading brands and latest models are available for you
  • Repairing your damaged remote control.
  • Change your remote when it’s time for a newer one.
With our remote control reparation you can:
  • A one- year warranty backing all our services.
  • The easy control of up to two different brand garage doors.
  • An easy access to your control while in your vehicle.
  • An efficient battery with a long lifespan.
The best of all is that we mold our suggestions and available products to accommodate to your budget and particular requirements. GARAGE DOOR SERVICES PACIFIC has it all covered for you. At Garage Door Repair Pacific you simply locate the finest quality industrial garage door openers, parts, and also installers. Pacific recognizes that top quality residential garage door repair and Pacific Garage Door Repair go hand in hand.

New Garage Door Openers

If what you crave is strength and efficiency when using your garage door, here at Garage Door Repairs Pacific, we have exactly what you need. Our models are lightweight but have the strength to lift any door. You don’t have to worry about a thing. After our team of experts is aware of your needs, (this could be by a visit from you to our shops, a call from you, or you can ask for a revision of your home or workplace), they will provide you excellent recommendations regarding your new garage door opener, our advice it to listen to the specialists, they always know what they’re doing. PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR SERVICE is the proud owner of the biggest selection of garage door openers going from chains, to belts and from pinions to racks. At Pacific Garage Door Repair, we strive to give you the best options and opportunities for your home or office, that’s why we are her to attend any needs you have regarding your garage door opener. We don’t only replace and repair, but we can set you up with the latest models of openers so we can best fit your accommodations. Garage door openers don’t only have to work well, they can also look good, because of this, Pacific Garage Door Repair has all the styles you can imagine so you can start making your dream come true. Come to our showroom in Pacific to go through our newest catalogues of commercial garage door openers, new garage doors, and residential garage door repair plans. PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR Repair is the top tier in all garage door repair needs.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

Your garage doors never opened as firmly and smoothly as with one of these incredible garage door chain drive openers, the best of the best with a long lifespan and trustworthy mechanism. Granted, chain openers are prone to noises; but what you hear is nothing but pure strength. If what you want is a classic timeless look given by exclusive wooden garage doors, this should be your option number one. This also works like a charm with your high- tech security doors. Don’t break a sweat lifting them when an electrical problem arises, extra power suppliers are included. Belt Drive Garage Door Openers If you’re tired of the noise produced by the opening or closing of your garage door, what you require is a belt drive garage door opener, they run strong and quiet enough to ensure you security and silence. You don’t have to disturb your neighbors anymore, plus we also include power supply in case of an electrical malfunction. The best is the remote access form your cell phone or tablets.

Shaft Drive Openers

If your thing is also saving space and energy, this opener is just the right one for you, strong and quiet; these are the best way to go when you are short of space in your garage. Introduce your home to the latest innovation: the shaft drive garage door opener. PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR SERVICE is fully committed to their customers; we want to give you nothing but quality work in record time and also at the best price in the market. We make sure to employ only qualified workers to do any type of service at your home since your satisfaction is our biggest reward. To ensure not only quality workers but also quality work, our technicians are equipped with only the best tools in stock; these allow them to bring a smile to your face every time they pay you a visit. In the need to innovate for you, we have at your disposition various means of communication so you may express your needs to us, you can call us, e-mail us, or visit us in person to discover our variety of materials or express doubts and receive free estimated costs after a small consultation with our experts. There is no wonder why PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR SERVICE, has always been the best option.


If your garage door is giving you a bad time while opening and closing, or your remote has no longer functioned properly since that last time it fell, there’s no need to panic. Indeed, you may have experienced what it is to have a bad repair job done; but that’s no longer an issue when you start trusting PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR the care of the security of your home. We know the struggle of keeping your home protected from intruders, ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones, not to mention your belongings, which is why in Pacific Garage Door Repair we offer only top-shelf repairs and maintenance regarding your garage door. There is absolutely no doubt you will see the difference in the outcome of the service provided by an amateur and the kind of service we like to give our clients by means of our experts. From the very beginning, PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR has been leader in the market thanks to the high quality offered to their customers, we ensure to be at your reach. Take a glimpse at our stock from the comfort of your home or pay us a visit right here in Pacific, our experts will always be at your service.


There is absolutely nothing we can’t fix or replace when it comes to garage doors. One of the most common requests is for replacing damaged springs; in PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, we specifically recommend our clients no to take care of this on their own since it can cause from minor to severe injuries if not handled correctly, many springs have to be installed and adjusted by more than one person to ensure that they work properly and effectively, so why not save yourself the time and extra effort by contacting our experts? You will experience no harm at all by simply laying back and observing as your problems with screeching doors and worn out motors are gone. Get your angry neighbors off your back; after you call us, you get rid of those disturbing noises your door used to make. Another problem that may have affected you while your door was not in its maximum capacity is rodents. That small gap they have been using all this time to make your home their own will be something of the past. Save your money on pest control and give Pacific Garage Door Repair a call to get your money’s worth. Improve your home, commercial establishment or others with just a quick call to Pacific Garage Door Repair. We assure you only the best quality work done in your home by specialists that will work fast and quiet keeping your privacy at its maximum. Once you make that call, you’ll never know what happened because we will have the answer to your problems in record time. You can relay on the capacity our hard workers have in this field of expertise, at PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, we make sure our personnel is up to date with the most recent techniques to offer you the best experience in replacing or repairing your garage door and any of its accessories or components. We don’t overlook any detail, we guarantee satisfaction form our toughest, most demanding clients. Pacific Garage Door Repair is committed to their customers and treats them with the most elevated standards of work ethics. We understand you do not want to spend valuable time and money to repair the same thing over and over with no success, that’s why when you call Pacific Garage Door Repair, we make sure to get the job done right in the first time and free you from having to call everyday for another repair job. PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR is worldwide certified which allows us the pleasure to back all our work, we trust our people and offer only the best to our clients. Because we are also manufacturers, we manage to give you the deal of a lifetime.

New Garage Doors

Go beyond the expectations with PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, we go further than everyone else to bring you the great satisfaction of seeing your dreams materialized, we do custom work for every type of person, in the material best fit for you and implementing the most innovational technology to make sure you have a one of a kind custom garage door or gate to match your personal style. We can ensure you a work of art in your garage; have something no one else can by calling our talented staff at Pacific Garage Door Repair. We only work with the best providers in the market so that you may have a unique garage door that fits to perfection and suits your personality; you can chose from our ample variety of materials to make your distinguished door stand out from the rest. To give you a better service, we have an incredibly gifted team that will help you along the way, guiding you through the process so you make the best choice for your home. Pacific Garage Door Repair will guarantee your satisfaction.

Materials for your garage doors

GARAGE DOOR SERVICE PACIFIC allows you to decide among the following: Wood: This adaptable material has marked a tendency among the years for its classical look and also offering a wide range of colors to choose from. Steel: The best choice when it comes to security, this sturdy material is sure to offer you the best in safety and duration. Aluminum: The upgrade of steel. Super resistant and low cost repair, makes aluminum an excellent choice for anyone. Fiber glass: Great material if what you need is something long-lasting and flexible. Plastic garage doors: This is the latest trend, made popular very recently; Pacific Garage Door installation made sure that it was between your options to get the best with low costs. We make sure you make the best decision in every sense to provide you the garage door you want and most importantly, the one you need.


Of what use would it be having a masterpiece of a garage door if it is not at all functional or doesn’t really fit your needs? Pacific Garage Door Repair makes sure you make an informed decision regarding your door, whether it’s only a repair service or you’re thinking about replacing your door, we have trained specialists that will help you combine the best looks with the great functionality that characterizes our neatly done work, reason why we encourage you to listen to our experts when it comes to making a whole new design. Don’t worry about a thing; our team is here to work with you so the final outcome completely blows you away. PACIFIC GARAGE DOOR REPAIR makes sure the job is not done until you are completely satisfied with it, if anything bothers you after our technicians leave your new door installed, give us a call and we’ll send someone right over to evaluate your problem and solve it in the fastest time possible. Contact us today and get a free estimated cost of the job you require us to do for you.
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