Garage Door Repair Redmond

Call our experts at Redmond Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

The garage doors of your dreams may spring to life! Get in touch with us and get all the information you might need. We will walk you through the process and provide you with all the necessary materials to get your new door installed to taste.

New Opener Installation

Redmond Garage Doors offers qualified technicians are experienced in garage door and accessories installation. The most fashionable and up-to-date garage door openers are the ones we work with around here. We have a vast collection of openers, such as belt drive, chain drive, and shaft drive among many others. Remote and wireless access control systems are our specialty. We have a lot of variety.

Garage Door Repair Redmond

Redmond Garage Doors puts at your service a round-the-clock garage door repair system. Anyone can get access to it in the Redmond area in the King County. Do contact us if your garage door presents problems of any sort.

Redmond Garage Doors

If you are in need of professional, round-the-clock, quick assistance in the Redmond area, do call Redmond Garage Door. Our specialists are ready to solve your problems. You can rest assured because our specialists are accredited, approved and qualified to fix or set up any garage door motorized system in no time as well as offer you maintenance on a regular basis. Visit us in our store or website so you can take a look at all our products and services. Check all the accessories, models, materials, patterns and styles we have to offer you. We expand our services to all sorts of areas, such as educational, commercial, industrial and residential premises. You do not want to spare any expense when it comes to your security, your privacy and your comfort, so we make all the necessary efforts best in order to provide you with a door that will make you feel safe and protected. We take pride in offering our customers the most advanced automated garage door systems. Redmond Garage Door ensures you will receive a fine service by the best technicians in the garage door business. Redmond Garage Door offers nothing but the best. If you are having problems with your garage door opener, the rail system or the whole door in general and some replacing is needed, Redmond Garage Door experts are perfectly quilified to help you with that and any other situation that needs looking-into. We repair doors or change them if that is what is needed. We also repair and replace remote controls. Furthermore, we deal with all the technical aspects of garage doors so any situation that may arise is not a problem we cannot solve. Redmond Garage Door delivers a consultation and assessment personalized system that caters to your particular necessities. It varies from manufacturing to regular maintenance for our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority. In Redmond Garage Doors, we have variety in long-lasting materials at feasible prices; our customers have the freedom to choose all that which they need and wish without a dramatic alteration of their budgets. All our services and merchandise have full warranty, which guarantees that after your door has been installed, you will enjoy our repairing and maintenance services; not to mention that it is free of charge, of course. We have the best material in the area available for our customers. The best and most celebrated door makers in the country work with us. There is no need for you to be preoccupied about style or quality, the best is here at your disposal; aluminum, steel and wooden garage doors are among the types of doors we offer you. Our provision depends on what you are interested in; colors, classic looks, flexibility or patterns. If you are looking for thermal resistance and insulation garage doors, Redmond Garage Doors has just what you need. We work in congruence with the insulation standards, which are suggested for most domestic environments. Come, meet with our experts and consult them about garage door installations or have them visit your residence or business location so they can assess it and give you a full evaluation. They will be thorough on their assessment so all the aspects that need fixing. Who we are Redmond Garage Door specialists are trained, experienced and knowledgeable; they are updated and aware of new technologies in garage door systems. Our expertise allows us to get the job done effectively and in record time for you maximum satisfaction. We devote ourselves to our community.


The best and finest materials in the market are here in Redmond Garage Doors. We specialize in installing stylish wooden garage doors, aluminum and fiber garage doors, light and tough steel doors for people who are interested in lighter and more updated materials.


Redmond Garage Doors staff is very knowledgeable in thermal insulation. All our doors can be equipped with our greatest insulation materials in order to ensure efficient thermal containment.


A vast selection of openers is here waiting for you. We deal with the silent belt driven opener as well as the strong chain driven one. We provide you with power supplies providing there is no power.

Affordable Service

We offer the most economical prices for the finest job in Redmond. You will get exactly what you are looking for, and pay a fair price.

Reliable Services

Since we are conscious that time is money; we make sure we arrive on time in order to be of service for you.

Professional ServicesM

We are accredited and qualified experts. We are highly trained and experienced in garage door installation, reparation and maintenance.

Our Basic Services

Redmond Garage Door is the number one supplier of garage door repairs for residences and businesses. We take pride in having trained and experienced professionals working with us. After you work with them, the problem will not bother you again. We specialize in three main domains which are:

Redmond Garage Door Installation

We install all kinds of garage door, no matter the size or model. We will follow, comply and cater to all your requirements. We have all the materials, styles and security systems you need available for you. We will install your access control systems, garage door openers and photocells. We also provide remote controls.

Garage Door Repair Service

It is vital not to let your garage doors crack and break. At Redmond Garage Doors, we will prevent that from happening. You will get regular garage door maintenance to keep your doors working properly.

Garage Door Repair Redmond

We guarantee instant repair; you can rest assured because you will not have to wait endlessly for us to get the job you hired us for done. We fix off track doors, openers, rollers, springs, among many others. In case we need to do some replacing, our automobiles are greatly equipped with the necessary tools and spare parts.

Get Ready for Cutting Edge Garage Door Innovation

Do not stand in line and wait any longer. Please fill out the form below or reach us through the telephone number placed on your right. Talk to our experts, we will leave no question unanswered or doubt unclear. Once all the details are in our possession, we will grant you a free quote.

Garage Door Repair

Properly installed and regular serviced garage doors are very appealing and the offer privacy, safety, status and interior quality. It is important to have them checked periodically in order to detect possible problems and future threats. If you experience problems with your garage door, call Redmond Garage Door Repair, we are a reliable and professional company. We can fix any problem on any garage door. Our repair team is highly trained and has lots of experience. We provide our services to all home, commercial and industrial sites. Redmond Garage Door Repair is here to find solutions to all your needs. Since garage doors work with many other significant parts, we must always be alert and give them proper use and maintenance. Something will eventually break or start to act up, so you must rely on a good Garage Door Repair Company. Your door must always work properly; it must always open and close without the slightest difficulty, but if something goes wrong, you have to fix it right away. Redmond Garage Door Repair will fix your door for you, we will deal with your frayed cables, when your garage door does not want to move, when your remote or springs break; we are here to solve any garage door problem and find the most practical solution. If you ever find a dark residue on your door, it may be caused by the oil-coating found on torsion springs and we can help you clean and your door with our special cleaning products. If you see rust spots on the door, do not worry, it is usually caused by the salt used for melting the snow, and we can also help you with that. Redmond Garage Door Repair can fix anything:
    • Broken springs (torsion & extension springs)
    • Broken remote controls
    • Doors off track
    • Openers
    • Opener sensors
    • Cables
    • Panels
    • Parking assistants
    • Hardware
Additionally, Redmond Garage Door Repair offers a wide variety of services for you; we find reasonable solutions regardless of your problem. Call us! Redmond Garage Door Repair is a fantastic company, we are what you need. In addition, Garage Door Repair Redmond offers a very handy 24/7 emergency service; if you have an emergency on a Sunday night, do not hesitate; call us! We are at your disposal every hour of the day, every day of the year. What’s more, we offer same day installation and same day repair services, if you have an emergency and you need to repair or install a garage door or any piece of hardware or electronic device, we will do it the same day no matter what the time is. Our specialists have lots of training, skills and experience and a wide range of advanced tools and equipment Redmond Garage Door Repair has the lowest prices on the market and a full 90 day warranty on labor. All our services are assured. You are our main concern; we want to give you quality and 100% satisfaction.

Meet with the Experts

Remember, if you need to repair your garage door call us or come to our store and meet with our experts. Redmond Garage Door Repair is by far your best option. We supply all sorts of garage door solutions. Come and explain your situation or tell us about your project, we will provide you with information and of course, our repair team. Send us an email or call our contact number. Broken Springs


Is your garage door showing any kind of problem at all? Or perhaps is it your door springs? Is it hard to drive your car out of the garage? Many times the only way out of your garage is a struggle with your door in which you put your fingers in harm’s way. This is definitely an exhausting situation; you should never allow yourself to get to that point, let alone let it get worse than that. Redmond Garage Door Repair has qualified experts who have an answer to every problem so you do not have to experience these problems ever again. You will have your garage or parking facility working properly in a blink of an eye. Redmond Garage Door Repair specializes in fixing springs. However, we can repair any other malfunctioning door part giving you trouble. Redmond Garage Door Repair is synonymous with safety, service and high quality. Redmond Garage Door repair services deal with all sorts of problems no matter how big or small. We can design and rebuild your garage in its entirety, and give it a whole new face, completely fresh and updated. We can also fix your openers, rollers and tracks. You will find the most recognized spring repair service here. You can rely on us. We offer the best service in Redmond. Our customers vouch for us. Our reputation has been built on happy customers’ recommendation. There is no need to worry under any circumstances, your springs will be repaired and whatever needs replacing will be repaleced.

Torsion Springs

More usually than you believe it, builders utilize the cheapest and worse materials and parts to set up your garage doors. Say, springs or torsion, which lift the entire weight and allow the garage door to open and close have a life cycle, which means they will function for a limited time. They usually break when the limit is reached. Depending on the use they are given, two or three years is their life span. There are different, recognizable symptoms that make you realize that your springs need changing. If you perceive loud screeching sounds or if your door starts cannot open or close properly, looks out of frame or it is constantly getting stuck while being used, those are the symptoms that indicate professional assistance is needed. Occasionally, only one spring gets damaged and needs changing; nevertheless, due to the life cycle, we highly recommend you change them to prevent further expenses repairing another spring that could have been dealt with. Redmond Garage Door Repair sets up low or high cycle springs. Low ones will surely last around three years, give or take, whereas high cycle springs will endure longer years depending on the use they receive. They do not last a lifetime, so do not confide in anyone who tells you different. If you realized that your springs have been damaged, refrain from opening your garage door; it will surely undermine your garage door opener and it will break it. We advise you to never attempt to change or fix the springs by yourself, it could be harmful and it should be carried out by approved professionals.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are a bit longer and they are a warrant of longer life span. They are regularly installed in smaller doors. It is necessary to point out that broken extension springs may be as troublesome as torsion springs. If an extension springs snaps the moment you open the garage door, you should consider replacing them or fixing them right away whatever the case may be. To make sure both sides open and close together at the same time, we highly suggest you to get them replaced and calibrated simultaneously. Do not wait. Get in touch with our specialists at Redmond Garage Door Repair the instant you see your springs get broken. We have the best experts in the market. If you need replacement and repair services for your garage door, we are the best option the market has to offer. The entire Redmond area enjoys the best service from the best specialist by the best company in the whole King County.

Problems with Broken Remotes

Motorized garage door openers are usually remote controlled. That is the reason why remote controls are an everyday life necessity. They grant you with in-car access. Their function is activating the door engine inside your garage from the outside to open and close. Car owners’ lives have become more comfortable and safe with the invention of remote controls, because you do not need to get out of your car to lift heavy doors, which can be dangerous sometimes. Garage Door Repairs Redmond offers you a wide variety of solutions for your garage door and your remote controls. Opening and closing your garage door will never be an issue anymore. We can provide solving to any problem you may have. The Best Collection of Remote Controls Waiting for You. Visit us at our website and examine our image gallery, there are plenty of options for you to choose from; Defiant, Direct Drive, Genie, Insteon, SkyLine, and much more. Redmond Garage Door Repairs ensures programming for your remote control; we can do it for you or we can walk you through on a DYI basis. Plus, your broken remote control can be replaced for a new one and you can also receive a spare one. We will cater to your every request and requirement. Digital remote transmitters with internal set switch programming as well as multi-button digital remotes with internal set switches programming are some of the extra services we offer. If you are interested in acquiring a new remote, all you have to do is take a picture of the broken down one and send it to us. We will make certain you receive one right away. Battery replacement is among the services as well; we will have new batteries delivered at your premises if you are interested in new ones,. We are your number one option. Redmond and its surrounding areas do not know better prices than ours. Additionally, Redmond Garage Door Repairs’ round-the-clock emergency service is ready for you. We are a helping hand for the community of Redmond and the neighbouring areas. Fixing your remote in record time is our highest pleasure. Call Redmond Garage Door Repairs whenever your remote needs fixing or replacing. If you need spare parts, we have the nest material the market has to offer. Universal remotes are also part of our wide catalogue. Compatibility with different garage doors is a feature we always bear in mind for our customers. You can open and close different brand doors at the same time. Our remotes are suitable for small and big families; for a one car family or a multiple-cars family. In the case of big families, every member can have easy and quick access. Besides, our controls are very simple to work with; you can set them up quickly and easily. They are an example of simplicity and effectiveness. There is a variety of models and colors for you to choose from. Garage Door Repairs Redmond frees you form any form of preoccupation. We have a solution for every problem and a provision of options for you; we provide fixing for your broken remote control, replacing if it is beyond repair and extra parts if that is what you are interested in. We have a vast selection of different brands, models, colors and sizes. We assure you will open more than one (1) garage door or gate, even if they belong to different brands, you can have your remote attached to your car visor after reparation. You can also find long-life lithium batteries for your remote. A one-year limited warranty is included. We have materials and offers that suit your requests and requirements, which will not put your budget in the red. Call u and you will never have problems getting your remotes fixed.

New Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Repair Redmond cannot be equaled. Other rival companies are able to solve your garage door issues, but none of them works as hard as we do. We do offer the finest craftsmanship in the state, our solutions are way more practical and our accessories are of much better quality. We ensure good service, 100% satisfaction, solutions and the lowest prices. If you need to replace your garage door opener, we offer our brand new options. We are sure you will find what you need. Additionally, if you choose from our products, we will repair, service or replace it whenever you need. You just have to pick your phone and call us, we will answer your call and provide you with all the information you need. Our openers work just fine, they open and close effortlessly and come with great features. We have an opener for each and every one of your requirements. If you call us now, we will send our team to inspect your garage and let you know which opener best suits you.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Repair Redmond has great chain driven garage door openers. They are very strong and the most durable on the market. The offer reliable performance and they usually last for long years, depending on usage and maintenance. They are very noisy, but they supply the extra strength needed to lift heavy wooden or steel doors. Our chain drive doors work perfectly with high security garage doors because they are extremely heavy and almost impossible to lift by hand. If you have a high security door, our chain driven garage door openers are your best option. They come with great features and a battery backup in case you have to deal with power shortages on a regular basis. Our openers offer quality performance and solutions.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

If you do not have a high security garage door and yet it is a bit heavy and a bit difficult to lift manually, we recommend you get one of our belt-driven garage door openers. They are quite but very powerful; they are able to lift heavy doors and gates almost effortlessly and very quietly. Your family or neighbors will not be disturbed if you get home in the dead of night. Our belt drive garage door openers also come with battery backups because we want you to always be ready. Garage Door Repair Redmond has a series of these openers waiting to be bought. Come to our store and get one, you will never regret and you will be eternally thankful you listened to us. One of the greatest features thses openers have is that they can be controlled and you can gain access by using your smart phone.

Shaft Drive Opener

Shaft driven garage door openers are generally used for small garage doors. They are ideal for garages where doors need to be lifted very high. Although they are not as powerful as chain driven or belt driven openers, they still offer resistance and quality performance. They are quiet too and work very smoothly. Garage Door Repair Redmond offers nothing but quality. We have the best garage door openers with fine features. We are available 24/7, so you can call us anytime and ask for your opener; we will send someone immediately to start with the installation process. We are your best choice.


Garage doors are complex systems because they have so many parts, and when they fail to work, you worry because it is difficult to determine the problem. If you have problems with your door and if you are not a technician, you should not try to fix it yourself, call a reliable and professional company. Professionals are able to inspect and determine the problem in a moment, and they have the knowledge and experience to know what to do and how to fix it. Redmond Garage Door Repair offers commercial, business and industrial solutions. They can fix, install, maintain or change any door and any accessory. Besides, we have the most affordable prices. They are a very good option in the state because they care about you and find solutions. Redmond Garage Door Repair is available all year at all hours of the day. They will provide the best maintenance service to your door and all parts. Call them, their operators will send someone immediately to help you.


Redmond Garage Door Repair will never leave a job unfinished or badly done. They do offer the best service in the area. They have the finest tools and most advanced technologies to supply good results and 100% satisfaction. It is vital that you do not try to repair your garage door yourself; you must leave it to the specialists because there is a risk you get hurt or make the problem worse. Call our team, they will assist you gladly. Redmond Garage Door Repair provides their service in the entire region and surrounding areas. They are the only choice. Redmond Garage Door Repair has worked in this field for a long time and their specialists have gained a lot of experience. They can fix any garage door problem. They know that garage doors may stop working properly; cables fray, springs and rollers and openers break and remotes malfunction. However, they can deal with all that and more. They perform all kind of garage door repairs; installation, repair, maintenance, restoration and more. Redmond Garage Door Repair technicians will fix your chain drive, shaft drive or belt drive opener in a moment. They can repair your torsion or extension springs very easily, they will provide you with all the accessories, gizmos and gadgets you need and they will give you all the information you require. They have a varied repertoire of solutions and a great number of specialists. Redmond Garage Door Repair is definitely the best garage door company in the state. They perform all kinds of services around the clock and at quite economical prices. Visit our online brochure and see for yourself and send us an email or call our operators if you need our services.

New Garage Doors

It has been said before that garage doors are of great importance. They constitute a great addition to your house, supply privacy, style, safety, comfort and to some extent, social status. In this sense, your garage door must be the best. You must have a strong, durable, 100% functional and reliable garage door; a garage door that works perfectly and in order to do so, you must contact Redmond Garage Door Repair. We will provide you with the best doors, the most durable parts, the finest gadgets and the coolest accessories. We are at your service, providing you with the best garage door repair in the entire area. We deal with home, industrial and commercial venues. We will give you different options and help you make the right choice. We want to give you the best solutions to your problems. Redmond Garage Door Repair restores, service and repair any garage door system, and supply all the accessories and devise you need. Besides, you can visit us, send us an email or call us and we will send our team; you can tell them what you have in mind and they will run an exhaustive inspection and give you consultation, options and their professional advice. We work with famous manufactures that have long years of hard work in the business.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Repair Redmond proudly offers their materials for your garage doors, we are sure you will be satisfied and you will never regret choosing from our list.We have:
      • Steel
      • Fiber glass
      • Wood
      • Aluminum
      • Plastic
We want to satisfy different needs; that is why we have included these materials in our list. We know people have different needs as well as requirements and wishes. We are sure you will find what you need. Redmond Garage Door service wants you to have the door and system that best suit your needs, we will satisfy your needs. YOUR NEW LOOK We know that you are looking for a new look, we know that you want to start over and make changes in your life, what better way than changing the look or your garage? You want a stylish, strong and reliable garage door to provide you with the comfort you deserve, the privacy you need and the protection you and your family require. We do all we can in order to help you reach this goal. We put at your disposal all our accessories, designs, materials, colors, gadgets, patterns models and the finest workmanship. We will install that garage door you want so much and offer you our preventive maintenance program in order to prolong their years of quality service. Besides, we offer our repair service and a one-year-warranty on labor. If you choose us, you will have the most gorgeous garage door in the neighborhood, it will be a very attractive piece of work. Our experience with residential garage door repair gives us the edge when it comes to quality and garage door repair. Redmond Garage Door Repair doesn’t have the reputation it does by not treating every customer like their only customer. Stop putting it off and contact Redmond Garage Door Repair today for a free quote on residential or commercial garage door repair, a garage door opener or garage door repair.
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