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Call our experts at Renton Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

The garage door of your dream will come to life once you come to our store and select from our material and patterns.

New Opener Installation

Renton Garage Doors will not only fit the latest door for you, it will fix it with a modern opener too. Whatever opener you need or want – chain driven, belt driven, shaft driven, remote controlled or wireless access – we have it for you.

Garage Door Repair Renton

Our garage door repair service is the most reliable in Renton area. Problem with door, rails, remote or opener? We are your men.

Renton Garage Doors

Expertise, efficiency and affordability are our synonyms as regards garage door repairs in the Renton area. You are visited only by the most competent workers who shall eagerly and proficiently repair, service, or install your garage door. Explore our site for your ideal garage door. We cherish your privacy and security as much as you do and hence, Renton garage doors brings to you only the latest and best of programmed garage doors and opener systems fitted by professionals. Repairing, changing or replacing springs, remotes, cables door styles and rail systems is the specialty of Renton Garage Doors. Renton Garage Doors provides 100% complete service from conference and appraisal to fabricating and servicing your garage doors, while ensuring we comply with those challenging requirements too. We do everything possible for our customer’s pleasure. Contact Renton Garage Doors and satisfy your property needs within your financial limit since we offer the widest assortment of provisions, so there is something for everyone. Not only this. We do not forget you after coming over once. All our services come with 100& warranty so any problem post our visit is dealt with free of charge. We not only offer the best but work with the best too and our manufacturers are leading names in their businesses. We deal in wooden doors for those in love with traditional style, but we also have steel and aluminum doors for those of you who prefer lightweight and resistance. Furthermore, we give you thermal resistant and insulated doors that are in accordance within the minimum insulation standards recommended for most homes. Allow our professionals to inspect your desired venue and provide you with a thorough feedback. Deal with us today to save spending unwarranted money tomorrow. Who we are Renton Garage Doors technicians are informed of their field thereby getting every job done within the stipulated time. So there is no need now to wait and get adjusted to the new door or fine tune your opener. Just start using your new garage as if it always existed in your life as it is.


Newest materials is what we work with, be it chic wooden doors or resilient steel doors or light aluminum and fiber doors.


Believe in us to fit your doors with insulation materials guaranteeing maximum thermal repression in your garage.


Chain, belt or shat driven – all our openers are sturdy and can life even the heaviest of garage doors. And do not worry in case of power shortage. We can install power supplies as well.

Affordable Service

Fix what is needed by you and pay only for that. There is no unnecessary charge with us.

Reliable Services

As the adage goes, time is money, and we value yours. We are punctual and known for it.

Professional Services

Our professionals are thoroughlyeligible for the work.

Our Basic Services

Renton Garage Doors maintains the peak of proficiency and work ethics, and is a complete package for all your services related to garage doors. Broadly our domains are:

Renton Garage Door Installation

Let your garage door be of any size or type. We can install it for you while also connecting openers and providing remotes and photocells.

Garage Door Repair Service

Garage door is an almost permanent part of your property once installed. Don’t let it fade away with passage of time. Call upon us to help you maintain your door in prime condition, always.

Garage Door Repair Renton

From openers and springs to track doors, we repair everything with the help of our up-to-date tools. We also provide replacement parts in case you need them.

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Renton is where your call should be if what you are looking for is an affordable and reliable team to repair your garage door. Great inexpensive service and customer satisfaction is what we are known for the best. All our services are accompanied by a 90 day guarantee on labor. Renton Garage Door Repair also tenders free written estimates and any kind of replacement. Renton Garage Door Repair is enlightened of flopping garage doors. Is it an off track door or a broken hinge? Or perhaps, a torn cable somewhere? But worry not. Garage Door Repair Renton will solve all your garage door problems. After all, if you are unable to shut your garage door securely, it does pose a risk to your safety and privacy. But have no worries with Renton Garage Door Repair. Moreover, Renton Garage Door Repair replaces pulleys, chains, hinges, springs, openers, rollers and everything else. Garage Door Repair Renton: your first and foremost choice for the humungous variety we offer in Renton area. Same day repair, 24/7 emergency service and a preventive maintenance program, all in lowest prices is our guarantee. Meet with the Experts We at Renton Garage Door Repair tantamount to providing solutions, effectively, efficiently in Renton area. We know for sure what you and your garage door need. There is nothing insoluble for us. Garage Door Repair Renton has, and will continue to earn your unwavering faith, through our devotion and dedication to our work. Our technicians are the best in the field and area, and work with the latest equipment and technology.


Pinched fingers are the worst, and unfortunately the most likely thing to happen if you set about setting right a broken spring in your garage door. Let that be now taken care of by Renton Garage Door Repair. In addition, factually, the name of Renton Garage Door Repair is equal to spring repair. Our service will have you back in your garage in an unexpectedly short time. We specialise in setting right broken springs and therefore, Renton Garage Door Repair is equivalent to maintained and secure garage doors. It is not only the minor spring repair job done by Renton Garage Door Repair but also refabricating your garage. Also, please note that tiny broken springs can lead to major faults later like bowed or broken rollers and misaligned tracks. Therefore getting your broken spring fixed or replaced by experts is very important, and we are your experts.

Torsion Springs

It is not uncommon for builders to use cheap materials while constructing garage doors. And this may be done with torsion springs too which are in fact the most essential part of your garage door as they take the whole weight of the door on themselves. Thus, all torsion springs have a limited life and will definitely break in about three years. Consequently you must know that once you start hearing loud noises when the garage door is shutting or opening, or it halts on its way up or down, or the spring looks separated, it is time to replace your spring. Even if it is just one torsion spring that’s broke, you must replace both because the other is likely to break soon. This is when you must call Renton Garage Doors Repair who can fix your torsion spring before it starts putting pressure on your door opener, causing the latter to break too. However, please do keep in mind that replacing torsion spring is a very dangerous job and must be done by people qualified to do so only. Extension Spring Longer and more durable than torsion springs, they are mostly utilised in smaller garage doors but will cause the same problems as a torsion spring. Snap! That’s when you know you need to replace your extension spring. And like in the case of torsion spring, replacing both the extension spring at the same time is a must so that both your garage doors open and shut together. Call Renton Garage Door Repair quickly to set it right.

Broken Remotes

Remote controls are used widely today to access garage doors. The remotes send a signal to the motor inside the garage commanding it to open or close, as the case may be. As a result, we do not need to get out of our cars to manually lift the door. Garage Door Repairs Renton will provide you with remote controlled garage door.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Our brand partners include SkyLink, Chamberlain, Insteon, Genie and Direct Drive, amongst many others. Renton Garage Door Repairs will replace and, if needed, provide you with an extra remote. Send us a picture of your lost remote, and get a look alike. Call us for batteries only and you shall get it.Programming digital remote transmitters with internal set switches or programming multi-button digital remotes with internal set switches is not a problem for us. Garage Door Repairs Renton furnish you with services at the most modest rates in the area. We also empower you with a 24/7 emergency service. Renton Garage Door Repairs is the number one choice if you want to repair, replace or add a remote. Our best feature is we provide universal remotes which are compatible with two garages of different brands. This is especially handy for families who have numerous cars. All our remotes work with a simple coin cell battery, are easy to program and take only a few seconds to set up. With Garage Door Repairs Renton you will surely find solutions to any and all of your remote problems. If your remote is broken, Renton Garage Door Repairs can:
  • Repair your damaged remote control
  • Swap it for a new one
  • Deliver you with as many extra remotes as you wish
  • Make available for you with different brands, models, colors and sizes
  • 24/7 emergency service
With our remote controls you can:
  • Activate up to 2 garage doors/gates, (even if they belong to different brands)
  • Ascribe your remote to your visor
  • Acquire a long-life lithium battery
  • A 1-year limited warranty
Garage Door Repairs Renton will surely find the perfect solution for you. Just relax.

New Garage Door Openers

A good garage door opener is vital for the smooth functioning of your garage.At Garage door Service Renton you will find the ideal opener. Openers are automated devices that open and close the garage door, and are accessed by a remote control. Renton Garage Door Repair will help you find the perfect opener. Moreover, Garage door Service Renton will not only install, but also tune, adjust, repair and replace your opener whenever needed. Renton Garage Door Repair will find and provide you with an opener that you adore and also falls within the ambit of your wallet. Some of our openers include chain, belt, screw, direct, rack, pinion, DC chain or belt etc.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Toughest of all, these openers lift the heaviest of all doors, though they are noisy. These openers come with battery backup too in the event of a power shortage.

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Quiet but equally sturdy are belt driven garage door opener. These also come with battery backup to come in handy in case of power failure. But better still, these openers can be operated with the help of a smartphone too!

Shaft Drive Opener

These are normally used for smaller garage doors and these save on space and power, but are as resilient and quiet. Renton Garage Door Repair have only certified technicians who are enthusiastic and efficient, working with modern tools, in their work. Garage door Service Renton will guarantee the solution you wish. Just call us or drop in an email and we will schedule an appointment or come over immediately. You are our chief priority and your satisfaction is utmost to us. Renton Garage Door Repair is your destiny as no one offers more varieties as we do.


If you face issues with your garage door, you know you must call Renton Garage Door Repair. We offer the perfect services, all at an affordable rate. Furthermore, we at Renton Garage Door Repair bid the maximum amount of services vis-à-vis maintenance, and repair everything and anything – hinges and springs to rollers and tracks – we will repair or replace it for you.When the work is done by a specialist, you know it’s done right. Consequently, you never need worry again about getting through your door. Renton Garage Door Repair leads the way in garage door repair services. Come to our Renton showroom, glance through our brochure and ask for a free estimate!


Why worry about wounding your fingers trying to fix a broken spring when you have Renton Garage Door Repair team. We are certified professionals, reach you real quick and take care of your broken spring. Do not step into a garage whose door has a broken spring. Instead call us and then walk into your garage as if it had just been installed. Don’t wake up or annoy your neighbours with crackling springs and doors sounding eerie. All it takes is a call to Renton Garage Door Repair. We will fix your door’s broken spring quickly and so efficiently that you will not only keep calling us, you will also wonder why you did not call Renton Garage Door Repair sooner. Renton Garage Door Repair’s team is a group of experts who literally know everything about garage door. The workers of Renton Garage Door Repair possess thorough knowledge regarding garage door, repairs and replacement. Don’t open a can of beer and get to work on your broken spring. Rather enjoy your beer watching basketball on your TV and let Renton Garage Door Repair work in your garage. Renton Garage Door Repair is recognised in the entire Renton area and by the manufacturers of garage doors worldwide. We are proud to have made a name for ourselves through quality and customer satisfaction.

New Garage Doors

Renton Garage Door Repair provides custom work and we take immense pride in it. All the companies providing garage door have connexion with the same suppliers yet we stand out from the rest because only we are capable of understanding and getting to life the garage door of your vision. When our quality technicians, designers and manufacturers get together, what is produced is a masterpiece. Steal, woodworks, matching colors, artistic welding, and window fittings – name the look, and we will have it for you. Renton Garage Door Repair is the best because we are not like the rest. We pride ourselves in giving our customers state of the art garage door that they are proud of everyday. Moreover, with Renton Garage Door Repair you decide your final look by opting from our range of fit, materials, styles, designs, shape and hardware.

Materials for your garage doors

Garage Door Repair Renton offers the following materials: Wood: Versatile, beautiful and attractive,they can come in almost any color since they are very easy to stain. Steel: Durable, strong and will surely keep unwelcomed individuals away. Aluminum: Lighter, dent-proof and can be insulated. Fiber glass: Durable and flexible. Plastic: Very light and the most upcoming option in the market. Renton Garage Door installation has all that you crave for and delivers with the greatest options. We ensure you get the door and system that best suit your needs and requirements. YOUR NEW LOOK Renton Garage Door Repair will never leave you in the lurch. Once you are our customer, you become our top most priority and we will always be there for you and your garage door. 100% warranty on all our services, and 100% customer satisfaction is what we give to all our customers. Renton Garage Door Repair is your partner for life. Call us today for a free quote.

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