Garage Door Repair Woodinville

Call our experts at Woodinville Garage Doors and they will be able to repair your damaged garage door. It does not matter if your door is off its tracks, or if the opener just got jammed. We will be able to fix it right on time for you.

New Door Installation

Variety of materials and Styles for garage doors can be checked out in our commercials, where we can please your needs and help you make an intelligent shop.

New Opener Installation

The latest products can be found with us, making the installation of your garage doors better. New systems like the Wireless Access Systems and the Remote Systems, are also available if you need it.

Garage Door Repair Woodinville

A full time 24/7 service is waiting for your call if you have any trouble with our doors. Woodinville Garage Doors´s Inventory is assorted with rails, openers, remote access systems and more. So give us a call as soon as you have a chance.


Make sure your garage door is managed professionally by the best working team specialized in this matter in Woodinville by calling our specialists at Woodinville Garage Doors. A free quote will be provided as soon as our team knows every detail. New garage doors, repairs, services or installation are all offered allong skilled working men that will do in record time. We invite you to glimpse our website or visit our commercial offices where garage door models, materials, styles, garage door openers, rail systems, and remotes are available for you to choose. Also, you’ll be able to know more about our specialized systems focused to commercial or industrial locations. We guarantee you feel satisfied with the final result and enjoy security, privacy and comfort with you family after trying the best in garage doors services. Woodinville Garage Doors is the company with biggest inventory in the latest automated garage door opener systems in the market, as well as the best security options for your garage, and styles and materials. Woodinville Garage Doors is the best option for you when it comes to replace any door, repair any springs, replace frayed cables, or put your doors back on track. New remotes are also offered. Changing your door looks or replacing your rail system will no longer be a problem for you. Customer satisfaction is primary for us. For this, Woodinville Garage Doors fits perfectly with your particularities and can offer you anything you require. Not only does manufacturing service is provided but also periodic maintenance of your garage and much more. Our challenge is to get a smile of satisfaction even from the most exigent of our clients. Woodinville Garage Doors adjusts to any budget proposed with the most reasonable prices so you can make a wise decision on the large diversity of durable materials we have in, as manufacturers. Once a new door installation is done, or any other service or product is purchased at our company, you can count on a full warranty, free of charges, responding with a complete repair of any problem you are having once we install your new doors. Our purpose is to give high-quality products, and also dealing with best garage door producer in the country. You won´t get worried thinking of how stylish the doors could be, because guarantee a big selection of wooden doors that may give you that classic style you´ve been dreaming of. When speaking of weight and resistance, our aluminum give you a great elasticity, which also makes them light weighted and efficient enough for garage door openers. We have door equipped with thermal resistance technology so the heat won’t be a problem at all. In case of doubts of our door we´ll provide an expert to check your residence and give you advises with detailed information about closure and insulation needs, opener systems, available materials, costs and services to make sure you make a smart decision and save money by spending just in what you mainly need.


Woodinville Garage Doors professionals are compromised to provide a great clean job to satisfy your needs and make you happy with your purchase. We can make sure that Woodinville community turns into a better place to live.


We only work with the best material in the country. We are also experts when installing classy wooden doors and steel ones as well. Materials like aluminum and fiber are also available for producing doors, only a little bit lighter.


We have experience in thermal systems, which consist in modifying doors using insulation materials to make sure its resistance.


All the openers you can imagine for your garage, we got them. They are made to carry form the heaviest to the lighter doors, and if you have electricity issues we can sell you some power suppliers so you can solve your unusual situation.

Affordable Service

We won´t make you pay more than needed, we have variety of prices

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Our Basic Services

Woodinville Garage Doors offers you all the services related to garage doors. Always making the job in time and not failing our customers, having good results in the installation of the products we offer. Here are our three main domains:

Woodinville Garage Door Installation

We have professionals dedicated to install all the products we offer, from Classy Wooden Doors, to Thermal Insulation Doors, including any kind of material of an styles or designs. We have variety of openers that may satisfy and adjust the Garage Door requirements, like wireless systems and other access systems.

Garage Door Repair Service

Don’t take the risk of messing up your new doors. Remember we have garage door repairs which will make sure a properly functionality of them. We keep the door with good performance and you just save your money.

Garage Door Repair Woodinville

You don’t have to waste time in external repairmen. Just give us a call at any moment and you can enjoy our 24/7 express repair service. We can fix any kind of problem in the functionality or parts of the main system, like broken pieces or broken springs. We have the best tools to take care of the issue and the best parts in the country to get the job done.


Use our details below to contact with our staff, which is happy to give an answer to all you questions. When we get all the information of your trouble we will manage it until it’s not a problem anymore.

Garage Door Repair

If you have issues with your Garage Door. It’s important for you to contact with a reliable Company such as Woodinville Garage Door which provides a good service with affordable prices. Our company´s purpose is to help our clients to face their problems and solve them in the best way. There is nothing we cannot fix or solve. We offer a 90 days guarantee that involves all this repairs. WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE is here to advise customers so they have the best performance of the Doors. WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR is conscious that there may be some garage doors working with some issues. Some of the most common reasons are: The Doors go off the track, some damaged parts in the system, turned cables. Anyway the reason of the bad functionality is indifferent because Woodinville Garage Door Express Repair Service will take care of it in no time. Not being able to close your Door may cause some danger like the possibility of getting robbed, so don’t take the risk and we advise you to contact us as soon as possible to fix it with the best tools and materials in the country so the results will show a functionality as good as a new ones. Woodinville Garage Door Express Repair Service has many repair alternatives. Our experts can make any garage door work properly even fixing components such as springs, cables, rollers, track, broken hinges, sensors and any kind of keypads. We offer this service to anyone who may need it, we will try to fix it and all by a reasonable price. WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE is also available to solve these issues: broken panels, broken torsion springs and cables, jammed emergency release, dead openers, warping and worn out motors and gears; all by replacing it with the best materials in the market. Woodinville Garage Door Express Repair Service has all the materials to replace the broken components of your garage door. Like chains, springs, rollers, pulleys and more. We have variety of hinges and openers as well. Motors and spares can be found in our stores. Woodinville Garage Door Express Repair Service is one choice to save money and to get a high quality product which we can make sure you won’t regret from buying.

Meet with the Experts

WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE is the best choice you will find in this location for the job. We have the best materials and replacements for your garage door. We also have affordable prices so it´s help for your wallet as well. We know what you need and we have it, so don’t waste your time when you can put your trust on us and well give it back show great results. Remember we only sue high-quality goods. Our experts are happy to take you away of this circumstances using the best tools to have nice jobs done and making the functionality great as well. Are you having any troubles with you Garage Door springs at your home or office? Are you having hard times and risking pinched fingers to get out of the carport? If you are facing any of these problems and you feel tired of them, WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE is ready to bring your garage door back to life in less than a second. Repairing broken springs has become a really easy job for our company, because Woodinville Garage Door Express Repair Service is now a company that sell security, quality, and a well maintained garage door. Woodinville Garage Door Express Repair Service has variety of workers prepared for the job of fixing broken springs but not only that, also remaking the structure of your garage door. We have gotten important place when fixing a broken spring so if you want to have a nice work done, contact our staff now.

Torsion Springs

Unfortunately, low price and quality parts are being used at the installation of garage doors . The elasticity springs that lets you to open and close your gate, lifting its weight, has a limited period of living. This means that it has a number of times that it can be open and closed. And because of the usage they may break at any time. When you see that your garage door is taking time to get up, showing an slow work and making weird sounds while opening or closing, or when the springs look all wasted only one of them may be broken. Only one of these may be broken but it everything should be replaced because they have the same age of usage. Woodinville Garage Door Express Repair Service is capable the installing low cycle springs, which can last up to three years, or you can choose other alternative such as high cycle springs that will assure that you won’t have to worry for many years of regular use. If any company says that you won’t have to replace them ever, don’t trust them because it’s a lie. Eventually you will have to change them because of the usage. They all have a finite cycle life. Avoid at all costs opening the garage door when your springs are damaged, it can make the damage even greater. Avoid yourself the very dangerous and tedious task of replacing or fixing the springs by yourself. This job is should only be done by professionals like us.

Extension Spring

In this picture you can see some a little bit larger and more durable than torsion springs. Even broken or just damaged torsion springs can cause problems to your garage door system. If when the door is opening you hear a snap, it’s time to replace the springs. They will just become elongated with time, and after a while, they will break. It’s necessary to replace them at the same time so the opening a closing can be calibrated and done at the same time. Call the experts at WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR EXPRESS REPAIR SERVICE at the moment you notice the sound of the damaged or broken springs. Our team is the one to make repairs and services your garage doors in the whole area of Woodinville.

Broken Remotes

Garage Doors have engines that are controlled by remote or switches to make them open or closed. Remotes are very useful because instead of going to the place you can send signals from a long distance to make work. Garage access has now become a lot easier because of this. Now you don’t have to get out of the car thanks to this kind of In-car access. WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR is capable of solving all sorts of garage door problems, including remote problems. Our experts are capable of solving this or any other problems you may need.

The Best Selection of Remotes for your Garage

Go through our online catalogue and give a glimpse at our wide variety of remote control brands, including, but not limited to: SkyLink, Chamberlain, Genie, Drirect Drive, Insteon, defiant and more. Woodinville Garage Door can help you to configure your remote or getting a new one because you lost it, or maybe getting an extra one. We can help in what you need. Making a whole different configuration of the remote or programming internal switches is easy for us. We can manage to replace a lost remote just as easy as sending a picture to us. If the problem is the battery, delivery is also available for you. We can solve any problem you can have with these remotes. We are known as the company with most affordable prices in the location. Besides, Woodinville Garage Door provides a 24/7 emergency service, Just give us a call, explain your whole situation and we´ll get to work immediately. Woodinville Garage Door is the one you should call if you want you’re remote to be repaired or replaced. We have a wide variety of universal remotes totally compatible with many existing garage door openers. With these you will be able to configure two different garages in only one remote control. Our remotes are perfect for families that have many cars. Our remote controls allow a safe and easy. A simple coin cell battery is all you are going to be needing. It will only take you a few seconds to program it and to set it up. They are operated easily and they come in numerous compact designs. With WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR you can feel relief because we have your back and we will find you the solution to your problem. Everything there is to be considered regarding garage door remote controls has already been studied by our technicians. If they are broken, WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR has several alternatives for you, they can:
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Give you all the extra remote you need
  • Provide you many brands and models with different colors and size
  • Fix your BROKEN REMOTE controller
  • Replace or substitute it for a new one
With our remote control reparation you can:
  • A 1-year limited warranty
  • Use 1 and up to 2 garage doors/gates, (even if they are different brands)
  • Attach your remote to your visor
  • Obtain a long-life lithium battery
The best part of it is that we will manage to solve everything in a way to make you comfortable. Get in contact WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR and relax. We will repair your damaged remote.

New Garage Door Openers

If you want a garage door working well as it should. WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR has the remedy for you. We know that you need a good, high-quality opener. You probably know that garage door openers are motorized with machines; they make doors open and close, and they can be run by remote controllers or switches. Woodinville Garage Door can lend you a hand you with anything you need. If you are facing hard-times with your garage door, a solution will be found for you. Woodinville Garage Door Repair is talented at replacing, repairing or even replacing dysfunctional garage doors if it’s needed, and at any time. Woodinville Garage Door Repair will find exactly what you need, according to style, performance, color and shape, including the variety of systems we have for you. We currently have a wide variety of garage door drives; direct, chain, belt, screw, chain or rack and pinion, column-mounted swing gate, residential underground swing gate, DC chain or belt, etc. We want to offer many options with the purpose of not limiting our costumers’ needs or dreams about their new garage door.

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

If you want an extra smooth performance and a durable and reliable chain system, this is the one you should pick. It is the best garage door opener you will find in the market. It can last for decades! There may be a little bit more noise than other kind of openers, but thinking about how much money you will save with this opener, it’s worth it. We also provide a long life battery with its replace. Talking about Security, this is the latest high security garage door, it’s so heavy that it couldn’t be lifted by human effort, in order to do it, you would need a Chain Drive opener.

Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Opposite to the previous one, this opener is really smooth and quite, but still really strong and fits for the job. This garage door can easily carry old heavy wooden doors with no problem, and not disturbing anyone living around it. You will get extra batteries as well, so you will be prepared if any power issue appears. It comes with intelligent access that can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet.

Shaft Drive Openers

It’s perfect for small places. It will save you a lot of money in electricity, and also is the most quiet opener in the market. It’s a reliable solution to any home. A great think about WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR SERVICE is that it has experts to any kind of job, so the results would be perfect. Also having the latest tools and technology, we can make sure an efficient and proper work, as it should be done. Woodinville Garage Door Repair will make sure you get the solution you need. You can contact us by phone or by sending an e-mail to us. You are our principal priority, since we want to guarantee we offer them the best and only the best materials and service you can find. We have a wide list of garage doors and openers that can fit your need. In our list you will find: installation, repairing, all sorts of accessories and an extensive range of brands to satisfy you. Woodinville Garage Door Repair is your number 1 option.


Do you have any problems with your garage door? Is it opening or closing as it should? We know it´s a pain in the neck and you know what the worst part is? It’s only getting worse. Woodinville Garage Door Repair gives you a wide variety of services that surely will solve your problem. Woodinville Garage Door Repair not only repairs the broken part, we look up to making the whole process work as it should and with no problems at all, always using only the best materials and tools in the market any kind of broken or damaged part it’s just a piece of cake for our experts. When a job is done by us, you know it’s done good, and there won’t be any problem until it’s time for another checking. Don’t give you a hard time, just give us a call!

Garage Door Repair Woodinville

WOODINVILLE DOOR REPAIR is in the top of garage door selling since it started. Come see the team at our Woodinville showroom! Browse our new garage door brochures and ask for a free estimate!


When you see a broken or damaged spring, you have an idea of the apprehension of getting your fingers stuck. The idea of having to adjust or fix them yourself sends a small chill down your spine and sets up memories of the snagged finger, swearing and bruising from previous tries, a knot forming in the pit of your stomach as you think about it, and remembering the fact that it needs to be done again. How about we take care of that and get you a trained expert from WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR, who answers your call immediately, getting to you as soon as the details are told, and solving the problem in no time. You won’t find old rusty and ugly springs, what you will find is a shiny and clean one, that will work perfectly. No waked-up, annoyed neighbors with the screaming hinges and whining motor of the carport door anymore. This door doesn’t sit off center and the unsightly gap the mice have been using as an entrance to your house will be once again sealed. Now you are done in no time, and just spend a few buck in a call to Woodinville Garage Door Repair. Avoid yourself having to get an exterminator for those annoying rodents and start realising how the appearance of your house will improve, You will wonder why you didn’t call Woodinville Garage Door Repair before for your commercial and residential garage door repairs. Remember when thinking about garage doors, Woodinville Garage Door Repair has experts in them. The backyard handy men may have missed some of the smaller details, but not even contractors know all of the building codes and techniques, but WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR REPAIR certainly we know everything we should know about garage doors, their repairing, replacement and how to make it work like new. Our experts can handle easily the repairing of broken remotes and the installing of complete commercial garage door. Don’t do it by yourself when you can call an expert like Woodinville Garage Door Repair to solve the problem in less than a blink. Call us at any time! WOODINVILLE DOOR REPAIR not only has been one of the leading commercial garage door opener installers Woodinville but has actually begun to receive recognition for their work from manufacturers of new garage doors worldwide! Making a name for ourselves through quality and customer satisfaction, one garage door opener at a time.

New Garage Doors

Woodinville Garage Door is proud of its customization work. Even though much of the companies in the Woodinville area have common suppliers to us. None of them are as talented as we are. We work with only the best in the country, making our work excellent and distinctive so in that way, you are guaranteed that you get exactly what you want, adjusting to your needs. With our talented team (technicians, designers and manufactures), we can do anything for our customers. From steal, artistic welding, color matching, window fittings and master woodworkers. We use any kind of materials. Our WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR isn’t the best in the business by doing what everyone else does. We are different making innovations in our styles and making things differently, so our products can fit more people than other companies. From the fit to the materials, style and color to the shape and hardware, the final look It’s what you want and need, making a huge difference between Woodinville Garage Door and its competitors.

Materials for your garage doors

GARAGE DOOR SERVICE WOODINVILLE offers the following materials: Wood, which is a perfect classy material, very versatile and charming; it’s almost in every color because it’s easy to stain. Steel, is really good for people who want to be safer, it’s also really good looking and modern. Aluminum is lighter than steel, but still really resistant and also is easy to repair In case of damage. Fiber glass has a great flexibility and a long period of life. Plastic garage doors, very popular in the last year, is the lightest kind of doors in the market, WOODINVILLE GARAGE DOOR INSTALLATION has everything you need and want, always giving the best options for you. They will make sure you get the door and system that bests suits your needs or requirements. YOUR NEW LOOK Everybody cares about how is the garage door looking, and what the color could be and thinks like that, but you don’t have to forget how the functionality of the system fits you. It´s ridiculous to make a masterpiece that doesn’t work properly. With our Woodinville Garage Door Repair you don’t have to worry about anything because we will find exactly what you want and need, according to what you like in style and color but also the material and the security you can get with the kind of door, it won’t matter if we’ve gone ten feet or been gone for 10 years, because every customer will be taken care of, regardless of the situation. Woodinville Garage Door Repair has the reputation it does because we treat our costumers differently. We aren’t done with our job until the client feels completely happy with the purchase and until the door is successfully installed. So stop leaving it for later and contact today Woodinville Garage Door Repair to get a free quote of a commercial or residential garage door repairing, a garage door opener or a garage door servicing.
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